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'Chimutsamapfihwa' Clashes With Husband's New Wife

'Chimutsamapfihwa' Clashes With Husband's New Wife

A Mutare woman who was offered to a widower as his “chimutsamapfihwa” is now fighting with her uncle-cum-husband’s new wife.

According to Shona tradition, Chimutsamapfihwa is a woman’s younger sister or niece who is offered to her husband upon her death.

The contention between the two women came to light at Mutare Civil Courts last week on Thursday when the chimutsamapfihwa, Elizabeth Makate, applied for a protection order against Mercy Kamangaise, accusing her of taking away her husband.

Makate told the court that she went to replace her late aunt five years after her death, only to discover that the man (name not revealed in court) had remarried.

Makate and Kamangaise appeared before Mutare magistrate, Xavier Chipato.

Makate pleaded with the court to bar Kamangaise from meeting with her husband. She said:

This woman is very persistent. She visits my husband every morning before he leaves for work intending to prepare breakfast for him.

She calls him unnecessarily and visits him even at midnight.

I feel she is harassing my husband because I have never seen him entertaining her. Whenever I ask him about their relationship, he tells me that she is an ex-girlfriend he had after my aunt’s death.

I want her barred from communicating with him. He is my husband and mine alone.

When she was asked why her husband had not applied for the protection order if he was against Kamangaise’s actions, Makate had no answer.

In her defence, Kamangaise said she got married a year after the death of Makate’s aunt.

She said she and her husband have already built a rural home in Odzi, where she lives.

Kamangaise insisted that she was not aware that her husband had been offered a chimutsamapfihwa, saying had she known that, she wouldn’t have married him. She said:

Since my husband and his late wife had children, we agreed that I would not live at the Dangamvura house as it belongs to their children.

We built a rural home and I live there. When I come to the city, I stay in Hobhouse where he rents me a house.

Kamangaise claimed that when the Makate family learnt that their rich son-in-law had married a new wife, they decided to offer him Makate. She added:

This is causing chaos because Elizabeth does not want to share the husband, yet I was married for five years to this man before she came into his life.

She came to our rural home and destroyed my property. She removed some of my personal stuff from the bedroom, but I never complained.

In fact, I respect her as a co-wife. She should continue staying at her aunt’s house.

She should just accept me as a senior wife as I was married before her.

The magistrate granted a binding over protection order to the two women.

Chipato ordered Kamangaise and Makate not to disturb each other’s peace.

He, however, did not bar Kamangaise from visiting, calling and talking to her husband.

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Tkt 3 months ago

@Team Pindula ....

what a great move pindula to block vulgar content but pliz taita chimwe chichemo, pane vanhu vakuita zvekuba maIDs evanhu, just like mine, zvino kana mondi blokawo ndisina mhaka mati ndidiniwo

baba jairos machingambi 3 months ago

Amhlope/makorokoto,A Blessed Pindula hasdone us proud.especial we snr.citizen inc bush lawyer ndinofu nga ndinomudya be one year kkkkkk,tatabaiwa nokunyara ma vulger language ,Dzimai zvenyu &Mwari nggaakuropafadzei.nebasarakanakakuda esspesialy isu mapensioners tiri kuma misha tavakuwana news daily.Pliz, don't abouse this great platform! Ndatenda/Ngiyabonga

Chisingaperi Chinosura 3 months ago

I said it in the morning kuti Pindula is removing vulgar containing content. And ndabva ndatukwa zvinyadzi neumwe but that person's comment did not last an hour.
Bigup Pindula. Tanga takutoda kuhakirawo chirwere chezvinyadzi.

💪💪💪 3 months ago

Kkkkk dzosai Mboko

pfumvudza tinayo 3 months ago

ngaakwane uyo akadii kuzvitsvagirawo wake kwete wasisi... pasi navo vese... handitsika dzose dzechishona dzakanaka iyi yechimutsamapfihwa yakashatisisa


Team Pindula 3 months ago

Good afternoon good people!
I here announce to you the good news you'll have been waiting for!
We are now deleting vulgar and tribal messages.
We also blocking the wayward contacts.
So far we have blocked Mboko,Elyse and Chief...
Let's hope the likes of Gaffer,Tkt,Sponono andVybz kartel will improve their behavior when engaging others.

I thank you

Skhumba 3 months ago

Kkkkk, leave Sponono and Mboko alone kkkk

Tkt 3 months ago

That is Shona culture for you...if you got money, they will kill each other over you...they worship 💰 these people buh I like their women,very respectful

Sponono 3 months ago

Imbomirai kurwira murume

Pamberi ne zanu pf

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ccc

Sponono 3 months ago

Imbomirai kurwira murume

Pamberi ne CCC

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ed pfe

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