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Child Rights Group Welcomes ConCourt Ruling On Age Of Consent

Child Rights Group Welcomes ConCourt Ruling On Age Of Consent

Shamwari Yemwanasikana, a child rights advocacy group, has welcomed a Constitutional Court (ConCourt) ruling that reviewed the sexual age of consent from 16 to 18 years.

On Tuesday, the ConCourt ruled in favour of two Harare women who had challenged the 16 years age of sexual consent, saying it violated their rights.

Shamwari Yemwanasikana advocacy and research coordinator Rudo Magwanyata said the ruling was welcome but more still needs to be done to protect the girl child from paedophiles. She said:

The judgment is a call for full enforcement and harsh punishments for those found on the wrong side of the law. We continue to call for the full protection of girls.

In the event that a girl gets pregnant after being abused, there is a need for the courts to speed up such cases and allow termination of these pregnancies.

Communities play a pivotal role in influencing a decrease in child marriages.

There is a need for communities to have discussions on how teenagers have become sexually active and ways in which communities can assist in ending teenage pregnancies.

Magwanyata also called upon communities to support pregnant teenagers instead of treating them as outcasts. She said:

It is morally unacceptable for one to be pregnant at such a young age, however, it is disheartening for communities to treat teenagers who are pregnant like outcasts.

These are young girls who made uninformed decisions and carry the evidence of pregnancy with them. They need to be supported in every way possible.

Child rights lawyer Caleb Mtandwa said there was a need to raise awareness among the children, the parents and the community on the ConCourt ruling.

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๐Ÿšฉ 1ย month ago

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Chimboti Pizza 1ย month ago

Ini Chimboti Pizza ndausimbisa mutemo uyuโœŠ

Turoo 1ย month ago

Good, tanga tanzwa nekutorerwa mabby nemablesser, havanyare harahwa dzinoda maUnder Age๐Ÿ˜ 

Zinja 1ย month ago

There must also be a law to punish the juveniles vakaita zvebonde coz kungoti age of consent is 18 is not enough. Vanorara vega vega maunder 18 acho voitisana nhumbu, isu vabereki todii manje? Mimwe mitemo inopedzisira ichipa mutoro unorema kuvabereki.

analyst 1ย month ago

more people are going to be arrested because of this ruling remember we got ama 2k

bondservant 1ย month ago

ndi biti akaita nyaya iyi he was the lawyer

Rex Nhongo 1ย month ago


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