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Civil Servants, Govt Salary Talks Postponed

Civil Servants, Govt Salary Talks Postponed

A virtual meeting between representatives of the Government and civil servants failed to take place on Wednesday due to internet connectivity challenges, with the parties now expected to have a physical meeting at an unknown date.

The National Joint Negotiating Committee (NJNC) meeting was meant to lay the guiding framework of how public sector wages and living conditions will be made better throughout the year.

Civil servants are demanding United States dollar wages and are cautiously optimistic after the Government paid their 2021 bonuses in foreign currency and also pledged to pay their COVID-19 risk allowances in hard cash.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) secretary-general David Dzatsunga confirmed that yesterday’s meeting failed to take place. He said:

We could not proceed with the virtual meeting because of connectivity challenges. Another issue is that the meeting is very important such that physical meetings are necessary to put across our issue.

We asked to postpone it and if all goes well, we should have a physical meeting.

We are just basically looking at the United States dollar salary that is becoming more than an expectation, but it is becoming more of a right because we are looking at the economy and the economic dynamics and it is clearly pointing to the fact that RTGS salaries are no longer sustainable.

Even if you look back at the bonus decision that the government made unilaterally out of its own wisdom that giving us RTGS salaries was not the correct way, this should spur it to push this into salaries after that realisation.

When contacted by NewsDay, Public Service and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima said he was on leave and could not comment on the salary talks between the government and civil servants.

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Mafyt 5 months ago

I remember Hon Paul Mavhima saying He is ready to meet representatives of all the Civil servants with a new offer he did not want to disclose.
To my view, he could not disclose anything to the media to avoid causing confusion in the economy. He could not disclose his offers bcoz Gvt is yet to come with a way to deal with all RTGS balances hence the postponement of the resumption of the Auction Market.
The guys are still in consultation with each other to come up with a new strategy to deal with such balances the same way it happened pana Dr Gono payaaaaa Zero to Hero if you still remember

A new exchange rate higher than the current Interbank and almost closer to the Black market or average is going to come then used to divide all balances totanga patsva with all its complications

Peaceful 5 months ago

Why virtual meeting? Rallies are being held with hundreds of people. Two days ago we were at Portugal Farm in Beatrice takawanda uko.

The Terraces 5 months ago

Ukavinga munhu ane chikwereti newe asina mari yacho unonzwa maStories ose vakomana.KuAccounts ndoanonzi maBad Debts- havabhadhari. Tinoda kuona ivo vashandi veHurumende kuti vachadinio zvavatambwa.

Mafyt 5 months ago

Kkkk haa pakaipa veduwee. This is a Highlight yeRedollarization. Dr Nostro and Prof Vostro were the two who did not give any assurance to the negotiating parties to go ahead with their meeting. Brace for re-dollarization coming soon.

Yadi manganiea 5 months ago

Vagara vasingade kupa Mari vanyu. Vanofanirwa kumhanya manya.chihurumendeichi!!mukomanaarikuhuya!!!!!

Yadi manganiea 5 months ago

Vagara vasingade kupa Mari vanyu. Vanofanirwa kumhanya manya.chihurumendeichi!!mukomana arikuhuya!!!!!

Do that 5 months ago


Ayika my Big Bro Hon Minister by the way he is on leave.

Hooosh till April then July and
Dooom 2023🤓🤓🤓🤓🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤞🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
The Zim State I know 👦


MuGrade 2 5 months ago

Civil servants n Gvt might run down the year locked in unednding negotiations,as e gvt isn't prepared to pay in forex...

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