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Chiyangwa Authorised To Evict Over 59 Families From Old Citrus Farm

Chiyangwa Authorised To Evict Over 59 Families From Old Citrus Farm

The High Court has authorised businessman and politician Philip Chiyangwa to evict more than 59 illegal occupiers of his Old Citrus Farm outside Chinhoyi.

The invaders had approached the High Court seeking to stop their eviction from the farm that was gazetted in accordance with the law and allocated to Chiyangwa at the height of land reform. 

Their invasion of the farm was in violation of In terms of Section 3 of the Gazetted Lands and Consequential Provisions Act which prohibits continued occupation of gazetted land 90 days after the gazetted date.

They have been resisting eviction from the farm claiming they were in peaceful and undisturbed possession of the pieces of land they occupied, according to The Herald. 

They accused Chiyangwa of using a court order to evict them when they were not allegedly cited in the order.

After failing to evict them, Chiyangwa had them arrested for contravening the law ensuring that those possessing gazetted land had to leave. 

After listening to arguments from both parties, Justice Muzofa ruled that the invaders’ right to occupy the land could only be proved by showing that they were in possession of an offer letter, permit or land settlement lease. 

They possessed none of these.

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This Old Citrus Farm was a thriving orange and natjies farm. The farm is located about 2-3 kilometres from Chinhoi along Chinhoi-Karoi road

It would look like Philip Chiyangwa is not conducting any business there because there used be a kiosk which used to sell oranges and natjies at the roadside. The small building is still there, but nothing is being sold there now.

I concur with the High Court judgement. This is prime land which should be put to good use. The farm occupiers must leave the farm so that the thriving business starts again.

[ Advocate Chamisa Chete Chete ].

Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Vanhu musangomera pese pese 4 months ago

Farms are not residential stands

Zuze 4 months ago

Aika, kusaziva kufa. The real reason why Pfidza us fighting for this farm is because Pinnacle Holdings wants to convert it into housing stands you imbecile

Zanu Provincial member 4 months ago

kana musina ma paper ibvai , Thank you for the time that you have been supporting us as part we where ever you go you will continue to vote for us

Zuze 4 months ago

Asi Fidza akadzokera muTopo Six yeChinhoyi here?

zeteuzete eee 4 months ago

mutopo six hapana kudzokera kungoti chete ndozvazvinoita kana uchitonga saka CCC haitonge musazvinyepera unofunga Kuti zvoita here nhai zeteuuuzeteee Kuti Motonga vanhu be ZANU PF imomo ne**** yenyu iyoyo ma triple see

zeteuuuzeteee eyi 4 months ago

Topo 6 kudii yaunoziva utongori size nyamande werudhaka iwewe hauna kana Shiri Dangi kindangi

Zuze 4 months ago

ZANU yashaya zano


bhuru 4 months ago

ndozvazviri towards elections

Tkt says 4 months ago

@BushLawyer.... Inasmuch as I agree with you, however I think the High Court must change the way it gives out its rullings
1 they must ask the Appellant to provide his basis of the claims
2 they must establish the grounds at which the defendants are clinging on
3 as a High Court, they must find out if the Law actually permits Mr Chiyangwa to occupy as many farms as possible even if he is to do so under various names such as Pinnacle Holdings, if it does, then the law makers must revise that

I mean Fidza has a lot of farms and under the Indegenisation Act, he is only allowed to have one thus, there are loopholes for him to lose this farm also

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