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Cop Killer Jaison Muvevi Killed Another Man In Harare - Prosecutor

Cop Killer Jaison Muvevi Killed Another Man In Harare - Prosecutor

Former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer and murder suspect Jaison Muvevi allegedly killed another person in Harare.

According to NewZimbabwe, Muvevi allegedly shot an unidentified man in the head “for no apparent reason” on November 19, 2021, in the Eastlea neighbourhood of Harare.

The court was informed that Muvevi was with two unidentified men, while the deceased was with one Nyasha Eusen.

Following the victim’s death, it is claimed that Muvevi and his accomplices pushed Eusen into their Toyota Allion and drove to the Huruyadzo Shopping Center in Chitungwiza. Eusen later managed to escape.

The court was also informed that Muvevi accidentally shot himself in the left elbow during the altercation.

Police found an x-ray report in his car he dumped following a shootout in the Hwedza area.


Muvevi was arrested this week in Mozambique in connection with the murder of three people on 13 January 2023 in Hwedza.

It is alleged Muvevi arrived at Crispen Kanerusine’s shrine while in the company of one Shupikai Muvevi.

He was dressed in all black against the church’s doctrine and was given a white cloth to cover himself with.

The court was further told Muvevi sat with other worshipers as Kanerusine delivered his sermon.

Muvevi suddenly went to his vehicle which was parked close to the shrine and came back with an FN browning pistol which he used to shoot the preacher once in the head.

After learning about the event, the Officer in Charge of Wedza Police Station, Inspector Maxwell Hove, assembled his response team and went to the shrine to conduct an investigation.

They met Muvevi along the Wedza-Murambinda High Way and blocked his vehicle intending to confront him.

Muvevi then started firing at them, hitting Hove three times in his head and the officer died on the spot.

He also shot Constable Tendai Mugova in the stomach and on his pelvis.

Muvevi made a U-turn and drove towards Murambinda business centre where he shot and killed Munashe Munjani after a brief chat with him.

On January 14 Muvevi went to Mutare boys high school where he fired three shots but missed the second complainant who had refused to give him food. 

Muvevi then skipped the border and was arrested the following day in Mozambique.

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Etv 1 week ago

ichiii chibaba chaJohn Wick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

1 week ago

Saka apa urikuseka chii @Etv? You must be high on something

Depth 1 week ago

This guy is same calibre with rimbi and zebra bus drivers. They don't care about other peoples life

1 week ago

John Wick for sho

Solo 1 week ago

hkun chibaba chakadaro chibaba ndiwe

,,,, dott 1 week ago

Death penalty is the best kune mukomana uyu imhondi huru

1 week ago

And many more murders that are unaccounted for. Do ballistic tests I am sure this man killed many

mmm 1 week ago

kkkkkk pakaika.

1 week ago

this man is a criminal, aparirira dzinza rose ngozi

Firelady 1 week ago

Zvave kuchibuda manje , tichanzwa dzizhinji

joy boy 1 week ago

should be given a life in jail sentence

1 week ago

So the taxpayers can look after him... free food, accommodation, free medical care and a social life with criminal friends.
Now that's justice.

muvhevhi 1 week ago

as I understand uyu munhu murough bt akaonesa mapurisa chitsvuku


Netflix 1 week ago

We need this man on John Wick 4

mivhevhi 1 week ago

isimbi yaboris chete

,,,, dott 1 week ago

Death penalty is the best kumukomana uyu imhondi huru

Tseriwa Simbarashe 1 week ago

This man is very brutal,,,he needs a tough sentence

t 1 week ago

John wick wenyu uyu paluzozvipfura manje kkk

1 week ago

Murume uyu imhondi chaiyo aingouraya vanhu vasina mhosvo ndidzo type dzakazara kumusangano wezanu pf

Tambatubisi Jabulani 1 week ago

Ngaapiwe death sentence haakodzeri kufara musociate

kufa sehuku 1 week ago

shuwa here kufa sehuku Baba VaBona vakagara caramba Kuti muno hamusi SA kunourayiwa vanhu sehuku thank u security forces long live RG Mugabe long live Mugabeism

Golr@... 1 week ago

Mweya wemnhu waakauraya kuHre ndoo wakazo leader to all this coz wanga wakumupfukira.
Huyai naye kuPPC timunyike muCement Ikupisa onyungudika zvivharane coz he is a serial killer

Dispenser 1 week ago

Adoda kugurwa maoko osiiwa akadaro

xxx 1 week ago

NdiJohn Rambo chaiye

Anonymous 1 week ago


𝑚𝑢𝑡𝑜𝑟𝑎𝑠ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑎 1 week ago

𝑦𝑎𝑎 𝑢𝑦𝑢 𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑣𝑢𝑟𝑎𝑦𝑎 𝑣𝑎𝑛ℎ𝑢 𝑣𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑖𝑠𝑎 𝑢𝑦𝑢
ℎ𝑎𝑎𝑡𝑦𝑒 𝑘𝑢𝑢𝑟𝑎𝑦𝑎 𝑢𝑦𝑢

bozslady 1 week ago

anongoda kupengeswa uyo otherwise panenyaya APA

Lady 1 week ago

Imagine benzi rine gidi .....usaite fanenge soo iwe

1 week ago

King 1 week ago

Akadzidziswa neZanu kuuraya vanhu, now he had developed a hobby out it, knowing kut hapana zvaanoitwa. manje gava rakadambura musungo.

Dr Dodo 1 week ago

Serial killers are usually associated with Satanism and he could be mentally unstable, lunatic.In our African society this guy anengozi irikumushungurudza. He might have committed a lot of murderers and the haunting spirits have drove to act likewise publicly.

Jojo 1 week ago

He must have killed a lot of people where he was doing his artisinal mining in midlands ane mhepo chaiyo uyu

aaa 1 week ago

hadii kuurawa uyo anongoda kuitwa life in jel atambure upenyu hwake hwese coz vakamuuraya harwadziwi

Ajuja ajaji 1 week ago

All those varikumu bigger do you know kuti anogona kungotiza kujeri ouya nekuden kwako kumwana wako kana kuna mai vako opfura, dont praise zvisina basa.

Scooby doo 1 week ago

I respect you for making us scared 😨

CHEKAS 1 week ago


Pk 1 week ago

Muvevi was escorted with his band and cronies from his food trough of Old-People's-Home

mlambo 1 week ago

smhondi chaiyo

The Adjudicator 1 week ago

Why shld we be told that he went to the shrine wearing black,is it to make us believe that its to do with the dark world or to make us believe that he killed someone b4.Tongai munhu nedzaakapara kwete kuti when you fail in yo investigations moda kumuisira mbanje muhonwe moti ndedzake . Yu failed to capture him in Zimbabwe and yu spend the whole day patrolling the mountains of Negombwe iye munhu atova Mosken apa kuita busy neOpposition mhondi ichirova pasi. How cld yu be out-witted nemunhu one

1 week ago

He is a former police officer, that is why it was difficult to bring him down. He is a trained personnel. Haabatwe zvekudaro munopera.

1 week ago

@The Adjudicator have displayed your ignorance ..his wearing of black clothes has never been mentioned as a crime whatsover you might think of ...its just a background or circumstances leading to the commission of the crime.mhosva yaurikut apiwa isiri yake ndeyp? Evidence is there that he committed the 2021 murder.musangotaura for the sake yokut unzi wataura

Prison Warden 1 week ago

Asvika mukomana tikumushanda day and night kusvika afa

Tagz 1 week ago

There's no heroism about this, this is pure insanity ,being fuelled by the spirits of the people this man killed earlier on. Iiyo nyaya yenyu yekuromba futi iyi....mmm

Tagz 1 week ago

By the way, do we now have the HANGMAN?

TTT 1 week ago

Inga wani ndakati Basa iri I am prepared to start even today. Tipeyi Basa.

Edwin 1 week ago

I prefer not comment for now, the matter is sub judice.

. 1 week ago

Bhoo zvekut

wizzie 1 week ago

et the end wonzwaa kuti hz out on bail ku high court

Tateguru 1 week ago

Saka this is a habitual killer. There are likely more unknown killings he committed.

Chipoko chachidyausiku 1 week ago

Mukomana Ari kuponerwa kuuraya vanhu asi anokwanisa futi kunzi Ari innocent because I suspect

1 week ago

unobva watadza kuziva kuti chinonzi suspect chii chaizvo

Mudenda 1 week ago

Shuwa vachidyanesikati Inga mbavha yekugokwe iya yeZanu yekuba 5million takairegerera tada kutosunga vakaitengesa

Headmaster wechikurubi 1 week ago

Ii apa kasikhala dyiro yakarikuita machangisi necabbage kuno tapinda loss ngavakaendese havo ku khami uko kwakabuda madora

Kuri Mutsvangwa 1 week ago

Zvakaitwa naMuvhevhi izvi it's because of the illegal sanctions imposed by the western and it's puppies the ccc

Tafi Mugwadi 1 week ago

Mota dzemapurisa dzakatadza kubata muvhevhi muZim nenyaya yekuti macouncilor eccc haasi kuvhara mapot hole so don't blame zanu republic police

Madzibaba 4ED 1 week ago

Zvinonzi uya wekupfuurwa wanga waporofita kuti many.engavana 2030 achavepo muhofisi

Sharpshooter 1 week ago

So this guy was well trained, shooting only buy in the head

cid 1 week ago

@ Sharp shooter he was shooting at a close range not kuti was a sharp shooter ,even iwe from that distance waizviita that's why akapotsa munhu aiitiza kwa Mutare coz he just know how to use the gun not a sharp shooter sezvaukutaura

bvaru 1 week ago

imhondi iyi akagarwa nomweya wakaipa asiiira nzinza nhamo chaiyo

Ajuja Ajaji 1 week ago

not really trained, this guy akazochinja trade from security sector to gold dealing. Thats when he got so heartless and cold. Its not a matter of being well trained even iwewe unogona kungopiwa pfuti wotopfura munhu without being trained but most of us tokoshesa life yemunhu

mlambo 1 week ago

muvhevhi akatadza hke bt hatitongeri rufu kwaari

TTT 1 week ago

Judicial system yedu yakadhaka. Iyi inyaya yaifanirwa ku concluded pasi kana 2 wks

1 week ago


mukuru weZRP 1 week ago

vakomana kana mobika sadza musakanganwa kuisa cement tipe muvhevhi asati atanga kupanduka ungatipedzisa

lamboos naume 1 week ago


1 week ago


mdra 1 week ago

isu takuda kutongonzwa kuti vari kumupa mutongo wakadii

jamcoco🧐 1 week ago

munhu waakauraya muna2021 anga arimunhukadzi ere kana murume .....pamutongo ini n**** ngaatongerwe life in prison musauraya ngapedzerane nevaakauraya akavharirwa

bvoo 1 week ago

mhunhu uyu anofanira kuchekwa chaiko

naume 1 week ago

ndibatsireiwo weduwe nyon'o inorapiwawo nei ndatambura

1 week ago

imwa bute nemvura inodziya

Tintin 1 week ago

kumira kudya mango nesalt 🙄🙄🙄

Tintin 1 week ago

this is a psychopath... killing 4 no apparent reason.

k 1 week ago

kill muvevi

hr 1 week ago

Nov 2021 ange achiri police man here.but still pane question mark because nyaya iyi tainzwa nhasi

Rt guy 1 week ago

Uyu mufesi bhoo manje

mugαвє.... 1 week ago

rαmвσ pαrt 8 αnd 9🙈

cid 1 week ago

@ no name,, wakamboona Bute richimwiwa kupi uchauraya vanhu

naume 1 week ago

anoda kundiurayisa uyu

las vegas 1 week ago

mhondi iyo ngaifire mujeri

bute 1 week ago

what abt Job sikhala

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