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Chunga: My Desire Is To See Chapungu In The Premiership

Chunga: My Desire Is To See Chapungu In The Premiership

Chapungu United coach Moses “Bambo” Chunga says he is determined to take the club back into the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

Chapungu is currently 13 points behind leaders Shesham FC in the ZIFA Central Region Division One Soccer League championship. Said Chunga:

I have put my heart and soul into this project, my desire is to see Chapungu in the Premiership.

However, there must be a willingness from all parties involved (the technical team and the executive members).

The challenge, which we are having is that when you are making a change, you tend to offend some people, change is very difficult to accept.

We have an ageing team, which needs to be strengthened, and everyone who is involved in this project should come to terms with that.

I’m confident that we can turn things around in the second round if we can manage to beef up our squad.

Chapungu will kick-start the second part of the season by hosting Loss Control FC next week on Saturday at Ascot Stadium in Gweru.

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Jinn 3 months ago

That Mthwakazi is paid to confuse Citizen,lets no take him serious.

Anonymous 3 months ago

if he/she is being paid ngaaendeka ku twitter kune vane mari ye bundle arikutsvagey pano pane vanoita zvemahara, handiti kuva pano kushaya, ndanyepa here gentlemen... Mthwakazi uyo murombo haana chinhu akangofanana nesu tikutambura gentlemen..tiri team yema itel ..ngaangosiyana nazvo chete and enjoy free internet

Thando 3 months ago


Youth 3 months ago

This has nothing to do with mtwakazi .these are paid people doing their job of promoting hate speech and we all know who is paying them. So don't mind them ingnore them

Anonymous 3 months ago

Tribalism must fall

Melusi Ncube 3 months ago

That's tribalism Mr Mthwakazi if you have an agenda please express it in a loyal way no one will buy your idea if you are being tribalistic.


Hausi 3 months ago

Team yenyu haisi yeZanu Pf here mubirire mupinde league

Chamukwenzvera 3 months ago

Ndeye Josiah Tungamirai Airbase muGweru

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