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Crocodile Attack Survivor "Detained" By Zambian Hospital Over Unpaid Bill

Crocodile Attack Survivor

A Zimbabwean national who survived a crocodile attack in Lake Kariba has been detained by a hospital in Zambia after he failed to settle hospital bills.

Alexander Chimedza, who had been hospitalised for the past month, was discharged six days ago but cannot leave the hospital until he settles at least US$150 in hospital bills.

Speaking in an interview with The Herald from Mutenderi Hospital in Zambia, where he was treated for the wounds he sustained during the crocodile attack, Chimedza said:

My brothers are trying whatever they can do to ensure the money is raised but so far it has been to no avail.

I am still admitted in the hospital until I raise the required amount.

Chimedza said those willing to assist should get in touch with Chimedza on +263717921812 and his brother Ngorezha on +263 78 618 5020.

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mama Bee 1 month ago

chikuru wakarapwa mari inotsvagwa dai murimuno.wakafa wakasiya fut chikwereti che $1500 us vachitorambira nechitunha chako

Uzumba Reloaded 2023 1 month ago

We don't intertain nyaka dzakadaro. Why did you vote CCC, go ask help kuna Chamisa and see whether he will give you that $150. Vote Zanu PF for Real Change. Change to turnaround the state of out hospital!!!

Z**** 1 month ago

Unopengereka iwe ch****mupengo

John 1 month ago


Jah­čç┐­čç╝Tsvarie-07 1┬ámonth ago

We are the tributaries of tha great river of pain ÔśŁ­čĆŻÔŁĄ
Awuphinde mzala

its a song by the great


Digo 1 month ago

Zimbaa so,tosvikepiko neupenyu hwedu nhai aaaaaaahhh saka ngaapinde mkomana pinda mkomana ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ­čľĽ

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

We. do not lie when we say Health Sector has gone to the dogs in ZIMBABWE. This is happening at almost all border posts that Zinbabweans cross borders into neighbouring countries for treatments. This is very shameful.

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

We are not Zinbabweans

David Parirenyatwa 1 month ago

Asivanhu vakutiza kunorapwa ku Zambia haaa nyika yakawona iyiii

politics 1 month ago


muzadza 1 month ago

kusiya ma hospital edu uchienda Zambia chigara okoko

kyiv 1 month ago

akatogona kurapwa Ku Zambia muno aiwora ashayirwa mushonga

chanzy 1 month ago

yes we have them pamwe pacho dadaiwo nenyika yenyu vakomana

THE FIEND 1 month ago

My friend Zambian Hospitals are packed with medicine and their medical staff are very serious with their work, matter of fact Zambian Hospitals are the best. Zimbabweans living in Karoi and Binga prefer crossing over to be treated in Zambia, because they do not have Hospitals. In Zambia it's treatment first and payment later..

That's why Binga voted for CCC, because there are sick and tired of depending on Zambia and they know achievements done by the Hachilema administration. Zambia is now a better place, all those white people ZANU pf chased are infact the real farmers in Zambia. Zimbabweans are now vendors in Zambia.

This country is way backward, we are greedy. Hospitals are empty, you have to run around to buy bandages, paracetamol etc .The food is bad,patients are sleeping on floor and nurses are always busy on Whatsapp.

mhofu 1 month ago

@politics thank u for asking that question.

politics 1 month ago

Do we hv hospitals

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