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Chinese Miner Removes Equipment Following Public Outrage

Chinese Miner Removes Equipment Following Public Outrage

A Chinese mining company, Freestone Mines has removed its mining equipment from the deforested Dangamvura Mountain in Mutare where it wants to set up a quarry stone mine.

The company was forced to withdraw the equipment from the site as enraged residents demanded that the miner stop its operations as the venture was near a residential area and water distribution pipes.

Mutare City leased its 6.5-hectare stand situated on Dangamvura Mountain to Freestone Mines.

According to a 10-year lease agreement seen by, Freestone Mines would pay the municipality US$7 557 in annual rentals.

However, the Mutare City deputy director of engineering services, Tonderai Sango, Friday confirmed during a full council meeting Freestone mines had violated the lease agreement by starting works without an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) certificate and approval from the city engineer.

Freestone Mines director Ruoxin Qi confirmed Monday to they had removed all equipment from the site in compliance with the Local Government Ministry’s directive. Qi said:

We have withdrawn all our equipment from the site to show that we are 100% following the order from the local government.

We shall be heavily involved in re-greening the city as part of the corporate social responsibility. We intend to start tree planting city-wide, starting with Dangamvura Mountain so that we restore the environment and that will also act as a shield in terms of dust prevention.

Qi added that they will use part of the quarry stones for road construction and will also deploy technology aimed at reducing the negative effects of quarry stone mining including dust, blasting noise, and vibration.

He also noted that the company intends to engage relevant stakeholders so as to ensure that they have an appreciation of the project scope.

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True Patriot 5 months ago

ED arikusakadza nyika akokomana. Shuwa mining comany ingabhadhare $600 per month vachitora zvicherwa zviri worth ma millions. Iiiii ndarwadziwa nyika yedu irikuparadzwa takatarisa. Ndozvazvinoreva here izvi govt yedu pavanenge vachiti China are our friends. Apa vakatowomera kubuditsa mari ye impact assessment kungoda kutora mari chete. These little people don't care about anyone except for themselves. Thats why you find kuti kana vapedza kuba ma minerals evhu redu vanodzokera kwavo vasina kana kumbovaka any meaningful structure even pa mine pavanenge vachishandira what more schools and roads. ED has to be stopped before its too late

Xinjiang 5 months ago

Weee don't know anything about impact assessment we know money only thas is why we here. Your president Mngangagwa promised us lots lots lots of money in your land as long we give him somesing before we go back to china

Satan 6 months ago

Ngapinde chamisa
. mwana wa mwari..
Mufana anonzi chamisa ndakamuwona asati atundiwa kwagutu...mufana uya ndiye. Zimbabwe.. Ngapinde. Chero ini handimutadzise kuti apinde

Zanu pf yenyu yqmoda. Ndiyo ine hutsinye

Isu takagara dare nedzimwe ngurozi tikawona kuti mukoman ngapinde..masvingo e zimbabwe

Real leader achabva masvingo..

Two Boy 6 months ago

Is that not colonisation in the making. You are given a stand... after a few days you want MORE on the pretext there is gold or other valuables in the vicinity. Britons never did that. Serious.

s class 6 months ago

ngatubve ende futi kamari kavari kubvisa ke rent katori kashoma.ini i think pane arimu city council arikupiwa imwe yacho.rinotori dhiri.ngatubve ngatudzokere kumusha kwatwakabva.

Munyengi Mukuru 6 months ago

Ngatuyende ngatuyende. Of annual rental is $7557 that means they are passing around $600 per month. Isu tobhadhara mari iyoyo for rent yekugara chete kwaakuzoti company iri kuita mining? Wakomana musatengese nyika soo ndapota. Some people fired for this country. You will be judged by future generations!

musoro bandamba 6 months ago



Mai muku 6 months ago


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