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Chiwenga Urges Youths To Emulate Josiah Tongogara

Chiwenga Urges Youths To Emulate Josiah Tongogara

Acting President Constantino Chiwenga on Monday implored Zimbabwean youths to emulate the late national hero and Zimbabwe National Liberation Army (ZANLA) commander Josiah Magama Tongogara who committed his life to fight for the country’s liberation from settler minority rule.

Addressing relatives, friends, colleagues and senior Government officials who had converged at the National Heroes Acre to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Tongogara’s death, Chiwenga urged the youth to desist from drug and alcohol abuse and dedicate themselves to rebuilding the country. Said Chiwenga:

The youths of today must know that what they are is what we were and what we are is what they shall be. This country was liberated by the youths.

Imagine when General Tongo died, he was 41 so he was in his prime of youth and he commanded the liberation of this country.

When he took command of ZANLA he was still in his youthful days so the youths of today must emulate what the predecessors did.

To be principled, to love one’s country, and to defend it at all cost, leave all things which are not going to help in the reconstruction of our country.

Today we are battling trying to stop youths from drug abuse and alcohol. All these things must be stopped.

We want the youths to build Zimbabwe. That is all we want.

Tongogara was born on 4 February 1938 in Shurugwi and died on Boxing Day in 1979 in a vehicle accident in Mozambique, soon after the signing of the Lancaster House Agreement. | The Herald

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1 month ago

The same youths are fighting and battling with the same oppressive regime of today just like they did back then. Indeed they shall be like them because the time is ripe to take leadership roles and govern this state with righteousness and justice. Free Zimbabwe, free the suffering masses.

Wekunyanya 1 month ago

Dai arimupenyu nhas dai akatofa..I feel sry for going to war only to be killed by yo so called brothers..Zanu pf is evil to the pen is

Dofo 1 month ago

Tsve kutaura ne zve delimitation exercise uchiendeswa kunyaradzo apaukunzi ndiwe president kkk kuitiswa dai wakatuma ophar wodealer ne real issues dzemunyika,,guess ED akaona kuti u are more interested in the title President not the associated responsibilities ,,,,Jenarari u are nothing but a scape goat wat u no is war,,,by the way u are the President, vice president,minister of health to mention but a few

Rasta stress 1 month ago

The youths of today must know that what they are is what we were and what we are is what they shall be." I love this quote. As you dictate us so shall we do the same to our future generations . 🤔bhora mberi

Tindo 1 month ago

So that they will be killed again in a road accident?

commander 1 month ago

imbozama kuda ku leader struggle uri youth uone zvinoitika kwauri ask Dzamara ,Makomborero to mention but a few

why should we emulate him 1 month ago

iye ainzi airhepa vakadzi iyeye🤷


Sabhuku 1 month ago

what's there to emulate ipapo, dzinenge dzisati dzaporawo idzi

1 month ago

Yaa Tongo the rapist

Maparamuro 1 month ago

You are arresting and persecuting them if they show any ambition in your position. You have reserved the presidium for the old guard that should be enjoying their pensions, the same applies to senior party positions in the central committee and politburo, you don't accept any challenges there. Makadzinga vana Kasukuvere muchivati ma G40 wani.
Endai munozorora musiire nyika kune vechidiki vanokwanisa kuona nekuronga zviri kumberi.

patriot 1 month ago

politics is a game of cowards

1 month ago

Army taitoidawo to carry pakasiiwa nana baba vedu asi Zanu yakazviramba hanzi tozotora mabasa avo. Now tawana mabasa ekuita makutikurudzira zvoita here

Historical 1 month ago

Zanupf did not liberate this country, they only won an election in 1980 after Smith surrendered to Britain in Britain's economic war against Rhodesia.

1 month ago

Tongogara grew up at a farm owned by the parents of Ian Smith.He was trained in Russia, Egypt, Bulgaria and Tanzania but never entered the front to fight Rhodesians. He was the prime suspect in the death of Chitepo. He killed some zanla fighters who had requested better weapons. He was not loyal to Mugabe. He hugged Ian Smith during the Lancaster talks. He sided with Nkomo and sidelined Mugabe at Lancaster.Beware of infiltrators who are now marketed as heroes.

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