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Chinese Embassy Denies Reports Of Pollution, Looting, Abusing Workers & Bribing Officials

Chinese Embassy Denies Reports Of Pollution, Looting, Abusing Workers & Bribing Officials

The Chinese Embassy has denied reports in local media that the embassy and Chinese companies in Zimbabwe are polluting the environment, looting resources, abusing workers and bribing officials.

Recently, The Standard newspaper, and the Information for Development Trust (IDT), reported that the Chinese companies were in the habit of abusing workers and polluting the environment.

A statement published by The Herald, a state-run publication says the publications reporting allegations of corruption, pollution and poor working conditions are being paid to do so by the United States Embassy.

The Chinese Embassy says the US is funding local publications and non-governmental organisations to give false narratives about China in a bid to destroy the relationship between Zimbabwe and the Asian giant. Reads part of the statement:

The Chinese Government has always required Chinese overseas companies to abide by local laws and regulations, drive local economic development, fulfil their social obligations and responsibilities and establish good relationships with local communities.

The overwhelming majority of Chinese companies in Zimbabwe have done a good job: they are bringing financial resources, local jobs, technology, skills, tax revenues and foreign exchanges to the nation, and establishing good relations with local people.

In line with Zimbabwe’s aspirational targets such as achieving US$12 billion in Mining sector by 2023 and Vision 2030 of Achieving an Upper Middle Income Economy by 2030, Chinese companies have employed more than 100 000 local people throughout different economic sectors and invested billions of US dollars to the nation. A vast number of examples such as the Netone Phase 111 Project, the Hwange Power Station Expansion Project, the construction of Kariba South Power Station, the development in mineral resource, the cultivation and export of tobacco, the demonstration of agricultural cooperation and the building of roads, schools and hospitals have proven Chinese companies’ enormous contribution to the development of Zimbabwe and the well-being of its citizens.

We do not deny that there are certain problems within a handful of Chinese companies.

No country can claim to have attained perfection on their companies overseas.

The Embassy added that it supports the Government of Zimbabwe in developing a robust legal and regulatory framework to ensure lawful practices by all foreign investors in Zimbabwe.

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Mkanya 2 months ago

The Chinese are now law unto themselves. Visit any Chinese run company and see workers poorly dressed. Salaries below nec pegged rates, surely this is not an all weather friend its modern day slavery. They do nothing in communities they operate in. Roads damaged by heavy lorries they use. We will need another revolution to free ourselves from the Chinese. Muchamhanya henyu bvunza bhunu remumapurazi.

i 2 months ago

kushandisa vanhu vakapfeka mamvemve kunge zvigure imika .. this must come to an end

Machiavelli 2 months ago

I bet the Diplomat in question has never been on site. Just reminds me of the definition of Diplomat we used at college- A person employed to lie on behalf of his country in a foreign land.

greyhora 2 months ago

we are a chinese colony.I once said it look at the rate they are reproducing.In 20 years time there will be more chinese than blacks kkkk

machina m**** 2 months ago

corrupt, , , , , thieves, , , , , , , looters , , , , , , e, t, c

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