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Church Robbers Arrested In Bulawayo

Church Robbers Arrested In Bulawayo

Police in Bulawayo have arrested two suspects who allegedly broke into a church and stole various electrical gadgets and other property o 21 December 2022.

In an announcement seen by Pindula News, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said all the stolen property was recovered. Reads the announcement:

Police in Bulawayo acted on a tip-off and arrested Collet Nyathi (50) and Moses Ncube (58) in connection with a case of unlawful entry into premises and theft in which they allegedly broke into a church in Nkulumane, and stole a Defy deep freezer refrigerator, a blanket, mattress and eight decor curtains on 21/12/22. Police recovered all the stolen property.

Meanwhile, some commentators have said the police should use their “energy” and resources to catch “big fish.” One of the comments on social media read:

We are losing US$100m to gold smuggling every month – Could you please redirect a fraction (not all) of your resources from catching fridge thieves to gold smuggling?

Others suggested the cases of theft are increasing due to the state of the economy in the southern African country. One commentator said:

50 year olds breaking in and stealing blankets…this should tell u about the state in which the country is in else there is a story behind the story,pane vanhu vari kurwira zvinhu izvi vachitorerana by force.

Others said the age of the suspects suggests that they are “habitual criminals”

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The Bush Doctor 👨‍🔬 1 month ago

50 year olds stealing blankets lol...Yeah wat are they supposed to steal chacho chiripo

1 month ago

kuno kuEpweth ndakabika sadza nehuni manheru pakasara tuhuni tuchigusvani ndakamuka makuseni pasisina twabiwa

The Bush Pastor 1 month ago

Asi kuzoba mumba yamwari zvivindi zvinemalevels

@the bush pastor 1 month ago

People have to earn a living whether muchurch or bhawa doesn't matter. As a church you must fortify your spiritual walls such tht no one steals from u

1 month ago

Hunger and extreme poverty. Some had tried it and it worked that is are yet to be arrested.

wasu 1 month ago

yawora nyika

hezvo 1 month ago

zhet retwumadhara utwu ranga rakatodhakwa. kuba mumba mamwari and even maneighbours achiona vachisvika nefridge akatoziva kuti yabhozhongorwa. zvaive pachena kuti vanobatwa

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Kkk haàa 50 yearz dhara rakadero kuba here amana


Tupac 1 month ago

The thieves could be the Church Elders

Tkt 1 month ago

how are they called robbers Ivo vakaba pasina kushandiswa zvombo?

zanu ipai vanhu mabasa 1 month ago

pliz zvanyanya

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Our economy
Causes of it's decline
-witchcraft kuroyana haàa shuwa hautenge zvinobatika
-corruption humbavha
-last but not least sanctions

Tateguru 1 month ago

Crime is crime no matter how feeble. The courts will weigh up cases.

sure 3 weeks ago

sure kushaya mabsa kunokonzer kut vanhu vabe coz munhu aneng atopererw kut odyeyi ndopakufung kunoba otengesa chinhu ne sick money

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