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CiZC Responds To Reports That It Got US$160 000 From U.S. For Regime Agenda Purposes

CiZC Responds To Reports That It Got US$160 000 From U.S. For Regime Agenda Purposes

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF administration was determined to close all democratic spaces following a series of derogatory reports “misrepresenting” its agenda.

The ruling ZANU PF, through state-owned media, accused CiZC of getting funding from America’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for regime change purposes.

The article, published in The Sunday Mail, one of the state-run publications, titled “NGOs plot to unsettle Zim exposed,” also alleged CiZC had been granted a US$160 000 grant to solicit support from neighbouring Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

In response, CiZC spokesperson, Obert Masaraure said:

As of late, state-controlled media has been publishing a predictable pattern of defamatory propaganda articles that allege civil society organisations (CSOs) under the banner of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition are seeking to destabilise and topple government. Their running theme has been that we want to effect regime change in the country.

We have taken note, though not surprised, that the regime can stoop so low as to use private information submitted in confidence to ZIMRA to score cheap propaganda points. So much about ‘open for business.’ This is shameful.

The malicious allegations contained in the state’s propaganda pieces are but a desperate attempt to find a scapegoat for the ZANU PF government’s inability to run the country and its economy.

Masaraure said any allegations that it was sponsoring “terrorist” activities in the country were unfounded, highlighting that the only terror Zimbabweans had experienced had been at the hands of ZANU PF.

This is happening when the government is in the process of amending the Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) Act a move which critics say is meant to silence dissenting voices, particularly CSOs fighting corruption, human rights violations and other misgovernance issues.

The government says the Private and Voluntary Organisations (PVO) Bill will curb money laundering and PVOs participation in politics. It proposes harsh penalties, including jail time of up to one year for perceived offences.

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Carsukuwere 1 month ago

@Machiavelli :You have no idea what happens in that industry. Same issues as in government departments on staff recruitment, procurement inflating beneficiary numbers, endless workshops etc...

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Unfortunately for you I do.

1. That's their money. My concern is about MY TAX money that the government is misusing.
2. Training, workshops and recruitment costs are necessary tools for effective management.
3. Capacity building enables NGOs to function efficiently and effectively, unlike the junket trips by bloated government officials with zero benefit (negative in fact). The hired aircraft is $5million less for development in Zimbabwe

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Chimboti mangwana ndinenge ndiri kuMarch against ZANU PF


Carsukuwere 1 month ago

Tirikukunzwai. But is there accountability in these NGOs. What proportion of funding goes to the vulnerable compared to salaries, per diems etc.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Thank you @Carsukuwere. Accountability starts with my tax. This flipping government cannot account for my tax. Auditor-General, Mildred Chiri presents mountains of violations of Taxpayers money every year, and this ZANU government doesn't bat an eyelid.

NGOs account for their funds to those who donate. If they couldn't account for that money, donors would certainly pull the plug on funding them. Because they continue getting donor funding, it means they are accounting for it and getting more.

If taxes were voluntary I for sure wouldn't give Mthili and Mnangagwa my tax.

Asalif 1 month ago

have you ever benefitted in a donor funded program if not you don't know nothing , even your English tells me that wakagarika you can't even see them on your door vetting you for assistance

Asalif 1 month ago

so which means USaid when it if funds WFP it has the agenda of regime change , when UKaid ,USaid, Swedish aid and many other embassies fund health delivery programs they have regime change agenda . That is not the case , it's humanitarian aid they have people at heart

Carsukuwere 1 month ago

Some clarification
1. USAID etc developmental programs are implemented through local partners and government departments. eg WFP, Care, World Vision etc
2. The problem is on individuals and NGOs who are into political activism. Ndoo irikunzi regime change agenda. Their major output are voluminous donor reports!

Machiavelli 1 month ago

ZANU has made Regime Change Agenda an inalienable principle in its fight against opposition parties and civic society. Let me say categorically that there's nothing wrong with regime change per se. Elections are held to try and effect regime change. And that is laudable because every elected person, party and body has to periodically assess its relevance.

Regime change effected via the ballot box is very much a democratic process. However, regime change, such as the one that brought in the current regime via a coup in 2017 is unacceptable. Regime entranchement via electoral rigging as happened in 2018 is equally unacceptable.

Civic society has a role in fighting totalitarian excesses by sitting governments. Robust debate an calling for accountability is right and proper for civic society organisations, (NGOs). Muzzling of NGOs is another way of emasculating dissenting voices which our sitting government has learnt to use with impunity.

In short Regime Change Agenda is NOT a dirty thing.

Carsukuwere 1 month ago

While you are at it can you advise the nation how your programs are being funded.That would help to clear any suspicions about your activities.

EmBee 1 month ago

Ngapinde hake

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

ZANU PF does not know who their enemy is now. They are running away from their shadows now. Today their enemy is so and so, tomorrow it is that and that. They should just admit that they have failed to run this great country.




Machiavelli 1 month ago

Chinos...... as was Enos Nkala, Edgar Tekere, and others who complained of lost direction...

Muhera 1 month ago

Even Chinos is now their enemy

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