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"Civil Servants Won't Consider A Zimbabwe Dollar Salary Offer"

Civil servants say they will not accept a Zimbabwe dollar salary increment and will only consider a US dollar offer from their employer.

Secretary-General of the Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU), David Dzatsunga, told Business Times that if they don’t get US dollars, they would be excluded from the economy. Dzatsunga said:

We gave the government representatives a position that workers are only accepting US$ salary.

They said we don’t have a mandate from the principles to speak to that and they asked for time to consult.

They should just put a mind to it that what can one do with ZWL$, where can you buy, you go to the black market to access US$ as everything now needs forex for example landlords need hard currency, fuel requires the same, passport and schools hence no need for the local currency offer.

If we don’t get US$ we are excluded from the economy.

We flatly rejected the 100% ZWL$ increment and anything to do with the ZWL$ as it will not mean anything especially when the authorities say the effective date will be July 1.

If we negotiate now, by the time that money gets into our account it will not mean anything.

Last week, civil servants rejected the government’s 100% Zimbabwe dollar salary increment.

The lowest civil servant earns about ZWL$18 000 plus an allowance of US$175.

Another National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) meeting is expected this week to break the deadlock.

Civil servants are demanding a pre-October 2018 salary level of US$540 a month.

The cost of living for a family of six is now over ZWL$133 000 per month, with the average civil servant earning less than that figure.

More: Business Times

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kkkkk 2 hours ago

machange money anongoonekwa nekusapota disorder of the country. 🤓 tikukuonai vana blue murikudya nekushata kwezvinhu munyika

ngorima mushava 2 hours ago

vanoda us$ ngavasiye vaende kuAmerica ,

kkkj 1 hour ago

change money zvichapera izvi with time. only 10 yrs left for total change

mthuli ncube prof 8 hours ago

*Minister Of Finance Sprint Out Of Parliament!!*


22 June 2023

By Murisi Baukwa and Susan Moyo

There was drama in parliament as Minister of Finance Prof Muthli Ncube escaped out of parliament at a speed which could easily won a medal at Olympics.

Reliable source say former Minister of Finance Hon Tendai Biti had questioned the logic of having government services paid in USdollar but paying civil Servants in local currency.

Prof Muthli Ncube tried to defend the government policy which angered opposition members of parliament .Hon Tendai Biti said " Mr Speaker with your permission I call upon hon. Members to get hold and search Prof Muthli Ncube.If they find any amount of bond note in his pocket I will give him three mombe dzinotsika naMai Dzvororo."

When some members of parliament moved towards the front bench which is occupied by Minister .Hon Ncube dashed out of parliament at very high speed leaving the house in stitches.

"Mazviona iye unoda kupa vana zvaasingadyi.This man is there to destroy ZanuPF.We are going to lose this election because of this man." a ZanuPF member of parliament shouted in the midst of the confusion.


cde chipopi 14 hours ago

Ipai vashandi ma husa bedzi kwete nonsense dzese dzirikutaurwa nana blue matsotsi ayo. The writing is on the wall that the so called zim dollar has failed , its now a public secret. Ivo mashefu anoshandisa husa wani even nzenza dzavo vanongodzipa husa futi wani.

ngorima mushava 2 hours ago

we don't print us$ , vanoda zve US should just resign and go to America

Chimboti Pizza 10 hours ago

Enda ketoilet

Thogo 16 hours ago

USD must go but we must join the Rand union simple

Bee 13 hours ago

What happened to our currency guys zim dollar was a good money but now eyy those looters, EDs and Guveyas eyyy, our militarily are you tired to coup these **** leaders, why letting them enjoying our sweat

Cable Guy 15 hours ago

Fix our currency simple

Mukanya 17 hours ago

Iwe Chimboti Pizza chimbomira iwewe, USD rakashatei iro richiita kuti maprice agare panzvimbo one

Zuze 3 hours ago

Chauraya nyika iZANU.
Chese chine ZANU mukati chakaora

Chimboti Pizza 17 hours ago

Vazhinji venyu makavenga zim dollar nekuti rakatanga neZANU and I get it, neniwo handitofarire ZANU. Asi pazim dollar we should put our political differences aside torisupporter tese nekuti kutaura chokwadi rikaflopper tese tinokuvara

muthuli 18 hours ago

ndauraya nyika yangayakanakka mmmm ndaremerwa

fine thanks and how are you 1 day ago

vabadharei nemagroceries handiti vari kuchema nzara.mukavapa Mari vanozotenga doro.

sinyo 1 day ago

cuvil servants should ge what they wantt

Hure 1 day ago

Civil servants are building castles in the air if they think they will ever be paid in US dollars😂

Manikiniki 15 hours ago

Shameless sadist.

Dr mkosho 1 day ago

iwe Blue nerimwe benzi rako iro rinonzi chimboti pizza... mune demon renhamo imi... every day tinokuonai macomments enyu apa handiti munoziva panouya varombo vasina mari yemabundles..... kana zviri kukufambirai munotsvagei pemahara paPindula.... munofa nenhamo vafana... svinurai kani vana musoro bhangu

Chimboti Pizza 1 day ago

Imi Va**** ndimi munotofanira kusvinura, one of the main reasons why tine chikereti chakakurisa senyika is dollarisation yakaitwa muna2009 coz pakakweretwa mabillions ipapo

Chimboti Pizza 1 day ago

Kana maUSD acho achigadzirwa kudzimba dzanababa venyu muchamawana, if not then torai zim dollar makanyarara. You are enemies of progress munoda kuudzwa kangani kuti dollarisation inouraya economy

Cable Guy 15 hours ago

I second that

neverdies 1 day ago

kana uchiti US$ inouraya economy, we should do away with the US$ from all angles.

Maravaza 1 day ago

The cursed RtgsBondDollars must fall guys, civil servants need 💰 a salary worth their sweat. Bring back the money with the sign of a dragon🐉

Jimmy mapross 1 day ago

Yakakupindai Illuminati

Bee 1 day ago


citizen 1 day ago

yes the civil service is right ,it is 3yrs now Minister Mthuli being told to deal with the black market and played ****. I want to believe either Mthuli is sabotageing or
I he is benefiting somehow. Surely he has the state apparatus to fix the economy .Amid all this ,our state intelligence is watching akimbo . Now citizens are fed up and can't trust you anymore .A real professional would do the obvious thing and resign . you have failed dismally even a blind person can see it .

Manikiniki 1 day ago

These old tired leaders should be removed from public office come elections. Busy looting US dollars but paying hard workers meaningless rtgs. We are tired of this virus called Zanu pf.

Chawabvunza 1 day ago

It would be madness to accept salary increments in rtgs because citizens access us$ at the blackmarket only and not the bank. Blackmarket rate is us$1 : 550rtgs which is too high. The solution is to negotiate salary in the United States Dollar. If Minister Mthuli Ncube does not want to accept that he should ship out and go back to Switzerland. It is not the citizens who rejected the rtgs currency, but the economy has rejected the rtgs currency.




**** 13 hours ago

Blue uri **** wanzwa

Dirigsme 1 day ago

U are mimicking your master's voice. Bad money chases good money that's a fact of economics. The Zambia Kwacha & it's tertiary coins the P is working. The Malawian kwacha,The Suid rand,the Pula in Bechuanaland,the Namibian dollar,Mozambican meticais you name them. The underlining statement of truth is that their currencies work coz theirs is governance of rule of law.The sanctity of private property. Looters and the corrupt are not spared. Listen to Lazarus Chakwera ordering the arrest of COVID looters. In Zimbabwe it's only Zanu who are allowed to steal,kill and kidnap and do not go to jail.

Blue 💙 1 day ago

You cannot separate the economy from the citizens. That's a frivolous attempt to indite ourselves as sinless Messiahs.
The citizens rejected the Zim dollar. We should not have dollarized in the first place. That was a grave mistake.

Two Boy 1 day ago

Gross incompetence. No plan on how to stabilize the currency. Recycle failed policies. Good at looting. Don't trust their currency

Chimboti Pizza 1 day ago

@Two Boy regedza hako kutruster zim dollar but hazviritadzise kushanda izvozvo😂

Cable Guy 1 day ago

Well said

Chawabvunza 1 day ago

It will never happen

Blue 💙 1 day ago

Indeed, it won't. We are not USA, we are Zimbabwe. Ngatiitei zve Zimbabwe.
Pasi ne the unpatriotic, pasi ne CCC MDC ne MRP. Pamberi nekubatana, pamberi ne Zanu PF

Two Boy 1 day ago

It is happening

Asalif 1 day ago

If government pay their workers a living wage the private sector will follow suit because our company owners are comparison to civil servants if you demand salary increase they will say how much the government is paying it's workers, what will you say if they say that

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