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Chamisa's Proposed Measures To Stabilise The Economy

Chamisa's Proposed Measures To Stabilise The Economy

Nelson Chamisa who leads the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has proposed a number of measures which he said could stabilise the economy. The measures were issued in response to the 2022 Mid-term Budget Review that was recently announced by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube which he said failed to address pertinent issues. Pindula News presents an excerpt from Chamisa’s Twitter thread:

The following must be done immediately:

a) Dollarisation which will immediately eliminate distortions, forward pricing and multiple pricing;

b) Restoration of the US$540 as a starting salary;

c) Holistic tax reform. Reduce the tax burden on citizens and the business in general. As part of the tax reforms, we will remove the 2% tax and streamline taxes; d)Remove distortions esp in the agricultural sector and construction sectors which has created a casino economy

e) The elimination of the Currency Auction and reforming the RBZ through limiting the power of the central bank. Separating the roles of central banking and financial services supervision.

f) Reforming the budgetary process, so that the budget comes from parliament and not from ministry of Finance. The budget must come from the Citizens -a Citizens-centered budget.

g) Radically dealing with the corruption pandemic and instituting special mechanisms to eliminate and punish the corrupt.

h) Holding credible, free and fair elections preceded by a comprehensive pact on electoral reforms.

i) Only a leadership change will rescue our beautiful country and in no time turn and transform this Zimbabwe from ruins to greatness. We are new leaders. #RegisterToVoteZW

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Ake 2 months ago

Chamisa i pwere yekwaGutu ngaimbo kura

263 2 months ago

in theory ít sound a good idea 💡 I don't know in practical

stallion 2 months ago

nhamo ine huro yako kutakura musoro usina pfungwa

Temz 2 months ago

Enda kuchimbuzi iwe

Cheap Talk 2 months ago

Talk is cheap. Cheap talk. When you get into government the reality will humble you, ask Mthuli Ncube.The majority of citizens are in the informal sector meaning tax compliance remains low.

263 2 months ago


Hondo 2 months ago


Addy 2 months ago

sure ,koisu tirikushanda mu industry tinoitawo mari sei in semukomana wechidiki ndisina baba vasina chigaro mugoverment, kugotambura chete munomuZim iplace isiri beneficial to everyone 😡

stallion 2 months ago

ndokutaura uku

Maparamuro 2 months ago

Dollarise??? It failed during GNU and will certainly fail again now.
What Zimbabwe needs is a trusted authority/gvt and all will fall in place.
Zim dollar is not stable because people don't trust the gvt that's why they chase the USD because they don't know what the value of the Zim dollar will be the next day. Couple that with production to reduce imports. We are basically an Agric economy but we are importing basic food stuffs, it's complete madness. Instead of command Agric those funds should be invested in fertiliser production and other inputs so that they become affordable at the same time creating employment of local people. Imports promote employment in exporting countries

incorrect 2 months ago

very correct

@Maparamuro 2 months ago

baba mari aishandi isina industrial back up we're importing almost 80% yezvinhu zvatoshandisa muno even ku Agric kwacho nitric fertilizer irubva kumoza then packaged ne windmill not mentioning rice irubvako futi unofunga kuti zvinotengwa nemari iyoyo even if we put confidence in it..........redollarisation, industrialisation and good governance is the way to go not zvako izvoo zve nonsense

*I think you have a mental diarrhoea 2 months ago

*I think you have a mental diarrhoea

@Maparamuro 2 months ago

I have a mental diarrhoea dude, hauna zvaunoziva empty vessel. Zim produces grade 1 categories of farm produce fresh or dry but problem vakuru vedu vanoita makasi nechikafu they export mega n mega tonnes of first grade maize n wheat every year then kana magufe avanoitisiira azopera kuGMB they will import cheap grains rated in grade C to D for us then voba profit inobuda iwe ndopaunoti hatisi kugona kurima uri benzi.

2. I don't know if you were alive during the GNU Era which you said dollarization was a failure, am sure you were admitted at Ingutheni or at Gomahuru because dollarization was a success. Dzimba dzakavakwa we witnessed the emergence of new residential stands, people bought vihecles and started businesses etc...

change 2 months ago

let's take notes from Zambia Hichilima is doing great job with just few months in office, alot has changed in Zambia.
Zambia is now favourable than some countries, Hechilima has placed his county on the global map again it's now visible for all.
Just few months in office many reforms he implemented are for the people for he is seeing the need for change for people.
The Kwacha is now powerful in value than rand we always appraise that simple shows that his doing a good job interms of economic turn around.

Take notes there Zambians are now the Canaan of Africa, believe it or not.
11000 plus jobs were created for the teachers and more.

The question is can we go back to be the bread basket of Africa?

Aratijiyesi 2 months ago

Dambudziko rehope chembere kurota ichiyamwa kkkkk. Chamisa hapana chinozivikanwa


Kong 2 months ago

Dollarization is not the solution to our problems.

The Economist 2 months ago

Nhaiwe Kamisa unomawanepi ma USD acho, Turamp haasisiko.The economy cannot sustain USD salaries for civil servants. Its that simple.

Musokuwaya 2 months ago

to me they make sense. Dollarisation under the current administration doesn't work at all. Ukaona statement rakataurwa cconcerning ma gold coins unoona kt 85% yema coins iwawo akatengwa ne local currency. See kuti RBZ iinoita loss given that rate yavo iri pasi

2023 2 months ago

no to imaginary governance chamisa basic on GNU senge akazv

Mahere 2 months ago

Mari unofanira kutambirwa nemunhu wemuzimbabwe must start from the rate of mosia tunya coin muone kuti tinonetsana nemi here bcz ndiro cent re Zimbabwe iri

Ras Tiraz 2 months ago

Chamisa must come up with something better than this.Complete dollarisation is not as simple as people might think,there are a lot of modalities involved and it also comes up with its own disadvantages which we have to factor in also. i dot see how Cutting taxes will solve the economic problems in ZW. How does he propose the gvt gets the USD to benchmark USD540 as the minimum salary. We need practical policy alternatives from Chamisa not merely critiqueing the current
gvt policies

Replier 2 months ago

Its obviously a non starter for the current government
Those are his priorities when he gets into power, how he achieves it has alot to do with his vibrant, which includes (but not limited to) Biti, Ncube Welshman, Coltart ZanuPf is all used up now and don't expect anything meaningful from the Septurians and Octurians lot except corrupt tendencies aligned with making their children successors of the country

Grandmaster 2 months ago

Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana

Learn to accept defeat mopa maKey kumukomana!

Zambian 2 months ago

primary school education for free 🆓 imagine

Bengu 2 months ago

we have got minerals in Zimbabwe which brings a lot of foreign currency in the country which is being looted by zanupf thugs, tobacco and tourism industry. that's where foreign currency comes from.

bengu 2 months ago


Gafa 2 months ago

Zanu yazvitadza nekushaya mabhururu rume rimwe harikombi churu.Maimboti Hichilema hapana zvaanoita look Zambia now smell the coffee yu Zanu ****s.Zvekuhondo kwenyu hazvichashandi izvo its outlived its relevance.Kutaura zvambuya nehanda nhasi chero benzi rokuti ****.Let youngsters lead the way out the old are stuck and clueless yu employed Mthui to steal fro poor citizens shame on you.

mnhanga 2 months ago

Mapenzi chete ndovanoti ED over.A rapist, murderer ED should be in jail now not disturbing progress in Zim

BEEJAY 2 months ago

Did anyone ask for Chamisa's opinion,handiti ndiwe wakanzi huya kuno huya kuno titaurirane kupolad nevamwe iwe ukati imi huyai kwandiri nekuti ndini ndine ma key.ED pfee

Zuze 2 months ago

Chiiko chakabuda kuPOLAD?
Sisi Thoko chete ndivo vakanofidha hove kuKwekwe

Leather Belt 2 months ago

Chamisa lied that he met Donald Trump , and Trump promised him US$15 Billion,i wonder how much he has been promised by Joe Biden.😂

MHG 2 months ago

Kkk ko Ed wenyu zvaaka nyapa kuti Trump akaiti "I want to see you" zvskazodii

Zuze 2 months ago

China yakakuvakirai Parliament ichatsemuka within 5 years seNational Sports Stadium which is no longer up FIFA standards. Kutokundwa neBarbourfields Stadium

Red Dragon 2 months ago

Chamisa can not be trusted, especially with the promise he made to us that he will provide a bullet train that take 30 minutes from Harare to Bulawayo.Even the British were shocked because they don't even have such a train.

MHG 2 months ago

Red Dragon hauna nyaya.The Gautrain is quite an experience,It shows that you have a limited horizons of what is happening in Africa.
Go to Jo'burg to experience modern travel.It would have been possible if Chamisa was victorious.Zimbo are like a woman who husband abuses her to the extent that if she not beaten she would ask the husband why he has not beaten her.

Zuze 2 months ago

The Japanese have bullet trains that go at 450km/hour. Sir, open your eyes

Mwanawevhu 2 months ago

Dollarisation work there is a lot of USdollars in Zimbabwe but they are being kept under pillow by individuals, look at the robberies of individuals, amounts which robbers are walking away with plus the USD package for every civil servant, mine workers, those with shallow minds are the ones who believe that Zim economy can't dollarise. Almost all the elites, bus operators, fuel garage owners and top Zanu Pf officials have lots of dollars under their roofs.

Anaristi 2 months ago

2023 ED Pfee

Zuze 2 months ago

ED Shweeee, kusunga play chaiko.
Basa kubholoncha twanana

Mujibha 2 months ago

Chamisa is a **** ****. He doesn't have a single valid point to stabilize economy. A country normally working must have its own currency. If you use foreign currency you become too dependent. If America decides to print fiat that is backed by nothing as they always do they will milk all your resources. They will milk all the oil from our motherland. His puppet ideas are just neo colonial rubbish. I thought he would take notes from Colonel Gaddaffi who made his country's economy most successful and better than Europe before Americans caused chaos.

Zuze 2 months ago

Ndosaka uri Mujibha shuwa. Kungoshandiswa nevamwe iwe skop dhonoro.

Americans are not interested in your 2 gallons of oil. They have plenty of theirs plus enough from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The US Dollar is international currency kwete
RTGS yenyu inoperera paborder senetwork. Seka hako mwana weShumba, wati Libya yakapfuma kupfuura Europe? Zvimukuku zvedhaka zviri muTripoli izvozvo!!! Vazhinji vachigara mutende nengamera nembudzi!

Seka hako nhamo kunge rugare mwana weshumba akayamwa mukaka wedhongi

incorrect 2 months ago

Think tank. Zvimaboss. takadzitawo ecoz idzi. not Magudya and Mtuli


If you read Advocate Nelson Chamisa's comments, you yern if he was His Excellency in power now.

His comments show the head and the tail. One sees where he is going and coming from than the Mangudya's and the Ncube's financial reviews which were full of distortions.

It is false that dolarisation failed during the GNU government. To the contrary, our economy mashroomed during the GNU.

The economy started to falter with the coming in of the so called second administration of His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa in 2018. He dropped the use of usd and adopted the Zimbabwe dollar and pegged their ratio at Zim 1:1 Usd. Look at where we are today !!!!.

United States dollars are everywhere in Zimbabwe. Listen and read how much USD are robbed daily from underneath pillows at homes. Citizens are not banking their usd in Mangugya's and Ncube's banks.

Some diasporans are also withholding their money because of Zimbabwe's fragile economy.

Let us be realistic. Diasporans and other serious international investors can not invest in a country where its full cabinet approves deals like Pomona deal and Belarus Firefighters deal !!!!! [ KUORA MUSORO KWE HOVE KAUKU ? ].




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

XXX 2 months ago

Nyika haina maUsa, Duty it's USA, xool fees USA, fuel USA, spare parts for machines USA, Gold ravakuba vakupihwa USA, go to any remote place you think and witness they are transacting in USA, rand , pula or Euro. Kana usina iwewe kumba kwako keep quiet. Unoriwanepi uchiendesa zvirimwa kuGMB. Zambia yakazviita will follow suit hazvikoni.

point 2 months ago

point mahere

moris 2 months ago

yah talking is when come to these leaders let's wait en see when you get there sibonee ukuthi uzakwezayini

Robson Chimurenga 2 months ago

GNU successful thing

cde chipopi 2 months ago

dzosai varungu muma purazi muone ku fire kunoita economy. Munhu mutema haagone ku runner hurumende it's too complicated ku njere dzake. Chiri pamberi pe pfungwa dzake kuda vakadzi bedzi

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