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Chief Charumbira Addresses Menyezwa Chieftainship Succession Dispute

Chief Charumbira Addresses Menyezwa Chieftainship Succession Dispute

The president of the Council of Chiefs, Chief Fortune Charumbira, has exhorted members of the Menyezwa chieftaincy in Lupane District to revert back to their traditions to resolve a succession dispute.

Charumbira said the ongoing squabbles have prevented the installation of a new chief in the area for the past four years.

Charumbira made the call while speaking at the funeral of Chief Mabhikwa last Saturday. He said:

In this district Lupane, we only had him (Chief Mabhikwa) being very active. He was active on behalf of the whole district because the other chiefship, the Gumede Menyezwa chiefship, has given us headaches.

I’m speaking as the president of the Chief’s Council to the Menyezwa clan, and I believe they are here.

Your issue has dragged on for three or four years with you failing to come up with a leader.

It’s because you’re running away from the culture, once you stick to your culture, there is no problem.

Chief Jonson Menyezwa Gumede died in 2013 after a long battle with prostate cancer.

His young brother, Constantine Moses Gumede has been acting as chief pending the appointment of a substantial chief. Added Charumbira:

To the Khumalos, Mabhikwa before I leave, I want to say that when a chief dies, there are customary, traditional processes that are supposed to be put in place.

However, there is also the legal side of things, so it’s a dual process. In the constitution, it is there in Section 23.

If you want to replace a chief, you have to follow the prevailing culture that determines customary succession. So, those that do not qualify, should not give you problems.

A person does not aspire to be a chief, it comes to you by the prevailing culture.

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Dirigsme 4 weeks ago

Chief Charumbira. It's tiresome listening to you. Almost a replica of Killer Chivhu. Dzakambo tanga dzichiti Mugabe chete chete iyezvi dzakwa ED.

Asalif 3 weeks ago

kusadzidza kufa and too much blood In his hands neushe hwekutsara he is not even the rightful Chief Charumbira this guy

Jaison Ndlovu 4 weeks ago

We are tired oral traditions. In the twenty-first century all things should be in black and white.

Tateguru 4 weeks ago

I think chieftains should have their own constitution registered with the government registrar. In this way squabbles are minimised.

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