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Commuters Continue Facing Transport Challenges Despite Addition Of More ZUPCO Buses

Commuters Continue Facing Transport Challenges Despite Addition Of More ZUPCO Buses

Commuters continue to face transport challenges, especially in Harare, despite the injection of an additional 65 buses into the urban transport system by the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) recently.

ZUPCO acting chief executive officer Mr Everisto Madangwa told The Herald that 40 buses were injected on Monday last week while 25 more were fed into the system on Tuesday.

The total number of ZUPCO buses currently plying Harare routes is 445 and a similar number of ZU[CO-affiliated commuter omnibuses (kombis.)

However, commuters still face challenges to travel to and from the city centre.

The situation worsened from Monday when many people needed to travel to various pick-up points ahead of school opening, while others needed to accompany their children to their schools.

On Monday, some bus drivers said the high demand for transport could have been occasioned by the fact that it was a public holiday and most transporters had given their staffers an off day hoping it would not be too busy.

But there were reports that ZUPCO-affiliated kombis had partially withdrawn their services due to non-payment of their dues on time by the company.

There were also concerns that the transport operators wanted ZUPCO to review their daily takings.

After schools opened on Tuesday, the demand for transport has spiked and commuters are battling to get in and out of the city.

Asked by The Herald if ZU[PCOo was facing any challenges resulting in people struggling to get transport, Mr Madangwa said:

We are not. People should go to designated pick-up points if they need transport. Zupco does not stop at Jameson (Hotel), it does not stop at Zesa, Total (Service Station along Samora Machel Avenue). Zupco does not stop along Julius Nyerere Way or at the Flyover or at ZBC (Mbare Studios); it stops at designated pick up points only.

On Monday last week, I injected 40 buses into Harare and today (Tuesday), I injected 25 buses into Harare. When our inter-city buses return to Harare, they also ply urban routes to ensure everyone is ferried home.

He also refuted claims by commuters that ZUPCO was rarely available after 5 pm saying the claims were unfounded as they only “knock-off after clearing everyone”.

He said there is often congestion at pick hours which means that it takes longer for a bus to return to town from residential areas, “but we don’t desert bus termini until we clear people,” he said.

Madangwa also said they were working to “clear the ZUPCO-affiliated kombi arrears” and everything would be fine soon.

When The Herald visited Copacabana, Market Square, Charge Office and Simon Vengayi Muzenda bus terminuses between 3 pm and 6 pm, many people could be seen waiting patiently for the buses.

The government banned private-owned kombis in 2020 plunging the country into a public transport crisis. They had become the main public transport in recent years.

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Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

Mr Everisto Madangwa has been acting Chief Executive Officer since the formation of ZUPCO Franchise, two or three years ago. Why can he not be promoted to be substantive if he is suitable or appoint someone who the board of directors think is better than Me Everisto Madangwa. But let me give them a tip off. There is noone who will produce efficient service with about 500 Mushikashika ZUPCO buses for the whole of Zimbabwe.


Maravaza 2 weeks ago

It's injection 💉 plus draining out of the system. Many private transporters withdrew from the unfair Zupco deal. The injection of Zupco buses are just a drop in the ocean.

Kanda 2 weeks ago

solving a problem with a problem

Asalif 2 weeks ago

crd Madangwa if you want us to come over and count those vehicles when they come back to the workshop for fuel do they reach 445 or you are adding the number with bodies on wheels in homes and garages Harare-chitungwiza need more than 100 buses not combis if combis it needs more than you are saying you added more buses by taking them from other routes they ply leaving people there without transport again solving a problem with a problem people start going to work @ 05:00 that's the tym that bus will be leaving for Morgenster mission or Mashava because they are people who work in town who stay there and some who stay in town working there same applies to Chivi route nurses stay in Masvingo work at the District hospital and some work in town from Chivi can you stop those routes in the morning for local routes you will see the buses after peak hours isu marovha takufamba netsoka kupinda mutown do we look as if we stay in the mountains were we don't see what happens or didn't go to school

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