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China Donates New Parliament Building To Zimbabwe

China Donates New Parliament Building To Zimbabwe

The People’s Republic of China has donated to Zimbabwe the recently completed US$100 million new Parliament Building in Mt Hampden, about 23km from Harare.

China funded the construction of the structure for Zimbabwe to boost friendship and solidarity between the two countries which dates back to the days of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle when the Asian nation supplied weapons and trained fighters.

Addressing reporters during a familiarisation tour of the new Parliament building, Shanghai Construction group manager Libo Cai said:

Zimbabwe’s new Parliament building is one of the most important projects in the China-Africa cooperation exercise, which is aimed at strengthening solidarity between the people of Zimbabwe and China while improving facilities in Parliament to ensure better services to Zimbabweans at large.

The project strongly supports democracy in Zimbabwe, while boosting the country’s image.

The building, funded by the Chinese government through ChinaAid, consists of the National Assembly which can accommodate 350 people, while the Senate has 100 seats.

The seats are of different sizes to cater for both the slim and heavily built Members of Parliament (MPs).

Work on the project commenced in November 2018 but its completion was delayed by the coronavirus crisis.

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xxx 1 month ago

l bet its bugged thru and thru.What do these Chinese want from us?

zimyouth 1 month ago

...and under age girls

Zhing Zhong 1 month ago

We want gold, diamonds, lithium, platinum & land in zimbabwe

Mmmm 1 month ago

" The project strongly supports democracy in Zimbabwe "
The Chinese supports an evil 😈 regime that has no respect for democracy.
This is just bribe gifts so that they can loot our resources (lithium, gold, chrome........).

senator 1 month ago

aaaaa is just a statement yekuti China yaDontr Parliament but yakapiwa maMillions yekuti ivake

Chiurai 1 month ago

Kana yakapihwa zvitori right. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo. Rega 2023 winners vatangire mu new New building
Ndoo ichaita kuti mumwe arambe kuenda

The Adjudicator 1 month ago


CDE 1 month ago

Saka China zvayavaka Paramente saka ndiyo muridzi wezimbabwe here, nhaiwe musorobhangu???

Vafana makaora brain imi, nguva yedu taikuisai musaga tokandira Muna zambezi

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Well done to the Republic of China for constructing and donating a modern day Parliament building to Zimbabwe. According to the official who delivered the handover speech, the Republic of China constructed this state of the art building to ehance democracy in Zimbabwe. Today citizens in Zimbabwe seem not to be enjoying democracy to the fullest extent. The ZANU PF government is denying opposion political parties to campeign freely. They use captured police force to ban their rallies for no good reasons. ZANU PF supporters kill supporters of other political parties, examplified by the killing of Mboneni Ncube of Kwekwe. At their rallies, they threaten opposition political parties.




Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Somebody kill me. Please

Citizen 1 month ago

That's the truth.


Swagger 1 month ago

China completed USD 100Million parliament building,is that a donation someone educate me?

Swagger 1 month ago

They didn't construct for free they are being paid by gold &diamonds so is that a donation .

mama Bee 1 month ago

Dai makavaka zvikoro better nxaaa

People Of Various Opinions 1 month ago

There is nothing for free.....we are now a full puppet of the Chinese through debt from these so called mega projects

Zulu 1 month ago

today China donated this,tomorrow China donated that. don't lie to us gvt is repaying these Chinese with our resources .

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Their donation is giving back to the country the minerals they are looting 😂 its good though...

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Vakuru vapiwa vharamuromo

🌶️🌶️🌶️ 1 month ago

ploughing back to the community 😂😂😂😂

Anonymous 1 month ago

In this world there is no free lunch. If something is free then it means you are the product.

madhisinyongoro 1 month ago

mareporters zvimwe zvacho munongonyora kunge vanhu vasingafungi madonation kudii saka mukatoudzwa zvisida basa mongonyora tangayi maona how sensitive reporting yenyu is before publishing

Leh 1 month ago

Muenzi anouya kumba kwenyu ochere borehole then okupai as a donation ft

David Zvirahwa 1 month ago

China is a good friend to Zimbabwe they should keep it up.🇿🇼🇻🇳

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