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Civil Servants Threaten Total Shutdown

Civil Servants Threaten Total Shutdown

Civil servants have threatened to go on strike this week after the government refused to give in to their salary demand of US$840 for the lowest-paid worker.

They also accuse the government of trying to divide its workers after it emerged that those in the health sector received ZWL$180 000 in July while teachers were expected to get ZWL$50 000.

A fortnight ago, labour unions gave the government a 14-day notice to withdraw their labour unless their demands for US dollar salaries were met. The notice expires on Thursday this week.

Zimbabwe Congress of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) president Cecilia Alexander said:

It’s coming as a consequence of the employer’s dialogue platform where they announce their offer before coming to the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC).

They pay or implement unarmed adjustments to the salaries making the unions and NJNC as a whole irrelevant to the processes and outcomes of the engagement.

The 100% offer that we have flatly rejected but which the employer is sticking to, will put us in a worse situation than the ZWL offer we were awarded in January in terms of value.

The $18 000 of January 2022 had more value than the $36 000 of July 2022.

Who on earth has ever accepted an offer which results in the negative in the name of improved condition of service?

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou added:

If the government does not come up with a US dollar component then we are simply going to declare incapacitation because people do not have the money to go to work.

There is also information filtering, l don’t know if it’s a divisive effort by the government, showing that there are others who have been paid $180 000 while teachers are earning below $50 000.

That in itself is an attempt by the government to divide workers but it will not divide workers. Workers will remain united.

Last week, civil servants announced that they were pulling out of the National Joint Negotiating Council after two years of “fruitless” meetings.

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CDE Musadaro 4 weeks ago

"Muchamufunga Mugabe"

Bonzo 4 weeks ago

that's backward thinking .Are there no other options to try? Is Zimbabwe so short of intelligence that they'd rather dig up a dead dictator than find among themselves a suitable leader ? Who is better suited for the Post

A: a tried and tested failure of an old man who has proven more than twice his ruthlessness when dealing with law abiding citizens who demand their rights to be respected .

B : a young Intelligent man with a promising future and a clean record whom we can vote out and put another in his place if he also proves to be incompetent.

Vote CCC for change (for better or worse kkkk)

factos 4 weeks ago

this is the end of zanu pf

UseYourVoice 4 weeks ago

Use your vote to protest. Vote for change. Vote for CCC. Vote for a better future.

Ndini Ndadaro 4 weeks ago

Z i b u n u zenu. Where do you except us to get the money when we are under sanctions

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Rega ndimupedzera excuse iwe .Terera iwe dusvura Ian Douglas Smith was under sunctions inzwa 1.Sunctions
2.War aiirwisiwa me Zanla and zipra .
3.Asiakavaka Harare yaurikuona nhasi Ito yamuri kutadza kuisa pendi yoga nekuvhara ma dishhole azara mutown . Always chinhu chekugombira chinonetsa .

Descent 3 weeks ago

@ Ndini ndadaro sanctions are not an excuse people were paid nicely from 2009 up to 2018 with sanctions just think like a normal person ungabothutsha uthelile lawe

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

Mthuli and Mangudya want change varikukonzeresa kuti vanhu vapinde mu street coz they cant resign, they joined the army 😂

MuSabatha(SDA) 4 weeks ago

...famba mushandi famba...
...foward ever, backward never.
...the struggle continues..

Rs 4 weeks ago

Enough with threats, it's time to act !!


Aratiji Yesi 4 weeks ago

BaBona vakati machandigaya kkkkkk

kisswell 4 weeks ago

Do it now why so late!?.

SC 4 weeks ago

$840 ummm

Viva Zanu PF 4 weeks ago

but guys let's be realistic it needs common sense that are industries are down, we are not manufacturing anything for exports due to the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwean Government. To be honest enough politics aside where do you think the US$ which you are craving for will come from? Instead you must be appreciative of the Government 's move that you are getting US$175 plus $30 000 plus Zim Dollar

Nimrod 4 weeks ago

Minister of Finance says zvinhu zvese zvakarongeka! surplus both zwl$ and us$. So mari uripo Mzaya.

Manikiniki 4 weeks ago

You need some mental examination the thieving Zanu bigwigs change cars like underwear where do they get the forex which u claim is not there because of so called sanctions.

zanundonga 4 weeks ago

ma sanctions adii ko mari yeku compansater former white farmers ichabvepi?

😀😀😀 4 weeks ago

it's clear n crystal health sector belongs to General

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

@Viva Zanu PF
Until when should we wait for sanctions to be removed?
We as citizens are saying, if you can't remove sanctions then step aside coz we need a government with no sanctions to survive.

Sanctions needs reforms and if you don't reform for them to be removed they remove you...

Allen Tom 4 weeks ago

So good l need every update

ppp 4 weeks ago

chinondifadza ndechekuti hakuna mutumbi usingawori

kkkkkkk 4 weeks ago

hamusati matanga. Muchatangira pekushaya

Zuze 4 weeks ago

Ini zvangu ndakamirira musi unoenda masoja pastrike. I pray and hope anoenda on strike on election day.

Mwari, Musikavanhu ndateterera

i 4 weeks ago

mari kundida

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