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Chiangwa Faces Eviction From AFM Church Property In Westgate

Chiangwa Faces Eviction From AFM Church Property In Westgate

The Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) led by Bishop Amon Madawo has been granted its application for services of the Sheriff of the High Court to evict the church’s former deputy president Cossam Chiangwa, who now leads a rival church, Apostolic Faith Mission of Zimbabwe (AFM), from a property in Westgate, Harare.

The AFM’s lawyers, Mtetwa and Nyambirai Legal Practitioners sought the services of the Sheriff of the High Court to implement the eviction of Chiangwa, and those claiming possession through him, from 696 New Ardlyn, Westgate.

On 10 November 2021, the High Court ordered Chiangwa to vacate the premises but he had stayed put, prompting AFM to seek the services of the Sheriff of the High Court. The order, dated 19 January 2022, read:

WHEREAS Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe obtained an order in the High Court of Zimbabwe on 10 November 2021 against Cossam Chiangwa of No. 6 Kremio Drive, Marlborough, Harare ordering him and those claiming possession through him to be ejected from and out of 696 New Ardlyn, Westgate, Harare at present occupied by the said Cossam Chiangwa and those claiming possession through him.

NOW therefore you are required and directed to eject the said Cossam Chiangwa and all persons claiming through him, his goods and possessions from and out of all occupation and possession whatsoever of the said ground and/ or premises, and to leave the same, to the end that the said may peacefully enter into and possess the same, and for so doing this shall be your warrant.

And return you this writ with what you have done thereupon.

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Chapwititi Kestombela 4 months ago

If the church can nolonger serve it's original purpose, even leadership wrangles can tear it apart. Go back to the bible and hear what it says about leadership and their conduct before people and God. Tearing the church like this is wrong!!! AFM once had the likes of Ezekiel Guti and it was almost torn apart when he left it to form his own ZAOGA FIF. I urge you members to revisit the history of leadership wrangles in AFM and find a lasting solution once and for all.

Bishop Muzorehwa 4 months ago

Nobody cares. We are not concerned about this nonsense

Douglas Kaliwoh 4 months ago

The Owners of the buildings are the Church Members who contributed and continued to contribute. The money being paid to lawyers is that which was contributed by members. The Church should actually be solving lawyers' problems, not for lawyers to be solving the Church's problems. Law comes from the Bible and what the church leaders are doing is to get lawyers to explain the Bible to them. PLEASE ALL AFM LEADERS FROM BOTH SIDES OF YOUR ARGUMENT, Stop misusing money meant to further the gospel of Jesus by letting the MEMBERS of the assemblies which side they want and leave the buildings with the side of the greater number of congregants per assembly. The building belong to the congregants and the congregants are God's people.

🤨🤨 4 months ago

Church ndeya mwari tsano manzwa

chirandu 4 months ago

zvava kubuda achena kuti zvekushumira zvirikure nemi chamunoda hupfumi wepanyika ma buildings akavakwa nevatendi kwete mari dzenyu mavakushandisa mari dzavatendi kuinda kuma court ne kuhire ma lawyer muchaparidza shoko reruponeso nguvai nguva zhinji mava kuipedzera kuma court

MuGrade 2 4 months ago

Rival in worshipping???? this is a cause for concern...e church has gone to the 🐕


# 4 months ago

ana nzondora

Bright 4 months ago

Nzondora apinda papi APA ukungofunga politics chete kusa funga ikoko tsveee nenyaya iripo uri take take nezvimwe

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