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Chirau Out: ZANU PF Youth League Elects New Leadership

Chirau Out: ZANU PF Youth League Elects New Leadership

A new ZANU PF National Youth League Executive was elected into office at the 7th National Youth Conference yesterday.

The new executive will be presented to the ruling party’s First Secretary, President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the conference comes to its final stages.

ZANU PF National Political Commissar, Mike Bimha announced the results last night. 

The List of Winners:

  • i). John Paradza (Masvingo Provincial Youth chairman) – Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs. Takes over from Tendai Chirau, who has been at the helm in an acting capacity. 
  • ii). Tendai Chiwetu – Secretary for Administration
  • iii). Danmore Mambondiani -deputy  Secretary for Administration 
  • iv). Tsungai Makumbe (Mashonaland Central) – Political Commissar,
  • v). Taurai Kandishaya – Deputy Political Commissar,
  • vi). Garikai Zonde – Secretary for Finance post, 
  • vii). Valeria Makonza – Secretary for External Affairs,
  • viii). Innocent Dube – Transport and Social Welfare ,
  • ix). Phillippa Mukono – Information and Publicity,
  • x). Margaret Nyerere – Secretary for Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment,
  • xi). Munashe Mututsa – Secretary for Information, Communication and Technology,
  • xii). Admire Ndlovu – Secretary for Economic Affairs,
  • xiii). Luckmore Gapa – Secretary for Health and Child Care,
  • xiv). Nalede Maunganidze – Secretary for Gender,
  • xv). Nomatter Topotsa – Secretary for Lands portfolio,
  • xvi). Future Mhlanga – Secretary for Disabled,
  • xvii). Batsirai Matiza – Secretary for Environment,
  • xviii). Tubelihle Ncube – Secretary for Security, 
  • xix). Munashe Mabika – Secretary for Business Liaison.

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Anonymous 1 week ago

Zanu pf has been penetrated, youth league yavo yazara ma Ccc arkuda kutodya zvawo.. nyaya yekut we need 35 years and below ne tertiary education

do fgghjj 1 week ago

chirau is safe bcoz president is yet to appoint the secretary

aaaa 1 week ago


patriot 1 week ago

muckraker be careful we are following

Bright 1 week ago

Ari pa pic uyo ndiye Mike Bimha wacho her uyo

chibwido 1 week ago

ndiye Chirau, ndinomuziva nekuti anofarira kupfeka yellow

BB 1 week ago



youth 1 week ago

haaaa Zimbabwe yakaoma weduwe

Muckraker 1 week ago

Congratulations. Welcome to the club of corruption. You will enjoy the limitless benefits of one of the most corrupt regime in Afrika. And that dovetails with your CVs: varakashi,money changers,gold planners,fuel dealers,on bail out for several cases, children all over the place,land barons,ferret gangs,and everything associated with any evil u can imagine. Not forgetting a degree from Joseph Goebbels.

Parasite 1 week ago

Actually the elections were rigged. l won't recognize those election , so lam nullifying these election . Takutoita bhora musango

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Where are those Chefs children ? They all fell by the wayside. They will wait for another day. They were reduced to their rightful sizes.


Machiavelli 1 week ago

Remember the plum is yet to be filled Secretary for Youth is the patronage prerogative of ED.

Can't wait for His Masters Voice

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