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Children Of Teachers Fail To Get Grade 7 Results

Children Of Teachers Fail To Get Grade 7 Results

The children of some teachers have failed to get their Grade 7 results after school authorities allegedly withheld them to force the teachers to settle school fees arrears.

Several schools in Gweru have reportedly refused to release result slips for children of teachers, saying they had not paid up school fees.

In February this year, the Government pledged to pay school fees for up to three biological children per teacher’s family.

The promised figure amounted to $20 000 per child per term.

However, the government has failed to fulfill its pledge, and now some teachers are in a quandary as they cannot apply for Form One places for their children without the Grade 7 results slips.

The Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Paul Mavima, said the government has not changed its position on paying school fees for the children of teachers. He said:

This is now an administrative matter that the Ministry of Education should pursue with the Treasury.

The policy instruction was given earlier this year by His Excellency, President E D Mnangagwa and still stands.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association of Zimbabwe (Zimta) secretary-general Goodwill Taderera said the government should pay the money for school fees directly into teachers’ bank accounts. Said Taderera:

This was a proposal by the workers where we said rather than putting money into the school account, why not put money into the teacher’s account?

We thought it was the best way to go as the school fees payment is concerned.

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concerned 1 month ago

how much are teachers earning guys we need to b considerate 4 th sake of our kids jus poayup th fees seek firm places for this innocent kids as u know how many promises were made in 2018 which were never fulkfilkkled ,what more abt fees wake up teachers were also suffering as parents in civil society we need to up our games dnt folks hands ki yema extra kissing mkuiseipiko nhai mateacher4ED

Tateguru 1 month ago


Mqhelewenkosi 1 month ago

Wake up teachers 4ED

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

ndizvo zvavakaitira 4ED vachifunga vachabhadharirwa mafees,vasiyei vakadaro nguva iri kutofamba vana vasina kutsvagirwa nzvimbo

Taungana Ndoro 1 month ago

Sorry the entire budget was used paying for screw fees for the children of Manyengavana and Kembo '4-Cups' muHard.

1 month ago

Ko teachers for Ed iya iri kpi

Dambudziko Mnangarwa 1 month ago

Munozvarirei vana vamusingagone kuchengeta?
Maakuda kuti tikuchengeterei vana venyu imi mainakirwa mega!
Vana vanochengetwa nevene vavo.

Samsung 1 month ago



unknown 1 month ago

shem yooo

Tateguru 1 month ago

You cannot hold your child hostage demanding ransom from the government. It's your child you're killing. Please pay up and find Form One places early. Don't be so **** maticha.

Teacher 1 month ago

Chero zvikanzi hatina mari hedu yes but mwana kushaya maresults nekuda kwe $20000 hazvizoitewo. Just pay after all RTGs.

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