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Chief Musarurwa Sexually Abused Me – Girl (14)

Chief Musarurwa Sexually Abused Me – Girl (14)

Chief Musarurwa, born Enos Musakwa (52), appeared in court on Tuesday facing two counts of attempted rape involving a 14-year-old girl.

The minor told the court that the traditional leader cornered and fondled her in an attempt to rape her.

Musarurwa, who is being represented by Norman Mugiya of Mugiya and Muvhimi Associates appeared before Chivhu Provincial Magistrate Batanai Madzinhira.

In the first incident which occurred in September 2020, the minor said she went to fetch water from a borehole near Musarurwa’s homestead when the chief lured her to his place.

The traditional leader allegedly took the girl into a corridor in his house where he fondled her breasts, caressed her v*gina and kissed her. He then allowed her to go.

In the second incident that allegedly took place on 9 August 2021, Chief Musarurwa visited the juvenile at her place of residence and found her in the company of her parents.

He reportedly managed to persuade the girl to get into his official car and then drove off.

Musarurwa allegedly parked his car and fondled the complainant’s breasts, caressed her v*gina and kissed her for about ten minutes before letting her go.

The girl reportedly went home crying and told her mother about the incident. The case was later reported at Chivhu ZRP on 25 August 2021.

Musarurwa is denying the allegations, claiming that he spent the month of September 2020 in Harare.

The traditional leader also said he is a victim of a border dispute between himself and Chief Chivese.

In the second count, Musarurwa admitted to visiting the complainant’s place on 9 August 2021 but said he had gone to see Jacob Tsodzo (father of the complainant) who was not feeling well.

Musarurwa said he was asked to talk to the girl who had allegedly become a problem in the community.

Meanwhile, the case was reported six months ago and it took many complaints from the parents before Chivhu Police brought it to court.

Corence Chimbadzwa represented the State. The case was postponed to 14 January 2022 for the continuation of trial.

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Don Dada 5 months ago

So all you people just believe the story you've been served. A lot of bullshit is created by rivals in these political squabbles. What happened to "innocent untill proven guilty"

Fingerz 5 months ago

Pamwe ishavi kkk asi iwe your days are numbered u aren't a chief if u continue with this...

Welsh 5 months ago

Yah truely things happen. The chief needs imprisonment of 53-14yrs and another year from myself.

Godaz 5 months ago

Haa chief ava havac serious 14 yrs hre vakomana haa ma1.


Tk 5 months ago

It only become a case when you don't play ZANU pf of games

Tk 5 months ago

It only become a case when you don't play ZANU of games

Matrix 5 months ago

Ben naMboko eeeiiish🙈🙈🙈

E Buri 5 months ago

Akura anoona yekutamba

Xiong Zhai 5 months ago

@Unvanquishable teach @Mboko and @Ben to respect this platform. And they should stop posting these silly stuff. Pindula is a place to comment on news not this rubbish @Mboko and @Ben show to the Pindula society.

I know you've heard me now may the Almighty bless us all in Jesus mighty name Amen 🌏

Gogodera 5 months ago

Pakaipa traditional leaders vakutidzidzisei

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

The chief was suppose to use his mouth(propose love) -proposing to an under age is totally different from forcing yourself to her...he is in deep end buh his position might save him...

🤨🤨 5 months ago

Kkk saka manzwa nekurohwa kumanyowa Ka imi

Minister Of Gays 5 months ago

Haaaaa these chiefs should be put away for a long time... Bambono rohwa neshure ku jail. 🍆. Inopinda ka worse kana uchipikira rap. Honorable ve ngito dzose vataura

Sponono (Original) 5 months ago

Chief ava ngavatikwanire mhani.

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