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Chin'ono Says Jonathan Moyo Has Become Irrelevant And Should Be Ignored

Chin'ono Says Jonathan Moyo Has Become Irrelevant And Should Be Ignored

Renowned journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chin’ono has launched a blistering attack on self-exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member Jonathan Moyo, saying the former Information Minister has become irrelevant to political discourse in Zimbabwe.

Posting on Twitter, Chin’ono said Moyo had attacked him unprovoked daily and was also using proxies to attack him with manufactured lies.

He accused Moyo of clamping down on journalists when he was Information Minister and also defending the repressive media law, the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA). Said Chin’ono:

1. Jonathan Moyo can now fulminate all he likes, he simply ceased making practical political sense a long time ago, he is yesterday’s man.

All his rants are now just self-serving platitudes, rooted in political opportunism and personal attacks.

He is a deliberate distraction!

2. Jonathan Moyo and his sidekicks have been attacking us and myself specifically for no reason.

Attacking Fadzayi Mahere and Nelson Chamisa with lies just to smear, with the help of a female lawyer in the background.

He survives on attention, I will now IGNORE him and FOCUS!

3. Jonathan Moyo did a lot of damage to people’s lives.

Journalists and media folks died after being ruthlessly kicked out of work for no reason except that they refused to be unprofessional

Jonathan is the last person to give us lectures on morality and human decency!

Last year Moyo reportedly offered to fund the training of the then Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance ahead of the 2023 elections before he fell out with the opposition party, now CCC.

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Duke of Celestial 4 months ago

Don't you mean to say that he needs medical attention because his running out of his mind

Sorojena 4 months ago

Jonso is looking for a job, but the problem with him is that he doesn't accept rejection. He reacts to rejection with emotions

RG 4 months ago

i do concur,he is actually an educated*fool*

Maparamuro 4 months ago

Hope is putting time and effort into writing about Jonso because deep down he knows Jonso is raising important issues. If he was irrelevant he would not waste time wring abs

07777 4 months ago

You are 100% correct bro

Hondoyedzomba 4 months ago

some issues need to be addressed

@ Maparamuro 4 months ago

Do you still believe that a well coordinated political organization such as the CCC can operate without a structure and constitution? Never!

pm 4 months ago

tambai mose mujairane

Kule Kule 4 months ago

Isvo sve rusoro rwunenge zai rezizi ngasvi dzoke kumusha svi vhote

Zid 4 months ago

All are journalists so another. has Lost relevance coz Coz he I working on roumous


cde Chipopi 4 months ago

Jonathan Moyo musoro unenge budzi. Uchafira ku Kenya ikoko kana ukasa kumbira Mnangagwa ruregerero.


I now do not seriously take Muzvinafundo wePolitics, Jonathan Moyo. He speaks venomously against CCC Political Party on behalf of his handlers, ZANU PF.

He now speeks badly about CCC political party leader, Nelson Chamisa for no apparent reason. Advocate Nelson Chamisa's crime was to refuse his offer of training some polling agents for his former constituency, Tsholotsho.

It is true that Professor Moyo is no longer relevant to today's politics. He should find a lecturing position at one of Kenya universities.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI


Jonso is a coward why make noise from the safety of Kenya. He is singing for his supper he is a political spent force nobody worries about him he is finished.

Mafirakureva Jeremiah 4 months ago

Kindly allow me to digress from the narrative common to this context.
I'm of the opinion the Prof has a canny propensity to think outside the box , by so being I also lend him my ear every now and then.
I admit he's no angel 😇
but he can be progressive and a bit analytical.
His sarcasm is witty and a fresh breeze to my predictable day.
I look forward to the intellectual gibberish he may spew, once in a while.
I rest my case.

Sorojena 4 months ago

Whoever said that Jonso is a devil incarnate was right. Jonso has never been a politician but a politricks consultant of the Ari Ben Munashe calibre. Once an arch-critic of Zanu pf, was hired by Mugabe after noticing his shrewdness. Jonso quickly accepted the offer not because he loved Zanu but to destroy it from inside... That was his mission number one. Fortunately enough, CCC did not fall for Jonso 's assistance.

MaNinja 4 months ago

ndivo vekuuraya zbc ivava musoro bhangu nxaaa

chief Nemauyu 4 months ago

jonso is thinking outside the box, outside his native land, outside politics and outside his brain just like mafia kureva

Fatha Lee 4 months ago

True this man should be ignored coz he is nothing but a political prostitute

mushurugwi 4 months ago

jonso musoro unenge mupinyi wembezo kwana...

CCC 4 months ago

Achafira musango semwana wehanga anongoti ZiMha..zha

@jonso 4 months ago

ndivo vekuuraya zbc ivava

Sir African 4 months ago

People give this vile rat Jonathan too much attention that is why he latches at anything if he you give him a chance.

young boy 4 months ago

he is currently in Namibia

mutare citizen 4 months ago

moyo is a devil

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