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Civil Servants Asked To Contribute US$3 Toward Heroes Day | Report

Civil Servants Asked To Contribute US$3 Toward Heroes Day | Report

ZANU PF has reportedly requested civil servants to contribute US$3 each towards the Heroes Day celebrations to be held in August.

Reports claim that nurses, teachers and other government workers working in rural areas are usually asked to contribute money toward national events presided over by ZANU PF officials.

A notice that was seen by NewsDay, which was sent to civil servants, soliciting cash read:

We are required to contribute towards Heroes’ celebrations to be held on August 8. Every civil servant contributes US$3… Due date is 1/8/22.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima denied any government involvement, saying this was a scam.

In a telephone interview with NewsDay on Thursday, Mavima said anyone who received such messages should report them to the police. He said:

There is nothing like that in government. Heroes’ celebrations were allocated a budget by Treasury and we will be using that.

However, some of the messages require civil servants to submit their contributions to their station heads.

The contributions will then be paid to the district or regional government departments.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou said the practice was widespread, especially in the rural areas but he urged teachers to seek protection from the police. Zhou said:

We have heard about these issues and as we have already said, this is not a forced thing, but voluntary and our members should never be forced to subscribe to Heroes Day celebrations. It’s happening nationwide; particularly in rural schools.

As an association, we encourage our members to make formal reports to us. If that happens, then both the headmasters and line ministries must seek protection from the police and protect teachers from these politicians.

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VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Zvimwe zvacho makuzonyanya nzungu idzodzo makuita Tek Tek nadzo futi zvimwe hazvisapoteke.

H.E Chiwenga 2 months ago

you cannot deny that your excerrent president of repubric of Zimbabwe ED Munangagwa is a rapist

yours excerrent Engrish teacha

??? 2 months ago

zvimwe zvacho munanyarawo

c 2 months ago

CCC real change

Yoweeeeee 2 months ago

Vanozviita. I remember in the 80's we had money deducted from us for what they called Zanu Pf building fund. Pa shake shake building pane zvidhina zvangu.

Ginious 2 months ago


zimmerman 2 months ago

the government has no capacity to pay civol servant's salaties in USD dollars so as the civil servants have no capac.ity to pay the heroes contributions in usd


cryptoworks 2 months ago

ngavapihwe naJava

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