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Civil Servants Quit National Joint Negotiating Council

Civil Servants Quit National Joint Negotiating Council

Civil servants have abandoned the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) with immediate effect, after two years of fruitless meetings.

The NJNC brought together the government and unions representing civil servants for negotiations on the latter’s salaries and conditions of service.

Civil servants have been demanding at least US$840 for the lowest paid worker but the government has turned down the request, citing financial constraints.

In a letter written to the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, the Federation of Zimbabwe Educators Union (FOZEU) said:

In this regard, honourable minister, workers through their representatives as they fall under the banner of APEX Council do hereby notify you of their withdrawal from the NJNC and the Health Service Bipartite Negotiating Forum (BNP) forum with immediate effect.

The same labour force would also want to bring to your attention that all the labour unions under the auspices of their federations are in unison with the observations and standing position that they will abide by the 14th day nationwide industrial action submitted to your office on the 4th of July 2022.

The civil servants lamented disagreements that characterised their meetings with the government over the past two years, with the meetings ending inconclusively.

They also bemoaned the government’s penchant for taking too long to implement some of the agreed conditions. Reads the letter:

The current negotiating forum does not uphold labour constitutional rights as enshrined in the national constitution section 65(1) which calls for collective bargaining.

Further to that, statutory you need to understand that statutory Instrument 141/97 under which we have been convening has since been superseded by section 65 of the current constitution and is therefore illegal.


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ZIMBA🇿🇼OG 1 month ago

government is quick to speak but slow to act .
Some sort of buying time

Chahototo 1 month ago

Asingadi basa ngaagare asiya hatichadi zvekunetswa.

Soko 1 month ago

Wanetswa pap ipapa zvisinei newe unodii kuregera kupindura

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

NEC and employers yesterday agreed on $194.80 for July and August paid at interbank rate at that pay date's rate 😀

The main cause for such low salaries being that in Engineering Industry negotiations are done involving those making gates under same bracket as big Companies like Kango etc 🤔
There should be
Heavy Engineering
Light Engineering
Further light Engineering meaning those who make sliding gates and they should negotiate on their own period...

Muntuza 1 month ago

It's always talks no resolve, all what gvt needs to do is to remove that currency of slavery in the name of RtgsBondDollars, and give the Superior Green back to heal our economy. When the economic base parameters improves they can start reverting to their Nehanda currency.

Chahototo 1 month ago

@Muntunza "When the economic base parameters improves they can start reverting to their Nehanda currency" High sounding nonsense disguised as fact. Suddenly every Jack and Jill on Pindula is now an economist.
2023 ED Pfeeeeee

Da Truth 1 month ago

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on with the zimshow circus .The economy is down asingawoni kudonha kwe murakwani wema bond ndiyani .Usatidherera iwe nincompup , numbskull, puppet,jackal u think tirikufara nezvirikuitika muno .All Pendulians are economists what makes one look for food is hunger .A full stomach man is not worried by time of food dishing.

The Citizens Forum 1 month ago

You are very selfish that's why you belong to ED Pfee. Think of your own children, family and neighbours at large before you waffle.

Wilo 1 month ago

We might not be economists by either experience or profession but old enough to detect when gibberish kind of economical tactics are at play. Don't insult people simply because they showcase different opinions from yours, unless if you yourself have a mental problem.


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

If your family is made of war vets you dont go around telling people on Pindula what to say about Rtgs$, the truth is it has failed its intended purpose and even the President knows that 😀

Kana wakapinda mupurazi ukavaka zvisiri pamutemo uchabva chero ukati ED pfee coz then they will be law...


I want to congratulate civil servants for abandoning National Joint Nagotiating Council [ NJNC ]. They gave the same reasons which I had always have. The NJNC had become a cheating ground for the Government.

Government was always shifting goalposts and using delaying tactics all t time. At times it promised to consult it's principals and come back in a given time frame. They never came back until after 4-6 months. Government was fooling civil servants.




Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

CSC 4 weeks ago



MASVINGO -The Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira shocked people gathered at a soil and water conservation launch day when he told civil servants that they should work with Zanu PF because it is the party that is paying them so that they can eat and go to the toilet.

Chadzamira was speaking at Bengo homestead in Masvingo rural Ward 11 on Friday last week at a function organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries’ department of mechanisation.

He left his audience shell-shocked.

He warned civil servants who are not allegiant to the ruling party that they would soon be fired. He was particularly irked by Agritex officers who he accused of not cooperating with the ruling party.

“Civil servants must know that they are working for a ZANU PF Government and it is the one that makes them able to visit the toilet,” said Chadzamira.

The gathering had civil servants from different Government Departments including the Police.

He promised civil servants that this time they will also be included on social welfare programmes as Government is aware that they are also hungry.

“No one should be left out in the Government food programmes even civil servants because they are also hungry” said

Mutoriro Movement 4 weeks ago

People must not be shocked by such utterances but know that people like Chadzamira are afraid of an avalanche CCC which is about to come. And it's high time normal Zimbabweans must abandon such foolish gatherings for they reap nothing out of them. Pasi ne hurumende yema militants, pasi nevaurai. Pasi na ED.

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