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Court Update: Pius Jamba Admits Killing Moreblessing Ali

Court Update: Pius Jamba Admits Killing Moreblessing Ali

Pius Mukandi alias Jamba, who is suspected to have killed Moreblessing Ali, has admitted to killing the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist.

He made the confession when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi on Saturday. He was remanded in custody to July 1.

Representing the state, Prosecutor Tapuwanashe Zvidzai told the court that Ali was murdered on the night of May 24. The court heard:

On 24 May 2022, at around 2220 hours, the accused person was at Chibhanguza Night Club, Nyatsime, Beatrice where the now deceased Moreblessing Ali was in the company of Kirina Mayironi.

The now-deceased was also accompanied by her brown dog. The accused was armed with a catapult.

Without being provoked, the accused then alleged that the now-deceased’s dog was disturbing him of free movement and it was also responsible for the loss of his money.

Zvidzai added:

1). Ali and her friend Mayironi then left Chibhanguza Night Club and were about to head home when Mukandi dragged Ali.

2). Mayironi attempted to save Ali leading to Mukandi striking her with a stone propelled by a catapult and hitting her chin leaving an open wound.

3). Mayironi fled back into the Nightclub where other revellers rushed out to investigate what was happening. Mukandi shoot stones from the catapult and threw bricks directed at the nightclub, and nobody could apprehend him or rescue Ali.

4. Mukandi took Ali from the vicinity of Chibhanguza Night Club to an unknown secluded place where he struck her using an unknown instrument. He also strangled her using her trousers thereby causing her death.

5). Mukandi then used an unknown instrument to cut Ali’s body into three pieces consisting of the upper torso and two legs.

6). He then took the mutilated body parts to Plot 321 Dunnotar Farm, Beatrice belonging to his mother Laina Mukandi where he dumped them into a disused well.

7). Thereafter the accused person went on the run.

Ali’s body was discovered on 11 June 2022 by Mukandi’s mother after a strong stench emanated from the disused well.

She advised police leading to the recovery of the now deceased’s dismembered body.

However, postmortem conducted on 14 June 2022 at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Harare by Forensic Pathologist Doctor Mayedo could not establish how Ali died.

However, the doctor concluded that the death might have been caused by strangulation. He further indicated that the Ali was chopped after she was already dead.

Mukandi was arrested on 16 June 2022, while on the run in Chidamoyo, Hurungwe, Mashonaland West Province.

He then voluntarily made indications to police showing them how he kidnapped, assaulted and killed Ali.

He also showed them the scene where he dismembered her body before dumping it.

Mukandi also led police to the recovery of a knife he allegedly used to cut Ali’s body.

He also showed the police Ali’s Huawei Honor cell phone, brown jacket, black trousers, pair of shoes and pants.

All these will be produced as evidence.

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Ndimba Ndimba 1 week ago

Jamba could not hold Ali , throw bricks and fire a catapult( which needs 2 hands) at the same time whilst Ali was not escaping waiting for him to for finish. It appears Jambs was assisted by other people whom he has not mentioned for some reasons. Even a goat needs 2 people assisting each other in order for you to kill it,what about a 46 year old woman who had power to resist how man people do you need in order to kill her? Obviously two or more .Police should interrogate Jambs deeper he will divulge his accomplices. Who also helped him cut the body and carry it taking into account that the 46 year old Ali was older and bigger in size than the 31 year old Jamba? He was assisted to carry her over that long distance. Was it the issue of the dog only which led to Jamba kill Ali or there is another more concrete reason to warrant the murder? If it was just the dog he should have just killed the dog instead with a stone and spare the owner. Why kill the owner of a dog for the dog's offences,it just does not make sense. An independent postmortem is also required because it appears the doctor did not reach convincing result and conclusion on the cause of death. A private doctor who is not employed by government will be appropriate to carry out an independent postmortem and give his own version of thepostmortem for comparison.

me 1 week ago

such a brutal act

ery 1 week ago

"Futi futi Winky D akaramba kunhonga braa raMoms vako"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌

🤷 1 week ago

one day is one day...

Hezvoo 1 week ago

zvanyorwa apa is not making sense


ichoooooooo 1 week ago

it seems kuuraya munhu hakunetsi these days.hama dzangu ndakambobatwa nebhinya ini ndiri ka13yr old girl.we fought for about 11 minutes.the Man was trying to rape me but Mwari vakandipa simba ndikapunyuka.ndaiva pakati pesango pasina kana mubatsiri.what do I mean?
1.a dog doesn't give up quickly like humans do.
2.night club yacho am sure maamakazara vanhu vanga vatomboonawo mai ava..then they give up just like that.
3.mai am ava vaavakavharwa muromo neruoko rwaiva nerekeni rumwe ruine zvidhinha rumwe rwakavabata rumwe rumwe richikumura hembe rumwe ruchistrangler nekucheka cheka.
4.mhere yamai haina kunzwika nei pakamira patombo.
Ngatityei Mwari.according to me time yekuuraya huku 1 yakafanana netime yakaitwa zvese izvi pamukadzi mukuru nemunhu 1.r.i.p amai

justice 1 week ago

breaking body into two might reveal the body was carried by 2people

inn 1 week ago

Mwana wa Morebie paakono identifier body yamai vake akati ndaziva nema dreadlocks ne brown jacket ravavakapfeka musi wavashaiwa.ko iro rakabuditswa na Pius nderipi fut iro?

Da truth 1 week ago

Can someone please help me here and now .,,,,,,,,🤷🤷🤷 Pliz answer these questions for me in chronological order .
1.How could someone drag a person by one hand and shoot a stone with a catapult at the same time????
2.How could someone throw stones with the very hands using a cutapult at the same time.
3.So does it mean the victim was waiting for him to finish up his work at get slaughtered without giving a fight.
4.Can someone tell me the distance from the nightclub to the scene of the murder.
5.If he was alone why was Zanupf mp ,,,and councilor so jittery about this death more than any other death cases in Nyatsime why the blockades.
I have no further questions ????🤷🤷🤷

"" 1 week ago

ini ndoona sekut Jamba paakakanda matombo anga atouraya Ali kudhara kwanga kwava kudzinga vanhu kut vasaona zvaaita

Citizen 1 week ago

Shuwa one cannot believe such a story

Mmmm 1 week ago

Poor article.
Story does not make sense.
Seems to be a concocted made-up story.
So much wrong with it.

The Adjudicator 1 week ago

Doctored evidence and coached speech.The thing needed independent pathologist andbindependent investigators.

Already at the rumour mill its said kune vapfanha two vaiva na Pius Jamba wacho akavapa ma $30 US ekufukunura chitunha after anzwa zvaiturwa.

Joe Brownn 1 week ago

Jamba of Zanu-PF killed innocent Ali the Zanu-PF I wonder if he is in the detention cells we all know Zanu-PF.

horror 1 week ago

nyaya dzekudanana nevanhu dzinonetsa

Da Truth 1 week ago

The forensic doctor is guarded by the state in his work.He is employed by the gvt his results before going public are scrutinized by the uuuuuuuuuu for of cause editing.In this case the doctor is told what to write and not to write about his findings.Just like in Pamire ,s case the doctor ,,,,Madondo the vihacle inspection guy was told what to say and what not to say to cover-up Pamire ,s murder.Zimbabwe is grandmaster at can't see me game they hold the world record for this.1.Do you remember these cases what happened to the cases.1
1.Cain Nkala case.
2.Pamire case.
3.Solomon Mujuru case.
4.Tsvangirai,s accident which killed his wife.
Just a few

Muzimbo 1 week ago

@horror,hapana pataurwa zv erudo, inyaya yeimbwa yake , nyatsoverenga

Mukandi 1 week ago

Ummmm zvinotyisa izvi and it's obviously akamuraper ko mabhurugwa ake wakamabvisirei ummmm mhondi chaiyo

getto yutti 1 week ago

register to vote

1 week ago

chokwadi hazvisi kumaker sense zvakaita pakaurawa Moby.anofanire kutaura amweni ake aaive navo achiponde munhu,aisambova ega Pius uyu

Tkt 1 week ago

I back you you @muzimbo,,,, sekuziva kwangu one to be able to throw a stone by a catapult that requires the action of two hands, pane nyaya app POLICE GET BUSY as early as now

Maparamuro 1 week ago

She had already been knocked unconcious

Hoo nhai 1 week ago

Saka matombo akashandiswa ne catapult aibva pai, uye zvidhinha zvaibvepi uye paishandiswa maoko mangani kuita izvi and maoko aya ndiwo anga akabata futi Moby? Kana kuti Moby anga akagarira pius kuti apedze kukanda zvidhinha?? It doesn't add up!

putin 1 week ago

ndirikutoshayaa kutii nyaya iyii irikufamba sei , , , , , , how many hands does Pius have ?hazvisi kumaker sense , , frabricated story

Stallion 1 week ago

there are so many questions than answers in this case its very impossible for one person to fight those who were trying to rescue the deceased at the same time getting hold of the deceased vanhu ava they were 2 and above

zororo duri 1 week ago

true fact

Hoo nhai 1 week ago

I don't know..this sounds too easy.

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

The way Pius Mukandi alias Jamba committed this murder needs that he be examined by psychiatric doctor. It seems as if he is not sound in his mind.



Mkanya 1 week ago

Avenging spirit ngozi ichavadambura. Zanu is not a human being haina ngozi. Ngozi inorova vatumwa

muzimbo 1 week ago

ini handifungi kuti aiva ega , becoz paaitema vanhu vaida to rescue Ali, nematombo Ali aigona kupukunyuka otiza, vanhu ava vainge vakawanda

duri zororo 1 week ago

very true

mimi 1 week ago

jamba imhondi yakafanana nenyoka inoruma chaisingadyi ko vaida kumubika here kumudimbura dimbura kudero. dnt rest sista moby pfukai chaizvo muite chimoto

ddddd 1 week ago

ummmmmm ngapfuke ali

Nyatsime 1 week ago

kufira nhamo chaiko

Advocate 1 week ago

arikungobvuma only to cleanse ZANU Pf so that we all believe that they are not responsible for her death ...and later Jamba will be released ,asika ZANU inenge yatocheneswa

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