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Chiyangwa Must Stop The Habit Of Deliberately Spreading HIV To Young Girls - Mliswa

Chiyangwa Must Stop The Habit Of Deliberately Spreading HIV To Young Girls - Mliswa

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, has accused ZANU PF Member of Parliament (MP) for Zvimba South, Philip Chiyangwa, of being in a habit of deliberately spreading the Human Immune Virus (HIV) to young girls.

An audio clip of Mliswa criticising the ex-ZIFA president recently made on social media with the former threatening to deal with him.

Mliswa posted on social media saying his only intention was to tell Chiyangwa to stop his habit. Pindula News presents Mliswa’s post:

I have been busy at the farm & returned to the news of a leaked voice note. It should be understood that the audio was between myself & Chiyangwa. It was never meant for the public & it’s being leaked is clearly aimed at tarnishing me after the interview I had with Lance Guma.

About what I said relating to HIV, the point remains that I said it to Chiyangwa telling him to stop the habit of deliberately spreading it to young girls. It was never meant to stigmatise those who are positive. I have nothing against positive people.

My mother was a nurse for many years & conscientised us about the virus. Today I actually have a foundation that assists positive people & I have relatives who have died of it. I understand that there is nothing to shame people about it.

He accused Chiyangwa of leaking the audio as a strategy to have him criticised by members of the public. 

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Prominence 3 months ago

Though zvinowanika. Hopefully you're going to change kutsamwa chete.

S 3 months ago

Temba hapana chekutya apa. Vaudze chokwadi. Isu vamwe tanga tisinga zive. Kuti blazo vane Aids. Plus kuzo zadza vana vadiki. Shame. It could be your child. God help us.

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

Themba you are brave leader,keep it up son.The truth must be told once and for all.

Chikandamina 3 months ago

Themba usadaro kutuka kusinakunaka norton 2023 🏃☝️☝️

mngane36 3 months ago

On your marks, get set ,ready ,go.Baba Mliswa liloqalo i think you'll get a beating for this.It wont end wello.

Francis Mhike Mutema 3 months ago

Dei tirisu vanongova neNumber dzeChitupa chete tatova pama1 kunzi heee vahukura kuna legislator what what


The Terraces 3 months ago

Mashaiwa chokuita here imi.

Busymark 3 months ago

Poor students anofarira madhara😅😅😅😅...

Tkt 3 months ago

Ayaaaa mukwasha wapindwa neiko nhai we kkkk

Chura🐸 3 months ago

Mumwe haa pedze Gore apaa kkkk I wish team iri won't meet again... Cos patangidza maone

Kimmy 3 months ago

Baba vetwin 1 vatanga

Yvt 3 months ago


kim luta 3 months ago

vaudze themba ndokuziva hangu..tiriko kuma terres

Ghetto yut 3 months ago

Shots fired I repeat shots fired

Tk 3 months ago

Yu have the right to....l kkkkk

Kkkkk 3 months ago

Medic, medic, where is the medic 🚑🚑

Gabadela 3 months ago

Officer down 🙃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Bright 3 months ago

Themba na fidza muri vanhu vakuru imimi itai mushe apa

Prominence Makeredza 3 months ago

This is shameful,. So you pretend to be honest when talking to young people yet you're are the leading perpetrators. What will you want the generation to be. You must be the ones whom we could tell, what's this? Now we depend on whom, now you are useless, all those organizations which you formulate, what's now the purpose of them. We then now afraid even to talk,,,,,,,. Shame don't do this, though I'm no longer trusting you then.

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