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Councillors Must Have At Least 5 O' Level Passes - Residents

Councillors Must Have At Least 5 O' Level Passes - Residents

Residents’ organisations say the selection of councillors based on qualifications is a noble idea as it will ensure that competent people rather than those who benefit from patronage and popularity, will run council affairs thereby improving service delivery.

This comes after Cabinet recently approved a legal framework that will allow the Government to introduce minimum qualifications for councillors.

Harare Residents Trust director Precious Shumba said as an organisation, they believe councillors should have a minimum of Five Ordinary Level passes and at least a certificate in some professional course. Said Shumba:

Council business is mostly conducted through council committees and the full council. Technocrats in council management have a tradition of packaging and disseminating highly technical documents to councillors for committee and full council recommendations and resolutions.

Deliberations become pointless among ignorant, inexperienced and highly partisan policymakers as they only focus on how they benefit from endorsing proposals tabled before them by technocrats.

The result has been that councillors have made resolutions that largely reflect the thinking of technocrats and not necessarily people’s elected officials.

These academic and professional qualifications should be a minimum requirement in order to safeguard the institution of council from political opportunists who thrive on sloganeering and political activism rooted in being loyal to respective political party leadership.

Combined Harare Residents Association programmes manager Reuben Akili said:

From a resident perspective, our expectation is that those who want to hold public office must have basic literacy in terms of writing and reading, and the ability to calculate figures, this must cut across all elected positions including provincial councils.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association secretary Thembelani Dube said:

We applaud the proposed suggestion that public representatives must have minimum qualifications. Policymaking requires literate leaders who can formulate laws and interpret statutes.

Meanwhile, United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Trust deputy director Edson Dube said while the idea is noble, some will view it as elitist, therefore, there should be a balance for all councillor requirements.

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cute 2 months ago

mandebele aya anongoda nuclear rebyo one chete

👑👑👑Kings and Queens 2 months ago

@Tops never mind the likes @robert Mugabe, he could be a 13 year old teenager who doesn't even know the choice of words and I suspect he isn't of our origin.Guys I speak what's on the table,we are welcoming people full of hospitality.We intermarry with our Shona brothers and sisters and for your own information we all agree and know that the Shona people are God fearing and cultural respectful because they value things such as Lobola etc.. But those living in the Capital City @Harare ummm the've transformed into barbarians,why?Tokudiria chinu one/silithandela into enye. That is resistance to oppression of this regime.Otherwise brothers and sisters the rest is history,we are with you.You are good business partners, work colleagues, wives, husbands and parents.

Love you all 🇿🇼

👑👑👑King and Queens 2 months ago

Maybe tribalism is in Harare only because as far as I know many cities are of mixed tribes and they live happily..That is and was the Dream of Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo,i quote,"We want a Zimbabwe were you will see a person from Umtali/Mutare living peaceful in Bulawayo and a person from Bulawayo living peaceful in Harare".That man @Joshua Nkomo was a true freedom fighter,transparent and a visionary.Bulawayo implemented that long ago, people of all tribes mix mingle, trade, speak with one voice. The voice of freedom and love.That is the City of King and Queens.

To us tribalism is dead and buried 😇😇😇

Tops 2 months ago

@kings and queen…… go and check the first comment of this article, not the replies,the first comment

zimboy 2 months ago

tribalism..... now i understand why robert killed them bek then

Headless chicken 2 months ago

Ma**** ndoatotanga mangwanani ano kutidenha isu mashona takazvinyararira.kungoti udzorere wakutotukwa iwewe.their ****ty mutauro is not even censored on pindula.killing these people will do no good to us mashona.we need to live with them and show our shona children the definition of a useless persons in society, a people whose specialist attribute to society is to cause hate, confusion and murder


T@aaa 2 months ago

Zvekuvengana nekuda kwemarudzi hazvina kunaka tiri mhuri imwe tose tiri vanhu vaMwari

ABC 2 months ago

Sure. ngatinyadzise ma tribalists.

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Hey guys,i love history and that was my best subject.Can you please state the period King Lobengula sold the land with Sugar and to who exactly,was is a treaty and was there agreements?
Let's be careful of spreading bias oral history to our future generations.Lets not liken Ndebele state to Mutapa state which was founded due to search of Salt.I myself a descendent of the Rozvi clan don't not entertain the idea of victimising other enthinic groups,or to spread falsehood against them.Everything has its inception,so why blame the history when you can not correct present blunders.Let's not find scapegoats blame Ndebele people when matter of factly we the Shona have destroyed Zimbabwe due to our poor leadership.Thank you Ladies...

千凵几Ꮆ Ҡ凵 2 months ago

They jus choose to ignore bcoz its a valid point. Pple love to lie n to be told lies they sound more comfortable to most pple.

But ukubatshela ubatshelile n bazwisisile

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

I'd feel safe in a plane piloted by an experienced and qualified pilot than one being piloted by a bus driver. (No offense to all bus drivers)

Soul jah love 2 months ago

Ini ndini mhunu one anechivindi chekusimudza ruoko mu church,ndovhundza mufundisi kuti zvaarikutaura anozviita here?Chivindi chokusiya ndaitisa nhumbu ma baby 50 eMatabeland kuti ma Shona tizadze nyika,timami--se madinga.

Anti racist 2 months ago

A welcome development of balancing education and a people centred character for community and nation building leadership roles.

@phidza_I being shona do not blame lobengula for what history has painted of him, any person in the same position today is not wiser than him. History should at least be used to ratify errors, omissions, hatred and all the negative connotations deriving from those experiences but rather it should be used to craft one united Zimbabwe not only for our current generation but generations coming after us. This bigotry of name calling and racism or tribalism will only make things worse.

Ginious 2 months ago

Those learned pple are the most corrupt.

Educator 2 months ago

good idea start with Chiefs and not forgetting MPs also

Drat it 2 months ago

How many holders of doctorates,professors in leadership roles, look the state of the economy

Mafirakureva 2 months ago

... and especially Ministers/Pesidency....

Hehehehede, gore rino...

Phidza 2 months ago

Who sold what with sugar guys kkk tell me mandeks pameso penyu

factos 2 months ago

yet Chiwenga without a grade one certificate is still running the presidency and ministry of Health

Zim2 2 months ago

Ndini mutevedzeri wa Prezidhendi
wenyika ndirizve Minisita we maDhokta, maNesi neZvirwere zvese. Usandidherere, I em onorari learned.

Jenarari 2 months ago

@factos siva kuti ndiri Dhokta Jenarari (Ritayadhi) mhani

robert mugabe 2 months ago

lets start xenophobia in bulawayo shona peopleb are stealing our jobs #operation dudula # go back to mashonaland

Unknown 2 months ago

Musafarise coz Zim yagara hais yenyu munodzokera kusouth kwamakabva netsoka semauyiro akaita madzitete guru enyu...dzikamai mandevele

2 months ago

Ed 2 months ago


Tovasiya va**** 2 months ago

Matokanganwa kuti ma**** munemaronda ma**** egukurahundi,
#fifth brigade basa iro

me 2 months ago

i am in support of that
amashona yizihlama zabantu

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