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Corruption A Danger To Football In Zimbabwe - FAOZ

Corruption A Danger To Football In Zimbabwe - FAOZ

The Football Ambassadors of Zimbabwe (FAOZ) has added its voice to the call for the end of corruption in football.

In a statement marking this yearÔÇÖs International Anti-Corruption Day commemorated annually on 9 December, FAOZ said it is looking forward to forging alliances with local, regional and international organisations to fight corruption in the game. Part of the statement reads:

Football Ambassadors of Zimbabwe (FAOZ) joined the whole world in commemorating International Anti-Corruption Day in a bid to stamp out crime in football.

It is our duty as FAOZ to preach corruption awareness to all football stakeholders in Zimbabwe and outside our borders to protect the integrity of football as a uniting sport.

Integrity is the foundation upon which sport is built. We are aware of the dangers posed by corruption.

On the pitch, it manifests itself in the form of match manipulation and undermines the most basic principle of our sport: the uncertainty of the result.

Off the pitch, it has led to millions of dollars lining the pockets of unscrupulous individuals instead of funding the development of the sport around the world.

As FAOZ, we advocate for a zero-tolerance for corruption and we are looking forward to making strides in relation to good governance and football integrity, including the fight against match manipulation.

However, FAOZ does not have the powers to police or investigate those who are outside our organisation, nor does it have expertise in these areas, so instead we are looking forward to forge alliances with local, regional and international organisation to fight the vice.

We are determined to fight corruption by encouraging football to speak out against match-fixing.

We aim to raise awareness amongst players, coaches and officials about confidential platforms available to report approaches by suspected match-fixers and to encourage anyone in football who may have been approached to come forward.

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Dofo 1 month ago

FAOZ yacho yambonzi football Association of Zimbabwe pamwe ikanzi Football Ambassador's of Zimbabwe which is which by the way vanomboita nezvei team re FAOZ racho

vatoriwo corrupt 1 month ago

vano representa ani kupi vakapihwa mandate Nani ngavagare pasi mhani mh@t@ yavo faoz yacho members dzavo their running dogs

zviyo 1 month ago

I'm very disappointed we don't qualify even for afcon which is now not competitive like before,it will be difficult even to see the talent because of corruption

bikai Doro nezviyo 1 month ago

wakatodhakiwa zviyo hachizi runinga mhani

kachidza 1 month ago

ndukutsvagawo ussd yemukuru kana iriko pane anoyiziwawo

1 month ago


­čśż­čśż 1┬ámonth ago

nexita ta jeso kristu komborerwai hama dzangu. muratidzwe chiyedza chehupenyu nekuziwa pekuvotera gore rinouya amen

Dispatch­čö░ 1┬ámonth ago

@kachidza come to my inbox

1 month ago

Uri kuda kutsotsa munhu iwe


1 month ago

Zifa yana kamambo ndiyo yega inozikanwa ku fifa dzimwe dzese dzangove nharo

1 month ago

Chii chinonzi Kamambo zviya?

Cde hondo 1 month ago

There is only boozers in Zimbabwe no soccer to talk about. Mnangagwa son in law at src reduced our league's to boozers not recognised by fifa. Remove zanu pf. Don't vote Ed. Vote CCC. Vote Chamisa

1 month ago

Plumtree 1 month ago

ZANU yaita kuisa vanhu vavo ku ZIFA kuitira kudja mari dze FIFA.

Plumtree 1 month ago

FIFA haifanani ne WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. ZANU yakabvisa Minister of health .ikaisa Jenerari .kuti mari dze Covid dz├Čswaswangwe pasina mtawuro .

Mr Matemadanda 1 month ago

vote for change nesuwo taneta nazvo

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