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Chinese Company Seeks To Evict Binga Villagers For A Coal Mine

Chinese Company Seeks To Evict Binga Villagers For A Coal Mine

Another Chinese mining company has clashed with villagers who are resisting eviction from their ancestral lands for the establishment of a coal mine in the area.

The firm, Monalof, recently gave the villagers a three months’ notice to vacate their homes to pave way for coal mining activities.

Local Ward 12 councillor Matthias Mwinde said villagers can only move after the company meets their compensation demands which include houses and bigger communal fields. Said Mwinde:

We discussed this with the company (on Tuesday) and the villagers laid down their demands and concerns. People demanded good shelter, roads and clean water.

The company has found a place where we are going to be placed and it’s in the East of Muchesu village, Binga East site.

This was in preparation for the resettlement and we assume that the company will meet the demands of the people because if they don’t, we are going to have problems with them.

People agreed that they will stay put until Monaf constructed the houses.

Mwinde added that Monalof promised 200 square metres of land per household but it’s simply not enough. He said:

Our biggest challenge is that the company said no one will be provided with the big fields.

We have big fields and we are used to farming, and the promised 200 square metres of land is not enough.

We do livestock farming and the company won’t provide any space for us to keep our livestock.

We are so worried about our future right now because the majority of people are too old to start looking for jobs.

The elders are used to farming. This will be a challenge for them to adapt to a new life at their ages.

Mwinde expressed scepticism over the company’s commitment to fulfilling the promises it made to villagers. He said:

But in the meantime, they will be providing transport for students. We are also not sure if this is true because schools will be more than five kilometres from where we are moving to. We don’t know if they will fulfil their promises.


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Wezhira 8 months ago

Nemawandiro arikuita maChina muMining why is it hazvina an input to the community yavanenge vachichere,ndoinonzi exploitation,kana makazopihwa maVaccines asina zita moomberera imi in. Return muchivapa nyika kuti itai zvamunoda

Bright 8 months ago

Kkkkkkk haa nyemba her umm

Mboko 8 months ago

Ndoka zanu pf yenyu...yamofarira.. Kwandiri nhasi vamwe vari kupihwa nyemba..kkkkk apa kuchinaya.

BuJuH 8 months ago

vachatishupa vanhu ivava kana tavekut ngavaende same aplies nemaWhites pazvakanzi land reform vakanyunyuta mirai muone these chineese pipo imboko

S 8 months ago

Zivai vekuvhotera next time. Ndizvo zvamaka vhotera here izvozvi. Kubviswa pamisha yenyu?

Shampoo 8 months ago

Ndakagara ndazviziva kuti ma Chinese imboko. Pavaiti tengesera bhutsu dzino bvaruka ne one day. They are here to loot.Be careful netuvanhu utwo.

Concerned villager 8 months ago

Is this stil eviction or we are being colonised by the China bit by bit


Okongo 8 months ago

The New Colonial Settlers are now in town and its time to stand up against this rot which we are openly witnessing

Tafman 8 months ago

Chamisa the ball is in your court, zanu has Neva been as vulnerable as it is rytnow. They say it's bad to attack a man on his weakest point but on zanu i say strike the iron whilist hot. Go campaign in all those rural areas were the Chinese are displacing pple. Remember most of these areas are zanu strongholds,grab them now or Neva. They would rather not vote than voting for zanu this tym around. Just CHAMISA's presence will lure them to vote him in.To be forewarned is to be forearmed

Ini zvangu 8 months ago

200 square metres is less than most stands dzemu High density suburbs. Zvonzi munhu vaka imba, danga remombe, churugwi chehuku, chimbuzi nekurima pfumvudza, kana wafa wovigwa ipapo futi. This is Chinese land tenure act at the highest oppressive level. Ndokutonga kwaroka iidhiii pfee yacho. Its high time people, especially from the rural areas, woke up to the winds of change. NHM CCC

AJ 8 months ago

China ppl are alwz China ppl they give u temporary things inexchange for the permanant making their lives better and developed iye zvino its 200 sqaure meters for coal a lifetime mineral.......we are being colonised infact it actually reminds me of a certain ruling party in a non democratic nation that actually does the same with its ppl temporary for permanence

Someone somewhere 8 months ago

Izvi zviri powerful mhani , kutorerwa musha muchingoti pfeee

Khalifa 7 months ago

Torerwai mumame.Mungotii pfee pfee pfee zvenhemha.Mukomana ngaapinde hake

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