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Civil Servants, Teachers Ordered To Fund Buhera Heroes’ Day Celebrations

Civil Servants, Teachers Ordered To Fund Buhera Heroes’ Day Celebrations

Teachers and other civil servants in Buhera District have been ordered to contribute financially to the Heroes’ Day celebrations on 11 August.

Zimbabwe’s civil servants are some of the lowest-paid government workers in the SADC region and the contributions which they have been asked to make “without fail” will leave them in deeper poverty.

The funding follows a resolution made at a heads of Government departments meeting held on Tuesday last week.

The heads of Government Departments will pay US$5, middle supervisors or managers such as headmasters, and senior teachers will pay US$3 while teachers and other workers will pay US$1.

The letter written to government workers by Buhera District Schools’ Inspector (DSI) Mutomba reads in part: 

On behalf of the District Schools Inspector (DSI), I hereby make the following announcement and encourage all our members to participate, as resolved at a heads of government departments meeting held Tuesday in preparation for the annual heroes’ district commemoration.

Mutomba confirmed the arrangement to The Mirror saying all payments were expected by the end of last month. He said:

The letter is authentic. It was written after a resolution made by heads of Government departments. As is the norm, civil servants must contribute to the celebrations without fail.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) secretary-general Robson Chere said they have instructed their members not to pay. Said Chere:

Our members are incapacitated and we instructed them not to pay. The salaries that teachers are being paid are not even enough for basic needs.

Government must find alternative ways of fundraising for such national events. Asking money from workers who themselves are not able to meet their basic needs is abusing civil servants.

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Mhazi Chirumanzu 2 months ago

Mamuka sei mose mose. Heroes holiday iriko next week naizvo semakore ese tinotarisirwa kubisa Mari dzemacelebrations Acho. MaHeads of dept $5 and the of worker $1 pamunhu.

Ndizvo zvataitwawo

Soda Zhemu 2 months ago

**** paamai vako

🐦 2 months ago

I rather buy tomatoes with my money aaah

Ndimba Ndimba 2 months ago

This regime refuses to give teachers USD salaries but collects the Heroes contributions non USD from the same teachers.Where does the forex come from when you fail to give them salaries USD

Gonzo 2 months ago

Mbavha dziya madziona 2023 PaYellow ipapo zvipere

osama 2 months ago

Pamberi nokubatana,pasi nemhandu,semakore ose ngatibvisei mari dzataurwa tiratidze humwe hwedu,Asingadi imhandu or mudzakutsaku haafariri rusununguko tomuendesa kuxenophoebea and achasvotwa kusvika zvanaka

Osama 2 months ago


Wekunyanya 2 months ago

Une jend e kufa iwe Osama...Mai vakono .. musoro se jend e re mosquito

Wekunyanya 2 months ago

Mhazi Chirumanzu muk osh o wamai wako
Mudhi dhi uzere matu zvi


CCC champion 2 months ago

Tumai Mnangagwa auye atore kuno kwandri kwaChabata.Kana pasina izvozvo mari dololo

dispenser 2 months ago

too funny , what's there to celebrate. Idio ts when e country is mourning in intensive care like this

Osama 2 months ago

touya kuzotora toga usingade uchida

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

Mungabhadharise vanhu mari yekucelebrater mboko anaED, Mugabe nanaChiwenga😕

saikorojist 2 months ago

let every ZANU PF card holder do the contribution. simple!

Zuze 2 months ago

Havawane chinhu. That's why they are going for the people they can terrorise. Vazhinji veZANU kuverenga mbavha nana mudune. iZANU yepamuromo basi

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