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Charamba Reacts After US Adds President Mnangagwa's Son To Sanctions List

Charamba Reacts After US Adds President Mnangagwa's Son To Sanctions List

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba, said he was not surprised by the United States government’s move to add four Zimbabwean nationals and two Zimbabwean companies to the sanctions list.

The U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said it added four Zimbabweans to the sanctions list, among them Mnangagwa’s son Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr. and two companies, Fossil Agro and Fossil Contracting.

The U.S. said the two companies were involved in opaque, multimillion-dollar deals with Zimbabwe’s government.

Charamba, who is Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet (Presidential Communications), said he was not surprised by the latest U.S. designations, saying the move is aimed at crippling Zimbabwe’s economy. He said:

The intention was never to attack individuals, who do not matter anyway in terms of interstate relations.

The intention has always been to cripple the Zimbabwean economy and it’s not fortuitous that they have picked on suppliers of key inputs to a critical sector of our economy, namely agriculture.

They did it before and I can assure you they will do it in future.

Charamba said the U.S. is pushing for a “compliant” Zimbabwe, while Zimbabwe insists on “an independent national policy which is not influenced by foreigners.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. also removed 17 Zimbabweans from the sanctions list, among them, former Finance ministers Ignatius Chombo and Herbert Murerwa. | VOA News

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Mike😲 1 month ago

Chero vaka aiswa pama sanctions or kubviswa how is it going to benefit us, vane mari dzavo nechekare. Tiitireiwo plan yemagetsi amana tanga tisina kujaira kunoona mabhora kubhawa. Ukabuda uchiti ndakuenda kunoona bhora ra 9 unotariswa neziso nemukadzi nezuro re Argentina ne Croatia ndakatonzi baba hamusi kuenda kunoona bhora garai pasi batidzai radio tinzwe tese😭😭

ichoo! 1 month ago

brain dzako dziri pama sanctions urikutofunga zvako zve bhora kkkkkkk

Wekunyanya 1 month ago

Ana Charamba hamusat masvika retirement age here ?kubva tirivadiki kuchingonzi Jojo Charamba..mese na ED chiensai munorima

1 month ago

Vanhu tikawana Mari tinodya Kuno kwatiri harina magetsi but Bora tinoona pa ma TV ne solar tinadzo inda nhasi unotenga nhasi chaiye unoriona

Mukanyapazvese 1 month ago

And he prefers to pay a blind eye and deaf ear to the 17! Myopic!

xxc 1 month ago


🤨🤨 1 month ago

Kwasara imi ana charamba


mubhabhatidzi 1 month ago

ichokwadi here kut vanhu vese varikungoti Morocco forED

1 month ago

The Charambas of this world earn their living by making sure that they have something to say in defence of this failed regime As he is saying this there is a Zimbabwean delegation begging Americans to come and open businesses here What a shame

Dred 1 month ago

There is nothing wrong with Charamba singing for his next meal, it's fools like @ Dotti who while wallowing in poverty pretend tht everything is ok

david goliath 1 month ago

how does sanctioning emmersonmnangagwa jr , cripple our ecconomy

thrasher 1 month ago

if our economy gets disabled by 4 individuals getting the boot and **** then we are doomed. Then again it's more ****.

1 month ago

He was' not surprised' meaning to say he knew that something is wrong with the junior man he was even expecting him to be punished for what Mangwana knows best. We do not know anything wrong about jnr except that which was implied to have brought him sanctions by cde Mangwana, not us. Mangwana cannot be trusted to comment on the first family affairs, he is not sincere and he has lost his craft as a wise spokesman. He smells of sabotage. We are watching you. You should have kept quiet.

Ini zvangu 1 month ago

One day vafana ava tichavatorera zvese zvavakaba, tovakwatura heavy.

chatunga 1 month ago

that's what u dd tell us here we are enjoying imi muchingochema toitaseiko kut zvinhu zvifambe

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