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Chinese Contractor Says They Won't "Bug" Zim's New Parliament Building

Chinese Contractor Says They Won't

A Chinese contractor has refuted claims that they will install listening devices in Zimbabwe’s new parliament building to extract sensitive conversations from the Zimbabwean Government.

The new Parliament building which is located in Mount Hampden is set to be the new seat of government.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Shanghai construction group project manager Cai Libo dismissed the eavesdropping claims. He said:

Zimbabwe and China are all-weather friends, as friends you do not do such kinds of things to your friends.

As the contractors, we are working here, we are friends, and we have no interest to do that.

In recent years, China helped Africa in all ways, we build a lot of infrastructures like hospitals, schools, roads and other things to help African countries.

The building was funded by the Chinese government through ChinaAid to the tune of US$100 million.

Critics have questioned China’s motives in building such a costly structure for Zimbabwe for free.

Some have claimed that China was granted permission by the government to freely exploit minerals and other resources from Zimbabwe in return.

China has provided soft loans for the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport and Hwange Thermal Power Plant expansion projects, among others.


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Anonymous 1 month ago

Kungowanza chishona and isindebele ,they wont hear anything.

Duduzani 1 month ago

All those languages can be easily translated using google engine😂😂

. 1 month ago

they did it for much bigger returns, ownership of the country itself

Help 1 month ago

MaZimba hatina chakanaka.Moda kubatsirwa kwakadiii?

Da Truth 1 month ago

kubatsirwa chiii???Vanoda kudya mugido yedu pedze votora ma minerals ese enda ****land yose uwone vatopfora nyika yose Apo varikudzinga vanhu kumusha yasho . Zimbabwe now colonized by China modern day colonization.Havabhadhari vashandi very rough havatengi protective clothes.One day vadyi vembwa Ava vachamhanya chete I hate Chinese dogs imbwa idziiii

ABSA 1 month ago

Both parties this time i don't want that behavior yamunoita mu parliament like little kids.zvima boycotts,mocking each other muite se vanhu vakuru.

G40 member 1 month ago

Maita basa China,but musazotitorera airport makuda chikwereti chenyu

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

China is slowly taking over Africa a headache to the west 😂


putin 1 month ago

this china people a big looters muzimbavwe muno , , , , , varikuswera vachimhanyisa malorry boarder to boarder ne platinum ne copper in return

Mmmm 1 month ago

Chinese cannot be trusted. Every thing they do is for their benefit.

Lelo 1 month ago

Remember Lobengula, history repeats itself........... 😅

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Kutengesa the whole Zim nekuda kuvakirwa parliament vema scarf tikwanireiwo

jii 1 month ago

dai muparamende macho maibuda zvisvinu taiti pamwe mahumbwe zvawo kana vana ve ecd vari nani vakadzi vakuru nevarume vekuru kuita sepwere nhai.apa vanhu vanenge varohwa nokufa vachivhotera matakanana akadayi.

Ed 1 month ago

Shumba yakati mvura door handimbokudyi


chief Nemauyu 1 month ago

for free.... no wonder why locals are being enslaved in Chinese companies around Zimbabwe.

Eagle 🦅 Eye 1 month ago

Zimbabwe is being colonised by the Chinese as we speak because of these hungry politicians.

Asalif 1 month ago

that is the use of artificial intelligence devices they translate language and the new one that was developed which can replicate the voice

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