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Corona Has The Potential To Cause Infertility, Says Mangwiro

Corona Has The Potential To Cause Infertility, Says Mangwiro

Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, John Mangwiro has warned the public that the novel coronavirus has the potential to cause infertility in both men and women.

He said contrary to conspiracy theorists who say COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility and loss of libido, it was the coronavirus that can cause infertility, low sex drive, heart and kidney failure among other things.

Mangwiro made the remarks while speaking during a National Aids Council (NAC) HIV/AIDS workshop. He said:

There are always prophets of doom who talk of COVID-19 vaccines as the ones that cause infertility and loss of libido. A vaccine is a dead virus and does not cause these problems.

Vaccination prevents all those side effects. About lactating mothers, I’m sure we went in public to say lactating and pregnant mothers if they want to be vaccinated there is no problem.

It was said in public and right now you know very well as a nation we go by science we have our own local scientists who look at these things. We are now vaccinating the 16-17-year-old. Those must be in high school.

The vaccine is the silver bullet to the treatment or prevention of the bad effects of the COVID-19 virus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) notes that there was no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause fertility problems in either men or women.

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