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"Coming Into The New Year, The Salary Issue Is Urgent" - Teachers

Unions representing teachers Wednesday said the salary issue is urgent and should be resolved before schools reopen in the new year.

Their remarks come after Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube said the government wouldn’t raise salaries as demanded by civil servants adding that the government tried its best to improve the salaries given the circumstances.

Public sector workers want pay hikes and have spent the past three years calling on the government to pay them their pre-October 2018 United States dollar salaries of around US$540.

Throughout 2022, civil servants have been demanding a pay hike. Yesterday, some teachers’ unions said the parallel market rate was now $1 100 to US$1, which called for Ncube to pay teachers in US$.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association president Richard Gundani said it was unfortunate that Ncube was claiming that civil servants were well paid. He told NewsDay:

That statement is inaccurate; he should have said since I cannot pay them — they must stop going to work. This thing is always two-fold because when people go to work they get a salary, which is an enabler for them to continue to go to work. Coming into the new year, the salary issue is urgent and must be resolved to ensure good service delivery. The minister must know that service delivery must not be compromised. His statement that he has already incentivised civil servants is very unfortunate.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe president Obert Masaraure said there is likely to be a massive brain drain if the government does not pay teachers a living wage.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said the finance minister must use the surplus he “boasts of every time” to pay “the poor civil servants.”

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Zvagarazviriko 1 month ago

Teachers 4ED makuti bhohwa

dunusa Ngifake 1 month ago

am asking for a copy of pre October 2018 teacher's pay slip

Hameno 1 month ago

Unoidii pay slip ya2018

1 month ago

I have it

Ashley Scott 1 month ago

kwamuri kunemagetsiwo hre Ndanzwa nekugara murima 18 hour long load shading yakadzoka ko ana msoro bhangu zvamaimboti magetsi haachanetsa wani zesa nezanu nhema dzenyu dzakubhowa musatiitise mhani fakofu

1 month ago

True it looks like load-shedding is now back with a vengeance I don't know what excuses they are cooking now

1 month ago

Never believe anything from zesa vanonyepa zvinoshamisa load shedding is back with a vengeance these guys are clueless hapana chozivikanwa incompetence and mediocre everytime

1 month ago

Haa takambotaura wani kuti totenda dzamwa dzaswera nanaGata Kwandiri kuno aenda na0830hrs ikozvino 2230hrs haasati adzoka

Ashley Scott 1 month ago

iro basa roshandika wakaguta uchipiwa mari inotenga kwete zva mthuli zvekuti atiwedzere mari iwe unotambira kwazvo mari yenyika uchiba haudi maticha awanewo marisei uri nhumwa yasatani iwe moyo wako wakaipa

1 month ago

This shameful minister of zim much does he give his domestic workers monthly


Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Rather do bush mechanic than teaching or even musika

Purse 1 month ago

Kupiko vari kutitotere Mari vanhu Ava kumaeke ndokuneyese

The Bush Doctor 👨‍🔬 1 month ago

I have an ask. How much are teachers getting

g 1 month ago

minister your time of reckoning is close. there is going to be a massive brain drain starting february. then your lies will be exposed even to the most gullible rural voters by the time we get to the elections. the good part of it is you started campaigning for NC way back in 2018 with your fancy economic terms which only served to impoverish the majority of zimbabweans whilst lining the pockets of the elites(you included)

1 month ago

There is power in numbers so I believe all civil servants must speak with one voice This 'teachers teachers' business will not get you guys anywhere When you split up you will be playing into the employer's hands and mukada kuwanza politics the employer will look at you as oppostion parties not worker representatives and you know how this government treats opposition parties

808 1 month ago

pele is no more he has died aged 82 because of colon cancer

Condhomu 1 month ago

Tasviverenga Kare mu su ri

condhomu Mai vakono 1 month ago

ndakava bra kuita into into to the last degree

Jamutingo 1 month ago

Maticha mari moidini.tsvagai basa kunana UK maticha Ari pa demand uko.

Jamutingo 1 month ago

Ikozvino kana vana vedu hamutichi wangu ndakatomuendesa ku private.munosvota maticha mauraya vana vedu imi.dai vatokubvisirai pay yenyu it's too much

jamutingo du.zv.i 1 month ago

Mai Vano brarirwa pork pie

Dispenser 1 month ago

Haasi mwana walk go to DNA test

Anonymous 1 month ago

The Government itself has inflicted a major blow to the education sector which has seen even pass rates dropping rapidly both at station level and nationwide due to negligence being displayed by teachers due to low wages that cannot sustain a typical urban teacher.........Why do you have to treat the teachers like Labourers and Government slaves yet they are the same teachers that made you reach the positions you are boasting of now

Jamutingo 1 month ago

Kutuka kwamoita uku chii chamunodzidzisa vana vedu.hamusvodi manje mucham ama.muthuli usape mabhambi ayo Mari.

Music Fun 1 month ago

Ummmm have anyone ever heard about this new upcoming artist, DJ AlfT Nigga?? Haasati hake ava paRadio but mupfana akaipa uyoyo, good messages number 1.

1 month ago

Can someone tell Mugwadi that we don't need anything from CCC but a better govt that allows us to prosper in our own by being corrupt free, accountable for state funds, use our taxes for the betterment of our great country

zelensky 1 month ago

iwe unozviti DJ mtshaza wenyoni , don't advertise music haisi chivataura , imba zvatoda then you get the followers as long as you advertise thru Pindula you won't get anywhere.

Hlengani Mlilo 1 month ago

Hhhh bbb. Hhh

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