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Chinese Man Arrested For Overstaying In Zimbabwe By Two Years

Chinese Man Arrested For Overstaying In Zimbabwe By Two Years

A 56-year-old Chinese man was arrested recently on allegations of overstaying in the country by two years.

The suspect, Zhang Yongquan, appeared before Harare magistrate Shane Kubonera on Monday.

Zhang pleaded guilty and was remanded in custody to this Tuesday for sentencing.

Prosecuting, Anesu Chirenje told the court that on 21 March 2020, Zhang entered Zimbabwe and was given a 30-day holiday visa which expired on 20 April that year.

The state further alleged that Zhang never sought an extension when his 30-day visa had expired.

Meanwhile, immigration officials received information that the suspect didn’t have a valid permit allowing him to stay in Zimbabwe.

On 16 April this year, the officials went to Zhang’s Avondale home in Harare to carry out compliant checks.

They interview Zhang and established that he had overstayed in Zimbabwe, leading to his arrest.

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mhofu 4 weeks ago

akaramba kubhadhara ye drink, mo than half of these china pple muno they dont hav valid work permits which is a fact i kno after i worked for v**** ava for some time, they giv money every month to cid, zimra, police, ministry of mines n ministry of trans as a company so that they r not bothered while they loot. onzwa rimwe richiti pamberi pamberi.....nxàaaaa

putin 4 weeks ago

magap uktii akuda kuenda negoridhe rese kuChina

Yongquan 4 weeks ago

ndine mine yanfu bt gvt yaakuda kunditorere vaakurwadziwa kt ndaita mari.

vicky 4 weeks ago

problem yenyu hamuna hana
hanti moposter mastatus makabata mercury nema gas bottle

so cid fauna inokutsomera chekutanga its mine prospectus license
2 EA form
3 license for blasters
4 u rarely see white or chinese displaying their wealthy its rare

dem dead 4 weeks ago

"his home in avondale" ndoo kutii

dem dead 4 weeks ago

well said

chinese national 4 weeks ago

it means he had a residential property in the up leafy surbub
he bought the property with proceeds from mining


zin zim 4 weeks ago

zimbabwe inonakidza ngaasiye mari yose muno ayende kwake imba ape vanotambura ma street chn.

HIV 4 weeks ago

iwe @supper mukadzi ane HIV haasimunhu here stigmatisation hatidi

super 4 weeks ago

Asi iwe unomuda tikunyengere?

123456789 4 weeks ago

i politics idzo,
pane zvavakapesana nevakuru
tikati mu Zimbabwean wese ari ku South Africa asina permit asungwe kunofara vangani vane ngevarinema permit??????

THE FIEND 4 weeks ago

Kkkkkkk so Zimbabwe's much fun than China, the chocolate ladies, cool music and major hustling deals. It's easy to walk around with Gold in your pocket in Zimbabwe than any other country. In Zimbabwe you can start a business anytime without applying for correct documents. In Zimbabwe corruption is the order of the day, but in China they slay you for corruption.
I love Zimbabwe.

The King of Serpents 4 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂😂 Zimbabwe is a great country if you are a foreigner. Famba negold muhomwe urimwana wemuno uone.

Tinmike 4 weeks ago

Good, after that he needs to be deported

Blake label 4 weeks ago

mupei mukadzi mukaranga....

super 4 weeks ago

Mukadzi ari HIV positive

Zhang 4 weeks ago

ma China aya arikuita looting muNyika medu haaaa nxaaaaa

dude 4 weeks ago

muregei agare , ngapihwe citizenship

1234 4 weeks ago

muzim mune overstaying

1212 4 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

Kutoita zvake mine achishandisa varidzi venyika without proper documents 😀

👽 4 weeks ago

ko uya wekunyenga mwana chii chakazoitika
chigudo chihom hom aakasungwa asi muchina nanhasi

H 4 weeks ago

Chi homu homu chikurova mamgoma mujeri😂

zimboy 4 weeks ago

Zhang atorine company harassing us everyday

Povoo 4 weeks ago

musiyei agare

muzimbo 4 weeks ago

Izvozvi Zhang uyu anotove ne Mine which he is operating in Zimbabwe with the blessing of his Excellency of course.

The King of Serpents 4 weeks ago

Taura hako and he will be made to pay a very small fine.

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