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Civil Servants Urged To Emulate Mutare Accident Hero, Sirizani Butau

Civil Servants Urged To Emulate Mutare Accident Hero, Sirizani Butau

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has praised Sirizani Butau, a truck driver from Kadoma who risked his life and was injured while rescuing people who were involved in a horrific road accident over the Christmas holiday.

Butau reportedly rescued over half a dozen people from a raging fire caused by a head-on collision between a bus and a fuel tanker about 20 kilometres from Mutare on Christmas eve.

In a statement, PSC Secretary Jonathan Wutawunashe urged civil servants to emulate Butau’s heroics and selflessness at their workstations. Said Wutawunashe:

Such was the selflessness of Mr Butau that in the process of saving eight people from the fire, he himself sustained significant injuries. Not many people would risk their own safety in that manner.

The Public Service Commission hails this selfless sacrifice for the good of others as a characteristic that should be emulated and replicated across the width and breadth of our country and in the Public Service in particular.

In the context of the culture change we are pursuing, our objective is to see this reflex be exhibited at all workstations as public servants deliver the services, results, impacts and outcomes which Vision 2030 promises for all the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Wutawunashe also expressed his condolences to families who lost their relatives in the accidents and wished a speedy recovery to the injured.

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Kkkkk 4 months ago


ūüėī 4¬†months ago

VaWutaunashe dai maivepo makaita zvakaitwa naVaButau here?
Totangira ipapo musati matanga kuhwanda nechigunwe nyaya yekuti makafanira kupawo washandi muhoro uri nani. Imi dai isiri pay nema benefits amuri kuwana pamuri ipapo mungadai muri kuimbira vashandi, "Gomera uripo" here?

DC 4 months ago

Government ndiyo ngaiite saButau to its civil servants

Maseko 4 months ago

Pamaipfekera nyaya yacho VaWutaunashe so ka.kkkkkk ndachema zvangu

MuGrade 2 4 months ago

kikiki nyaya dzachoadzipindirane zvachose

Tentin 4 months ago

Wutawunashe uyu is enjoying a hefty salary and packages. He is selfish.

Tentin 4 months ago

Wutawunashe uyu is enjoying a hefty salary and packages.


NeMuziq 4 months ago


Jutas 4 months ago


Gwinyai 4 months ago

Civil servants are doing their best

Matrix 4 months ago

The PSC is trying to confuse the issue. The country has patriotic Gvt workers. The attitude only comes from being looked down upon because of social and economic status caused by an insensitive employer who tells workers yo borrow money for busfare . KKK the issue of remuneration has become a circus.

Cobra King. 4 months ago

Don't try to hide. Give workers money. Appreciate civil servants who work for nothing through out their lives. Check shoes of many male teachers. They are failing to buy shoes shoes shoes. Give workers a meaningful wage. #Money to the civil servants # Rural teachers and nurses.

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