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Civil Servants Request Urgent Meeting With Govt

Civil Servants Request Urgent Meeting With Govt

Civil servants have written to their employer requesting an urgent meeting for the two parties to find a way forward regarding their salaries that have been eroded by rising inflation.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) ZCPSTU secretary-general David Dzatsunga said they are now waiting for a response from the Government. Said Dzatsunga:

Things are going south. Nothing is working because of the inflation, the prices, the rate and all that we were given make no sense.

There is a US$75 and a US$100 salary and that was at least cushioning us. On average, a civil servant is getting ZW$28 000-ZW$30 000.

The way forward is we have written to the employer asking for a meeting with the National Joint Negotiation Committee (NJNC) and the letter was delivered on Wednesday.

We are now waiting for their response to our request for an urgent meeting.

Civil servants are demanding a pre-October 2018 salary of US$540 per month but the Government says it has no capacity to meet its workers’ demands.

Last year, the government workers, mainly teachers, nurses and doctors, declared incapacity but authorities responded by threatening to withhold their paltry salaries and firing them.

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chiremba 1 month ago

rtgs haisi mari team. It is only there to promote shady deals. they print it and buy husa pa musika mutema and in the process the civil servants will be suffering like ****.

mutadza 2 months ago

Dzatsunga and company should go

Gandanga 2 months ago

zvatangaa bvunza mahwindi pamushika shika

Passion Java 2 months ago

Kana uchida Lula Lula enda kumaTeacher haa uko havarambi and havasarudze Cheri anonhuwa or and **** vanongotora

Lula Lula Expert 2 months ago

Ma nurse nema Teacher vanorovesa wangu 👐 Never make a mistake of marrying someone from these two professions


Paul Matavire 2 months ago

Honor ladies,huyai amai ,Mugabe kuno mberi,makasununguka!
Basa riri pano,Mari haizivani kana wada ini uchatopura nyemba nemusana.....
Handizvo zvandainga pano ..Saka waingei?
Some TRS ended up having elicit affairs with cencus officers hey vakadhumhaniswa nekuda kupinda Cencus....L u l a -l u l a a a a

makanyanise 2 months ago


😫 2 months ago

tired of this ruring party

😫 2 months ago

tired of this ruring part

cccv 2 months ago


nc 2 months ago

piwhai mayuesi

Rt ECONOMIST 2 months ago

The best way to reduce inflation in Zimbabwe is to reduce the Salaries of Teachers.

Dr Hercules 2 months ago

@Rt ECONOMIST is smoking woonga kkkkk

Rt ECONOMIST 2 months ago

Soldiers 100% salary increase,

Hameno 2 months ago

What about soldiers

timbers 2 months ago

nxaaaa nekuti zvoda kuvhurwaka zvikoro

Tio 2 months ago

Yes thats were they have the leverage, so they better use it. Ngavato negotiater in us$ terms as no increase in rtgs will gelp them.kana vakanzi tokupai 50% increase prices of goods and services will increase by 70% kkkk

BOSS STIMBS 2 months ago

Vapei mugodhi tikorokoze, zveSalary izvo haa haina basa iyo,

aaa 2 months ago

iiii angova mugariro musoro weshuro kushaya nyanga kna makachema cy hapana zvinonzwikwa

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