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Chief Fines Villagers For Snubbing A Funeral

Chief Fines Villagers For Snubbing A Funeral

In a controversial traditional court ruling, Chief Madziwa has fined eleven villagers for snubbing a funeral in his area, a verdict the convicted strongly oppose, and threatened to appeal to higher judicial authorities.

The eleven, from Zunde B Village, were convicted of snubbing a funeral in the neighbouring Zunde A village.

The convicts chose to work their fields instead.

Chief Madziwa fined the villagers goats, a judgement they strongly oppose, arguing it was not mandatory to attend funerals.

The villagers also complained that the fine was not applied uniformly, with some of them asked to pay more goats than others for the same ‘crime.’

They have threatened to appeal against the judgement.

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Zvazvanga zvingori 5 months ago

I smell something,paruzevha ukaona vanhu vakatadza kuenda parufu pemunhu pane nyaya.Kana dzisiri dzePolitical dzakaitisa mibhadha gore riya,kana kuti nyakufa wacho achiti mupenyu aisanzwana nevamww mukugara, through kuonererwa,kudada kana kuroya.Asi zvakadaro kaChief Kane hundyire kanoda kubholonjwa

V 5 months ago

I think we all know that if there is a funeral in the area by respect we shouldn't work in fields, tonobatawo maoko. But there is no law either traditional or judicial that prohibits people from working their fields when there is a funeral.

Dikaz 5 months ago

They are some people from the village who are behind that, they reported that to the chief... And this chief is becoming like shaka Zulu to force everybody kuchema Nandi... The same like kim Jung un of korea this type of guys they are so evil. But uyuu anoda kurohwaa havachengetwe kaa machief anoda kuhwandirwaa wotsindikitaa zvekuti feee

Boldway munhu taruvinga 5 months ago

Please lets full around with kife

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