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Chinhoyi Municipality Hikes Vehicle Parking Managing Fees

Chinhoyi Municipality Hikes Vehicle Parking Managing Fees

Chinhoyi Municipality has increased vehicle parking management fees attracting the fury of motorists who describe the hike as exorbitant.

According to the new fees schedule, the increases were affected on January 1, 2022, in conformity with the council’s budget appropriations for this year tabled for adoption during recent consultative meetings. 

Motorists using light vehicles now pay ZW$225 per hour to park in the central business district (CBD) while reserved parking now costs $564 per day.

Parking outside the bay, undefined place or traffic lane and obstructing other traffic now attracts a $2 300 penalty.

Overnight parking in undesignated areas by heavy and light vehicles will attract $17 175 and 4 509, respectively.

Clamped vehicles impounded will see heavy vehicles in excess of 300 kilogrammes paying $9 581 while light cars attract $8 815 and kombis $6 707 per day.

Parking a kombi at closed ranks outside working hours attracts $11 836 while obstructing or kidnapping a traffic officer calls for a $59 178 penalty.

Motorists who spoke to said the new charges were too high and urged the local authority to consider reducing them since ordinary motorists will have their cars impounded and fail to reclaim them. 

Chinhoyi mayor, Garikai Dendera said residents and motorists were afforded the opportunity to give their input, whether to increase or lower them, during the 2022 budget consultations.

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MaFyt 8 months ago

I see nothing wrong especially on the offenders ofcourse the parking fees for the law abiding are quite high need to be restructured downwards

Uhuru 8 months ago

Une mota here iwewe

Jimaz 8 months ago

Why the outcry that $225 is now equivalent to 1USD and these hikes are in tandem with the falling RTGS rate to the dollar otherwise there is no change at all

Uhuru 8 months ago

They should use thier interbank rate not blackmarket

Makelanwi 8 months ago

MaZero figures a muEconomy yedu,ummm

😊 8 months ago

Zvinorevei kuisa cheyellow icho kumbva chabata vhiri kuti risafambe ende futi🤭

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