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Chamisa’s Assassination Attempt Was Stage-managed – ZANU PF

Chamisa’s Assassination Attempt Was Stage-managed – ZANU PF

ZANU PF youths in Manicaland Province have denied allegations that they were involved in the alleged attempt on MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s life in Mutare on Tuesday afternoon.

Chamisa reportedly survived an assassination attempt in Mutare as he travelled from Chipinge District where he had interfaced with traditional leaders and villagers.

Speaking on Wednesday during a press conference at ZANU PF Manicaland offices, the District Coordinating Committee (DCC) secretary for youth affairs, Danmore Mambondiyani, who was implicated in the alleged assassination attempt, said the incident was stage-managed. He said:

One can see the claims of attacks and gunshots by the MDC Alliance are merely a continuation of a failed Black Operations strategy aimed at smearing the integrity of the government and the people of Zimbabwe.

… Chamisa wants to tarnish the name of our nation and our hardworking youths in all districts despite that he is enjoying roads recently surfaced by President Mnangagwa.

Probably he may be seeking support for fundraising a vehicle which he is longing for.

He is trying to hobnob with sponsors so that he will continue enjoying the newly surfaced roads across the country.

He said he will take legal action against those who named him among the suspects behind the plot to assassinate Chamisa on Tuesday. Said Mambondiyani:

Yes, my name was fingered in this purported assassination. My name is Mambondiyani and obviously, the media makes a lot of money with the name.

A police report has been made and we are actually going to sue them for using my name in cases that do not involve me.

As hardworking Zanu PF youths, we dedicate our time and focus on rebuilding the country.


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Brian 6 months ago

Ma sanction ahabviswe pakadai apa

Tafman zins 6 months ago

If it's stage managed as some suggests, how come police ar in some cases present.y don't they make arrests, I personally saw ppl bused to go & deal with chamisa's convoy

Theo 6 months ago

The roads were not resurfaced by Mnangagwa. The roads where resurfaced by the funds allocated to by Zinara, the millions contributed to by taxpayers, vehicle users and buyers how can we say Mnangagwa resurfaced roads is he Zinara???

jombo 6 months ago

Unnecessary arguments....if the roads had not been resurfaced who would you blame...kusatenda huroyi

Madala Banda 6 months ago

Veduwee gadzirisai nyika iyi musiyei mahumbwe aya

Black Bagah 6 months ago

Guys even in Nyazura enroute to Rukweza there was a fiscas again heyi the guy in Trouble Shinga Mukomana

Maposa 6 months ago

Come 2023


Patrick Kuzakwawo 6 months ago

This all doesnt make sense to me,why try to kill him suddenly when there is a UN representative in Zimbabwe.....Hameno

Tafadzwa C Muwandi 6 months ago

Kkkkkk ndosaka masanctions asingabvisiwi

Tafadzwa C Muwandi 6 months ago

Why is it

Hove Tafadzwa 6 months ago

Matter of weak and unstrategic defense


P. MATANGE 6 months ago

Hameno but only we expect is a new Zimbabwe kkkk

Andrew J 6 months ago

This is very clear about the outcome of the ahead 2023 harmonized elections kana vakuda ku eliminator opposition leader a year before elections kkkkkkk ndiseke zvangu

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