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Civic Groups Want Errant Chinese Companies Penalised

Civic Groups Want Errant Chinese Companies Penalised

Local civic groups have urged the government to get tough on Chinese mining companies which allegedly continue to violate labour laws, including assaulting their employees.

A joint statement issued by the Solidarity Centre, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Domestic Workers’ Association of Zimbabwe, African End Sexual Harassment Initiative, Zimbabwe Domestic and Allied Workers’ Union reads in part:

While Chinese investors have opened up avenues for employment creation, they also brought an increase in labour violations, including physical assault of black labour by Chinese nationals.

Government must obtain binding commitments from Chinese investors to respect human rights, including labour rights, as a condition of any investment agreement and exercise such rights under these agreements to ensure full compliance.

However, in response, the Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe, Guo Shaochun said the majority of Chinese employers enjoy good working relations with their Zimbabwean workers. He said:

Most Chinese employers keep good relationships with local workers.

The embassy’s position is clear that all Chinese companies are encouraged to do more for local people and must comply with the laws, regulations, culture and customs of the host country.

Wrongdoers must be held accountable.

China has become one of Africa’s biggest sources of investment, but Chinese nationals have been accused of violating workers’ rights not only in Zimbabwe but across the continent.

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pm 1 month ago

zvopera nekuvhota izvi

St Michael 1 month ago

Until your government respect ,Chinese will always flout our rights.

Solliy b Official 1 month ago

Endai moregister kuVhota.. china iri kutibira takasvinura. Our leaders varikutodyawo navo havanei nekutambura kwenyu

AL SHABAB 1 month ago

Vote ✅ for CCC

Kinzhal missle 1 month ago

Ini ndiri weZanu PF but maChina handimadi...I think we need to trade carefully with these people.

Gwedu 1 month ago

The most useless people bin this country are the Chinese. Nonsense people, I dnt even want to see them on Zimbabwean soil. If you busy a Chinese cable it las for 5 days, shows 2 weeks, clothes 2 months, ....what kind of people are those ? let's them go back and leave like pigs whet they coame from !

Apolitically 🤔 1 month ago

nah you be Nigerian yooo, abi english nah part of you oga.
nah yo english running away from you

pee 1 month ago

chirungu kkkkk


Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Now I understand why vapfana wemutoriro kana achitsomwa vakamubvunza anokuudza kutii ndirikutiza muChina kkkkkkkk

XXX 1 month ago

Chinese should go before the finish our resources period.

Dhara Racho 1 month ago

They have taken advantage of our lack of unity. We cannot defend our own when attacked by these people. Vakomanaka kurohwa nemuChina kunge iwe wakatsva maoko? Wake up Zimbos

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