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Chilonga Villagers Vow To Resist Eviction To The Death

Chilonga Villagers Vow To Resist Eviction To The Death

Villagers in the Chilonga area in Chiredzi have vowed to resist eviction from their ancestral land after the Government gave their land to a private company for a lucerne grass project.

Cabinet Ministers claim the grass project and irrigation scheme in Chilonga will earn the country US$50 million per annum and potentially feed 5 000 people.

But critics say 12 000 people from the Shangaan ethnic group will lose their land when the project is implemented.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Wednesday, Livison Chikutu, one of the villagers facing eviction, said they would rather die than vacate their land. Said Chikutu:

There is no promise on the compensation, they just want to grab (our land) and run away.

They just want to (take) our land, grab and go forever, then someone comes the next day saying it’s not your land.

They are doing nothing; they are talking a lot of lies saying they did door-to-door consultation, yet we are the settlers and we did not see such a thing.

We can’t let our land be taken in that way, we have seen it before and there was no compensation.

…. So we are saying, it’s better they come and just shoot us so we die at once than for us to be told to leave this land and resettle somewhere else.

The Government invoked the Communal Land Act to evict the Chilonga villagers.

Sections 4 and 6 of the Communal Lands Act vests rural land in the hands of the President.

Meanwhile, the Shangaan people claim they have lived on the targeted lands for more than five hundred years.


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Anonymous 1 week ago

It doesnt make sense to remove 12000 people in order to feed 5000 people

i 1 week ago

haàa vakomana ingano idzo hatingarasikirwe nemari zhinji kudaro ingobvai muzvakanaka henyu kwete kutsvagwa muromo kana kuda kunzwikwa ibvai zvenyu ipapo panoda kurimwa tirikunzwanana here

Xangani man 1 week ago

we are not going. Nada ahisuki

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

50mil per year, that's a lot. Hatingasiye nyika ichirasikirwa nemukana just because mumwe munhu haasi kuda kugara elsewhere.

Economist 1 week ago

Divide 50 million by number of people in Zimbabwe and divide what you will get by 12 months to see your monthly share. Hapana kana mari ipapo

Putin 🇷🇺 1 week ago

State owns the land , nyika inovakwa nevene vayo 🇿🇼🇿🇼 hallelujah God bless you all


Putin 🇷🇺 1 week ago

Munobva nguva kana yakwana munomanya chete nyika inovakwa nevene vayo 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 hallelujah God bless you all

Xangani man 1 week ago

ahifambi hina loko valava kudlaya avadlaye. We are not going anywhere if they want kill us let them kill. if we go they go

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

As I was saying before. Iyo gvt yacho yashaya here amwe masango ekunogobora voita zvavo project yavo iyoyo. Why pamisha dzevanhu nhasi. Zvingabvira here kuti imimi pamusha wenyu wekuKwekwe uya toti ibvai tikuda kuisa mastands ipapa????



Tongoonai 1 week ago

So chiefs are not the custodians of land is it? The laws are ambiguous.

John 1 week ago

The chiefs are there to gather support for zanu and control the opposition, other than that they don't have any power.

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