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Chitungwiza Demolishes Illegal Structures

Chitungwiza Demolishes Illegal Structures

Chitungwiza Municipality has commenced the demolition of illegal structures to restore order in the town.

The exercise began at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in St Mary’s and Zengeza 5 on Wednesday. Chitungwiza town clerk Evangelista Machona said:

We are just targeting those with fake council papers. They might claim to have papers, but their papers are fraudulent. You find that there will be no record in the office.

We gave them enough notice, and issued prohibition and enforcement. We served through the Press, some in person and others just evaded.

We used to confiscate their tools. They know that and they have remained adamant.

Acting mayor Kiven Mutimbanyoka said the operation will be conducted for 30 days and will deal decisively with land barons.

He urged residents to follow proper procedures when purchasing stands and also during construction.

However, Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural Residents Association secretary Brighton Mazhindu said some of the victims had the “necessary paperwork”. He said:

We are investigating why the council went on to demolish these structures because they all have paperwork. It will cost the ratepayer if the affected owners approach the courts.

Chitungwiza Residents Trust director Alice Kuveya queried why the local authority allowed residents to build the structures in the first place, adding “we have engaged our lawyers and they will take action.”

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Muntuza 3 weeks ago

There's confusion in the local gvt when central govt meddles with its affairs. I think they should be a rule that councillours should select the minister of local govt or else the party that has the majority councillors should come up with the minister of local govt to avoid this attrition and counterproductive behaviour of the minister concerned

Ginious 3 weeks ago

Team iri kutiphazira zvinhu ndiyo here yaChamisa kana kut Zanu.tikuda kuti tiziye wekuzovhotera pamberi apa

boy 3 weeks ago


Laylow 3 weeks ago

Pazai pazai, imba idzi muchipwanya kunge mazai mwari vanoona havazi hwai


This problem of people who possess fictitious papers is spread throughout the country. Why do these councils not report these people who issue these false documents to Police ?

Secondly, why do councils allow these people to build structures instead of stopping them in early stages of construction.

Chitungwiza Town Council is not wrong by destroying the illegal structures. Councils are the only authorities allowed to to allocate stands to citizens.

Citizens blame councils for not taking action in time. They should not wait for people to finish building structures and destroy.


Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

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