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Chelsea FC Statement Following UK Sanctions On Abramovich

Chelsea FC Statement Following UK Sanctions On Abramovich

Chelsea Football Club have released a statement following the news that owner Roman Abramovich has been placed on the list of sanctions by the UK government.

The Russian listed his Club for sale on March 2, but now this has been thrown into doubt after the government announced that it was freezing his assets.

In a statement, seen by Pindula News, Chelsea FC  said they have been given a special licence to continue with football-related activities but the sale effectively bars the sale of the club following Roman Abramovich’s sanctioning.

Posted on the official Chelsea website, the Club have released the following statement:

Chelsea Football Club has been advised that its owner Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned by the UK Government.

By virtue of his 100 per cent ownership of Chelsea FC plc and affiliated entities, Chelsea FC would normally be subject to the same sanctions regime as Mr Abramovich. However, the UK Government has issued a general licence that permits Chelsea FC to continue certain activities.

We will fulfil our men’s and women’s team fixtures today against Norwich and West Ham, respectively, and intend to engage in discussions with the UK Government regarding the scope of the licence. This will include seeking permission for the licence to be amended in order to allow the Club to operate as normal as possible. We will also be seeking guidance from the UK Government on the impact of these measures on the Chelsea Foundation and its important work in our communities.

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Markus Gavi 3 months ago

I wonder where the rule of law went . Arbitrary decisions are being made on the slightest indication of accusations and provocations. Europeans have become the judge , jury , complainany and witness and their verdict is final. How sad...

xyz 3 months ago

avo vanozviti vybz havaoniwo here kuti noone is interested in his comments,madii kutsvaga basa mkoma vangu nguva ichipo (vybz vechibhakera chinenzara)....kubatsirana kuti musauraya vana nezhara.

Davis Phiri 3 months ago

Government interference in football. FIFA must take action just like what it did with zifa. Except that baas is untouchable coz it involves white people

Dillah dissoh 3 months ago

Thts wy varikutadza Putin vanodaa kurwira Hondo mupaper ngavasabatane nemaspoorts tell them kt p""""""""""o pavo manhi

$UB 3 months ago

Ndezvekupnga izvo Roman iz goin nowhere

Osteen Jangare 3 months ago

Political issues should not interfere with sport this shows that these British folks are cowards to an extent that they're scared of a mere sports billionaire


ziSuper reBlue 3 months ago

Govt interference, FIFA to issue a statement

Dispenser 3 months ago

Fifa have to interfer to uplift e sanctions imposed on Chelsea ,ever since political activities is not allowed to intervene w sports. Ether or bun UK like Zimbabwe

kk 3 months ago

@dispenser fifa will not interfere because the sanctions are not for clealsea but for the owner. chelsea club is just one of his assets

Thula Msindo 3 months ago

Thula msindo UK.

Kkkk 3 months ago

Fifa haipindi apa since the person sanctioned is the owner not the club, Chelsea fc,

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Bidding starts @ 10 rtgs do I here 10 rtgs anyone😜🤣🤣🤣🤣

Philimon 3 months ago

vano ibhana kuti yadii

Dude 3 months ago

FIFA should ban Chelsea

Concerned 3 months ago

We wait to see FIFA's response as we already see UK Government's interference in the club.

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