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Commonwealth Is Useless & Archaic, Zimbabwe Should Not Rejoin - Masarira

Commonwealth Is Useless & Archaic, Zimbabwe Should Not Rejoin - Masarira

LEAD president Linda Masarira said that Zimbabwe should not seek to rejoin the Commonwealth, describing the organisation as useless and archaic.

Since the November 2017 military coup, the ZANU PF-led government has been seeking to rejoin the Commonwealth, which is made up of Britain, its former colonies, and a few other countries.

Masarira argued that joining the Commonwealth will not help Zimbabwe saying the organisation serves only to bolster Britain’s sense of importance in the world. She said:

My heart bleeds when I see the Zimbabwean government making efforts of rejoining this useless Commonwealth of nations which is just a mere post-colonial club.

The Commonwealth still serves only to bolster Britain’s sense of importance in the world and to make it appear that its outdated stiff upper-lipped monarch still has a role in the modern world.

We should never be comfortable joining groupings that have no tangible benefit to the people of Zimbabwe.

The Commonwealth is not a free trade body like the EU, a unified defence group like NATO, or even an international quasi-legal body like the UN.

It does not seek to do anything much, other than vaguely demanding that members at least nod toward democracy.

The nod of democracy which is defined in British terms which I find quite absurd.

Zimbabwe withdrew from the Commonwealth two decades ago after former President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle were slapped with sanctions for human rights violations.

Last week a Commonwealth delegation was in Zimbabwe for a second assessment to see if the country had made progress on the conditions needed to rejoin the group.

Masarira believes Zimbabwe should focus on entrenching Pan-African values than joining the Commonwealth. She said:

Zimbabwe should be focusing on entrenching Pan-Afrikan values, interests, and principles which will enable native Zimbabweans to own and control all the means of production in our quest to make Zimbabwe an economic powerhouse.

Zimbabwe will never be an economic giant using foreign currency and allocating key critical mining concessions to foreign investors.

We need to be able to encourage more Local Investment, champion wealth creation among native Zimbabweans and strengthen the Zimbabwe dollar which again should be renamed to a wholly Zimbabwean name, rebranded, and given a strong lease of life.

The economic stability strategies which should be implored should start by dumping all the eurocentric economic models that we are using which destroyed our economy.

We should define our own economic models and start doing things the Zimbabwean way to benefit the Zimbabwean people. Where there is a will there is always a way.

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2 months ago

nyarara iwe munhu vakangofanana nachamisa ...kungohumana hamuna zvamunoziva shut up

2 months ago

Wazorasikawo kumufananidza nebig dhara Chamisa asi pakuti ataura zvisina basa wanga wagona wani

Sorojena 2 months ago

Doing things in the Zimbabwe's Zanu pf way has made Zimbabwe a laughing stock. A look at those countries still in the common wealth group of countries, you'll see a significant difference with Zimbabwe, in good governance, accountability, economy and development. Masarira is just behind like what her name tells it.

Tintin 2 months ago

@linda isn't this attention seeking business tiring...I wonder 🤔🤔🤔

mukmeric 2 months ago

vanodawo kunzi vataura ava asi zim dollar harisimudzi nyika as long kuine corruption

2 months ago

@mukmeric...zim dollar and corruption are they fundamentals? asi uri mwana vepabarika anongofunga ruvengo nepasingadi ruvengo

mukmeric 2 months ago

ruvengo rwuri papi musangotaura kwamusina kuswera hanty ka

2 months ago

LEAD yacho yaanonzi ndiye president wayo chinombova chiiko? Ndiyo i otova useless iyoyo


2 months ago

At least zvine musoro mhamha zvamataura apa. Zvinoda kumboedzwa tione kuti hatisvike mberi here. Izvi zvema group avanga vakamboti pamba inzira yekuda kuti tirambe tione pfungwa dzekuti kana vasiri mberi kwedu tega hatina chatinokwanisa kuita, kwete.

Tindo 2 months ago

Mu Commonwealth munodawo vanhu vanodya bhavu.

2 months ago

Ndofunga Linda ave kutumwa neZanu kuitira kuti kana yarasiswa kuCommonwealth yozoti vanhu vanga vagara vati haina basa Kkkkk

The Brains 2 months ago

One of the few politicians who actually make sense....the Commonwealth is now redundant & ineffective in this modern world, plus the 21st century Britain lost all its power both economically & military...Britain is now a toothless bulldog

Tang ku 2 months ago

Just shut up Linda or inda nemhaka yekusageza the truth is President Chamisa is trying to rescue zanupf from negilected by common wealth through advising it to respect human rights only if zanupf will reform positively then Zimbabwe will not face any challenges so inda is diverting zanupf from road of democracy

Vesto 2 months ago

Linda isn't this just a question of sour grapes? Seeking attention because the Commonwealth Team didn't invite you for a meeting?

For starters, if you sincerely believe that The Commonwealth is useless, why don't you fork out money to replace Commonwealth Scholarships that the association gives to deserving students? Unayo here mari yacho?

Topi Mafana 2 months ago

I think this is the first time mukadzi uyu paataurawo zvinemusoro

🇿🇼 2 months ago

ane seat yakawinner pa 2018 election here

linda 2 months ago

kuribeeee pachitoko

Linda 2 months ago


linda 2 months ago

musandipikisa mhani apa ndataura mhani,,Iwe ukutaura zvema sikoraship toita toga kkk

Tateguru 2 months ago

Masarira arasika

CIO 2 months ago

Yaaa it's true look the concept of realism on international relations

Asalif 2 months ago

There are a lot of benefits and programs funded by the Commonwealth of nations zvisingaitwe ne the likes of USAID and EU there are also loans Ruwanda yabudirira neCommonwealth

Magariro 2 months ago

Rinda ndozvaari zvekurasika pfungwa. Paya pe accident yevana veku Tynwald High Shool akamboti dai mabhazi aine colour ye yellow ndokuti kana akaita accident mapassenger asafe. Ari kuti Commonwealth iri useless pakudii. Kuti anzi ambotaurawo but achitaura marara

Vesto 2 months ago

Nhai veduwee, Linda ane murume here uyu? Dai and murume anombomubholoncha dai akadzikama. Zvino iiiiii, oti kushata kunje John zvake. Futi anenge anopesana nemvura.

2 months ago

Linda anoshevha muhapwa here?

ddgh 2 months ago

imbotanga wagona kugeza wozotaura

The Adjudicator 2 months ago

Sisi Rinda got this commonwealth issue from one of the groups in which we are all in. We weighed the pros and cons of being in the commonwealth and then she hijacked the subject to make it her own view. What a pathetic snitcher.
Actually she has displayed her ignorance by not seeing the importance of the commonwealth. One wonders what wld bcme of the country if we re to be led by pple of such lame minds. Unfortunately fools will never learn.

2 months ago

You can help us by pointing out some of the benefits of being a member of the Commonwealth grouping

juru 2 months ago

I'm sorry olive my wife

Revelation 2 months ago

She's making more sense than most Zimbabwean politicians.

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