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Chegutu West MP Takes Council To Court Over Eviction Of 30 000 Villagers

Chegutu West MP Takes Council To Court Over Eviction Of 30 000 Villagers

Chegutu West legislator Dexter Nduna (ZANU PF) yesterday challenged the eviction of over 30 000 people from Kanyemba Farm by the Chegutu Rural District Council.

Nduna and Chegutu Residents Association (CRA) chairperson Tapfumanei Wunganai are seeking a ruling directing the local government authority to allocate stands to the victims.

Court papers suggest that the council was in possession of a piece of land that it plans to allocate to residents who are on its waiting list.

Nduna said the court application was based on reports that some people were not on the waiting list because they could not afford to pay the required monthly fee. NewsDay quotes Nduna as saying:

 We have almost 30 000 people who have been evicted from Kanyemba Farm by the Chegutu Rural District Council. The victims include the elderly and pregnant women, and all these people are desperate.

There is also an order by the High Court that people should not pay to be included on the waiting list and we want to stop it for good. We have a case in which the villagers were assaulted by the local municipality when they were being evicted.

Nduna also demanded that the council must produce documents that trace movements of the monthly waiting lists subscriptions that have been paid by residents for the past 10 years.

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Prophet Bright 4 weeks ago

Ndokuti MP zveee pamberi ne ZANU

Mutumwa 4 weeks ago

iwe vanhu vezanu ndivo vaiva vapa vanhu land zviri illigal after that council approached police kwakunodzinga vanhu .Mbavha dzeZANU campaigned using our land and.illigal allocation of settlement .So Nduna ngaakwane imbavha chaiyo .Thiz people ngaavatobviswa zvachose neZANU yacho ngaibve

Vote for change
vote for CCC
Chamisa chete chete
Ngaapinde hake mukomana

Gwedu 4 weeks ago

No need for the courts Nduna, uri mbwa. Communal lands act section 4 and 6 enshrined the rural lands in the hands of the president who is your master. So kakistocratic regime always operates that way. iwewe Nduna you suppose to be in Chikurubi nyaya dzako hadzisari dzapera or you must be assassinated zvipere. Seat iroro rawakagara ndera Konjana harisi rako wakaba ma votes mwana we h u r e

Fari 4 weeks ago

Nduna akapa vanhu ma stands achida kutenga ma votes kkkkkkk Council kwavakutora land yayo saka akuona kuti ave pama1

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Aipa ma stand akamira sani land Baron to hell the devil gives with the right and takes with the left hand welcome to zimbabwe ladies and gentlemen .

Ras 4 weeks ago


Zuze 4 weeks ago

30,000 people 😳😳😳
Squatter Camp yaNduna

A whole constituency to make sure he doesn't need a compliant ZEC or Concourt to keep him in Parliament????

Nkust 4 weeks ago

But as people we stand to benefit if that land is given to us through whatever means ari right nduna uyu

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Nkust wake up are u awake now read between the lines pliz .


Da Truth 4 weeks ago

So Ndina chii mu Zimbabwe?Sei Ari kuenda ku Parliament iye aka dyiwa Zim politics stop kutaura madhokororo ?Vanhu vemuno munyika murikutiii nemurume uyu ?Ndosaka ma elections asina basa muno .This 👽 mustbe removed .30 000 vanhu holy smokes babvepi vanhu Ava murikuverenga nemi mvuri yavo kayi ? Zimbabwe asichiii tovhara nyika iti here firimu racho hariperi seiii main actor ndiyani ????🙆🙆🙆🙆🇿🇼🆘😱😱😱😱😱

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