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Consumer Watchdog 'Concerned' Over Incessant Price Increases

Consumer Watchdog 'Concerned' Over Incessant Price Increases

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has condemned recent price increases which it says have eroded consumers’ buying power.

A survey by The Zimbabwe Independent has shown that prices increased by about 30% during the first week of April.

The majority of businesses set their prices based on the parallel market rates which currently range between ZWL$280 and ZWL$300 to US$1. The official rate stands at US$1:ZWL$145.

This development has pushed households into extreme poverty as workers’ salaries are being eroded by inflation which is now 72.7%.

In an interview with The Zimbabwe Independent, CCZ public relations officer Christopher Kamba said the economic challenges facing the country and the war in Ukraine do not justify the price increases. Said Kamba:

We are concerned about incessant price increases which have eroded the buying power of consumers.

While we appreciate the challenges the economy is facing and other external factors like the current global dynamics, including disturbances in Ukraine which were expected to result in spillover effects on domestic prices, service providers have taken advantage of the situation to increase prices.

Even those who benefit from the RBZ auction system are pricing in accordance with parallel market rates.

We urge the authorities to blacklist those who are abusing the auction system to ensure stability in the marketplace.

According to The Zimbabwe Independent, mealie meal which cost ZW$1 159,99 (US$7,84) in March is now ZW$1 271,55 (US$8,59) and 2kg sugar, which was priced at ZW$565,99 (US$3,82) in March, now costs ZW$629.99 (US$4,26).

Other products whose prices have been increased sharply include cooking oil, which cost ZW$989,99 (US$6,69) in March, is now ZW$1 179,99 (US$7,97) and beef was ZW$1 199,90 (US$8,11) is now costs ZW$1 329,90 (US$9). A loaf of bread, which was going for ZW$239,99 (US$1,62) last month, now costs ZW$273,99 (US$1,85).

More: The Zimbabwe Independent

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. 1 month ago

Nyika iyi mongoida henyu bt haaaaaaaa no this is not it ....these pple are evil ungati ndivo vanonyengera satan mazanu such broad daylight....and have you pple noticed kt Zimbabwe inobata maforeigners like eggs bt isu tikaenda kune dzimwe nyika toitwa yese yese.....zvkusvika pakti even in our own country tinosvika pakubatwa junkies with those in power and hu abuse it on us....Tts ndichiti ngaapinde hake for I have 2 good days thinking of how families and marriages have vanished, collapsed and deteriorated the numbers are so escalating, at the same time early marriages prostitution..robberies...that bond yaiitwa kudhara hakuchina pple are hustling muzvi *R* imomu....couples staying away (distanced) for more than 1yr be it new married or difference....the madalas are still working pension funds acho akadhakwa...kufa uchishanda sewachi.....we need our bread basket of Africa back....hatingaoneri life kunext door not this time....we are putting to much effort for our sustainability....if this effort was to be put on a well economy Zimbabwe would be far away developed and with plenty of riches *Canaan* milk and honey
Right now munhu ane degree reA/C ari padoor reZupco apa haasi kubhadharwa inokwana
Inflation is sky rocketing and you think printing new notes will solve we saw this in 07/08 it won't work actually you are catalysing inflation
Civil servant is going for side hustle vamwe arikumakomba muri ikuda kunodya
You pple took power wen evrything was in place and running bt ryt now mvura chaiyo toudza zvemaborehole are you for real 🤔
...olk fine lets say what you are saying is true which we know it's not of giving free education be it at watever stage...then what, right now with the number yekadzidza plus yacho ye free motiitisei zvimwe muchiti totamba
With the looting tts done in Zimbabwe as compared to the population..munhu wese anokwanisa kuva ne1million USD then the rest modya henyu bt problem they don't have pple at heart
So tikutsvirei 1 haisi tea,2.haina sugar, 3.kkupisa ft motipfekedzajuzi plus machira pmsoro *HAIKONA*
*sikuka mwana wezimbabwe, sukhuma t'ana wasekhaya, let all stand up Zimbabwe...*
New baby born 🐣🐥
Yellow nation


CHANGE 1 month ago

If you use the rtgs which is our own currency to buy goods you are buying at a primium.Its very expensive to print and we get little value from it.Who is really going to benefit from this zwl100 note,certainly not the ordinary zimba.We are shooting ourselves in the foot always again and again.Mukomana ngaambopinda,anogona kutoOrganizer zvinhu zvikatofamba.Change is what is needed at the moment,I just hope this time around we are not going to disappoint ourselves in the coming elections.

xx 1 month ago

unoona umwe munhu achi supporter Zanu PF. Mangudya zvaakat $1 BOND =$1US. zvachinjiwa neUKraine & Russia here. vakonewa vakonewa madhara edu...... vakambogonawom...... NGAAPINDE HAKE MUKOMANA

tongwai 1 month ago

asi dai taiti tachera toita value addition boo...manje kungochera totengesa

tongwai 1 month ago

zvekuti asimudze economy oga ka...ichokwadi


tongwai 1 month ago

I think everyone forgets tt ours was an agro-based economy...and since we nolonger have productive farms plus ma sanctions..mari yedu yadhakwa...tikuzama mining but chokwadi ndechekuti ma minerals arimuno mashoma to benefit evryone...lets go back to the peodecer enough for our selves and others zvinoita low low...then tava nechedu chavanoda...we force them to buy ne zim dollar...ndozvikuta Russian even in the face of sanctions

Bz 1 month ago

Ahhhh maminerals atinawo mashoma?Ityai mwari!

tongwai 1 month ago

it is now a toothless bulldog because industry now has justified excuses for its behaviour...sanctions,inflation etc

Chiurai 1 month ago

C. C. Z. Inomirira ma consumer api chaizvo. Kana basa rayo riri rekuona chete kuti Chingwa chaita dhora chaa 2 dollars zvingavhurirwe office vanhu vachitotambira here

DaTruth 1 month ago

Pafa munhu hapashaiwi muroyi Russia ne Ukraine ndozvirikukwidza maprice muno .Ko January chaikwidza chiii ok ma Sunctions ko Hondo ikapera toti chii ?,🇿🇼🙈🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

tongwai 1 month ago

zvanhasi ehe ndiyo...asiwo isu tinedamvudziko guru...gaya tino importer wheat of all things ...we used to be the breadbasket yesadc asinowwehave to buywheat ne mabagwe because our local farmers can nolongerproduce enoughwheat for us to consume let aloneto export...ipapowo minda yakapiwa ma subsitant farmers not commercial kkkkk.....

Armed Robbery 1 month ago

lets vote for CCC 2023 guys, we're tired of this corruption.....struggling bcoz of the zanu

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Ana vybz vanonyanya kachasu vapfanha Ava siyanai navo avo

The Assistant Thief 1 month ago

Kutonga kwaro gamba, kusvikira vana ve Zimbabwe vapisiwa nema tyre mudzimwe nyika. Ummmm it's painful that's why the comic preacher said Zimbabwe is Limbo a place where one waits for Judgement ,whethere they go to Hell or Heaven.

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Nhai @VYBZ do you have your own supermarket that has cheap products?

Are you earning billions of rugs that you are not affected by this shambolic economy?

if not, then you should be in Ingutsheni

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Pasi neka Vybz Kartel.

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago


VZ 1 month ago

as long as we are using rtgs zvinhu zvicharamba zvichimwira. don't try to include russia & Ukraine war on your poor planning, hondo yakatanga gore rino but zvinhu zvagara zvaingomwira

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Tongwai you must be very dull, although we make our currency strong at whatever rate Politicians will continue looting the strong green money US$ and flood the useless currency. Botswana for example, the nationals of Botswana are so brainwashed to the extent of not even accepting US$,matter of fact they don't even know the Green cash.They are also paid a useless minimum wage by their Government which is looting all foreign currency. Wise up monkey.

tongwai 1 month ago

every country has to useit own tishandise us ratisinga print toga....we have to build ourcurrencyfrom thegrnd up vanhu vaveneconfidence nemari yavo nt kudya chingwa nhasi ko vana vevana venyu vanouya vachibatei tisina yedu....

tongwai 1 month ago

asika comrade ma effects e hondo arebeing felf globally...nt jus in zim...kuno zvakungowedzera zvagara zviripo

tongwai 1 month ago

well,in my view...claiming that the war in Ukraine should nt affect prices here is complete utter ignorance on tje part of the writer....Russian is theworlds nmbr one producer of wheat,ukraine is nmbr 5 so obviously the price ofbread would be affected...same with oil yemafuta emota

tongwai 1 month ago

#20litre drum

tongwai 1 month ago

yes sir...ku s.a 2litrr is now going for 80rand ku UK a drum was going for 22 pounds now 40 pounds

munhu 1 month ago

kkkkkk have you compare these price increases with other countries

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