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Chamisa Wanted To Use Me As His "Attack Dog" Against ZANU PF, Says Jonathan Moyo

Chamisa Wanted To Use Me As His

Self-exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo said he decided to cut ties with Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa after realising that he wanted to keep their association with the G40 cabal a secret and use them as his “attack dogs” against ZANU PF.

Speaking to News24 in a recent interview, Moyo said Chamisa and his supporters believed that the G40 cabal would never find acceptance in both ZANU PF and the opposition. He said:

Since the November 2017 Zim military coup, Chamisa and his supporters manufactured an imbroglio wherein the so-called G40 – which was specifically targeted by the coup – would be indefinite, if not permanently caught between a rock and a hard place, such that on the one hand, G40 would remain at war with ZANU PF, and on the other hand, it would remain at war with MDC formations, including the CCC; Chamisa’s personal project.

Chamisa wanted the so-called G40 to be in a permanent state of war against everyone, for him to hold it hostage as his attack dog against ZANU PF.

The former ZANU PF Politburo member said Chamisa’s game plan was to have him (Moyo) fight the opposition’s battles against ZANU PF. He said:

In fact, Chamisa and his supporters had banked on having me, in particular, fighting ZANU PF for them, with Chamisa telling his base that he has no dealings of any kind with me; and his trolls telling Chamisa’s base that I am supporting him, not because I love him, but because I hate Mnangagwa. That was Chamisa’s game plan.

He always gave the impression that he and I were not working together at all; yet we interacted many times a day, 24/7, between 2018 and early 2022.

Moyo claimed that he once confronted Chamisa and demanded to know his reasons for being secretive about their dealings. He said:

When I challenged Chamisa about [the] duplicitous stance in November 2021, he said no formidable tree makes public its roots.

I told him that his analogy was inappropriate, undemocratic, unprofessional, wrong, and satanic; he mumbled some mumbo jumbo, and I bade him farewell, which later turned out to be for good.

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Zuco 2 months ago

kwaàaaaaka ayaaas

Gwedu 2 months ago

Elections are close, that how Jonso post his CV. His looking for a job back in zanu so that's wat he always do!!

War vet 2 months ago

Uyu akutopenga so obsessed with Chamisa they will never give you a top post in Zanu again you are finished musoro bhangu you are a flipflopper

Ndini 2 months ago

kkkkkment, mugotofunga kuti zvinorehwa nevakuru ivava ichokwadi?
Ava tavakuvaziva, he who believes what this gentleman says has to redo their homework kkkkkment

seer 2 months ago

100% local content coming with a bang!

Maparamuro 2 months ago

Muchamuguta zvenyu, achakizvimbirai Jonso uyo. He once sold Morgan a dummy. Morgan told the world he had Jonso on his side and had been given all rigging secrets. After the election he said tarohwa nezveusiku.

One thing stands though, well trained election agents should be deployed to all polling stations, I mean all every single one of them in 2023 otherwise zvinodhakwa

2 months ago

The nutty professor is at it again He is now home-sick and is missing the moneys he was looting from Zimdef Zimbabweans are much wiser than you think professor of politics The ruthlessness with which you used to attack Mnangagwa when you were licking Bob's boots is the same ruthlessness with which you want to attack Chamisa in order to win back Ngwena **** with your fake narratives Professor of Politics

Sorojena 2 months ago

UJonatani wakithi uyafaza.... Kanti inzondo alayo lomfana omncane kangaka ngeyani? Wathathelwa intombi na asitshele simuphe enye. You know what, most of our Zim professors are cursed they behave like clowns some times. Jonso is no exception.

Tman 2 months ago

Jonathan is a spy. ZANU PF is doomed.

hy 2 months ago

iwee Moyo siyanai na Chamisa , you ran away wasingatidzi ZANU here . leave Chamisa alone .go back to zanu and keep quiet . vote for change Chamisa chete chete CCC


Ngugi 2 months ago

Kkkkkk kagara kakadaro karwaivhi aka hamukazivi here imi mokaziva mhani ka Jonono aka kakaita kuti tirobwe muna 2008,,, kane ruoko rwurefu futi ka ye ZIMDEF kakadya,,,,, kaomerwa manje mu Kenya umo kakunyora CV ye readmission,,,,kapera ka blaz aka mhani

2 months ago

Ehee akatombokwereta Usd24k kuZimdef afirwa nemwana wake paanga ariMinister weHigher and Tertiary Education An alarm was raised kuti akwereta mari sei kuZimdef when it's not a lending institution and he quickly returned it Yanga isingadzoki mari iyoyo coz Zimdef funds are run by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education yake iyoyo Tsotsi Everything he says must be taken with a handfull not a pinch of salt guys

... 2 months ago

😂😂 zvimwe so ..

Registered Voter 2 months ago

its funny that Zimbabweans still take time to listen to Jonso or entertain him especially Nero or any CCC. Jonso should be cancelled zvipere. CCC ikashaya mari yekupa ma polling agents or lake of them because of any reason zvayo vacha birirwa chaizvo. If they are clever they shld look for funding now now.

jonono 2 months ago

ZANU PF says it has not been formally approached by self-exiled former party members Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao, and their intentions are not yet clear.
Moyo and Zhuwao jointly penned a letter to ZANU PF members on Tuesday apologising for associating themselves with the hashtag “ZANU PF Must Go”.
Speaking to The Sunday Mail, ZANU PF’s acting Secretary for Administration, who is also the party’s Secretary for Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, said that as former members, Moyo and Zhuwao know the party processes to follow if they want to rejoin the party. Said Chinamasa:
I can confirm that my attention has been drawn to the joint statement purportedly signed by Prof Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao dated 15th November 2022 and circulating on social media, and addressed as an open letter to ZANU PF comrades.
My brief comment is, firstly, that is not direct communication with the ZANU PF party or ZANU PF leadership.
Secondly, this is not an application by Prof Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao to rejoin ZANU PF.
There is no intention in the statement that they want to rejoin ZANU PF.
Chinamasa added that it was not clear what the duo intended to achieve by writing the letter. He said:
As you know, Prof Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao are among the 26 members of the G40 cabal who were expelled from the party by the ZANU PF Central Committee meeting which met on the 19th of November 2017.
Thirdly, reading through the joint statement, it is not immediately clear what the intention in signing and circulating that statement is.

xxx 2 months ago

@jonono ko 26 members dze G 40 ndedzip idzi. ndongoziva 5 guyz in exile chete

jonono 2 months ago

some g40 cabal are already some remain in party cells destroying it from within ie Chinoz,xiyambi,mopyo,severe mai opera mupofu

maths 2 months ago

chamisa ia a confused immature politician to lead this country. He needs time to mature

Skalazi International 2 months ago

He might be confused and unripe as u infer yet hez likeable and electable. More than 2m Zimbabweans will definitely vote for him. As for this exiled musoro bhangu dayi arimukadzi aigara achibvunzwa makuhwa. Anenge vamwe Amai vekuMabvuku every day every minute they talking about someone. Jonso u are evil

skalazi u are a dod 2 months ago

ndozvauri skalazi

mukmeric 2 months ago

wapedza masports skalaz

pk 2 months ago

muri kurwadziwa ma CCC

Dzorobandamba rajonso 2 months ago

Anonymous 2 months ago

You were used as an attack dog, you cant be accepted by both parties, the damage you have caused to all of them is great. Now you have exhausted all your skills, whats next, vakukuziva. People no longer accept pple wth double standards nyangwe kumukando, nyangwe kuma barrial society nyange kumajapata, munhu anema double standards is a problem

VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Unenge wakapusa zvisingaite ukaona uchiitiswa na Chamisa

2 months ago

Anomakwa ndiye anebhora famba Nero famba patave pavepedyo.

chido 2 months ago

Hondo,your academic certificates need to be sp.Are Yu really a professor?,becoz zvainoita zvoitwa me Ecd A,vanhu vese vakukuziva kt hauna njere.wakatizei dai waida kugadzira nyika,urifende takukuziva,hatikudi kuzanu kwedu iwe.

Vesto 2 months ago

The drama is reaching its crescendo. It is clear now that MusoroBhemba Jonathan Moyo is now crying sour grapes. Pachivangu tinoti gave rikatadza kusvikira tsubvu rinoti , "futi dzinovava". All along MusoroBhemba kept quiet about his clandestine approaches to CCC/Chamisa hoping that he would infiltrate the party. Credit goes to Chamisa for stringing him along until MusoroBhemba realised he was knocking on a closed door.

Now MusoroBhemba is trying to ingratiate himself back into the ZANU fold. He has done this before under Mugabe. But I doubt he can do a repeat performance under La Coste/Jenarari.

Yes, he hoodwinked Morgan into allowing him to be anointed into Tsholotsho constituency when MDC decided not to field an MDC candidate against him, and once elected he carried the seat to ZANU.

MusoroBhemba, you have burnt all your bridges. There is no crossing point back to any. ZANU MAY allow you back for your vote, but I don't see them giving you a leadership position. CCC is way too smart for you. Good luck MusoroBhemba

skalazi you are dod chairo 2 months ago

ndozvauri skalazi

Anonymous 2 months ago

And he succeeded

2 months ago

A double minded person is unstable in all his ways (James 1:8).

oil 2 months ago

oil and water relationship😁😁😁

Jonso Johnson 2 months ago

In fact it was I Jonso wemusoro who wanted to you CCC for my own political relevance

mtt 2 months ago

this is what i was talking about he is a deceiver pastor venhema . u a doomed following this turncoat.

bosd yah aka megadeti 2 months ago

mateya anenge mumvuri we pinjisi nhamo inoboora tsiye

boss yah aka megadee 2 months ago

mateya anenge mumvuri we pinjisi nhamo ino bora tsiye

Nsojo 2 months ago

Moyo it seems that your lectures were mafias You were made to believe that you are the only intelligent person in Zim and you own the title deeds of intelligence lf you so intelligent form your own political party let me tell you this You are a political vulture and political prostitute


There the good Professor is. The CCC political party leadership was professional on silently refusing to associate themselves with Professor Jonathan Moyo because they had known him to be a person who has no full stops.

There was no way Advocate Nelson Chamisa could have used G40 as "attack dogs" because by curtailing their tails between their legs and running away into exile meant that 0they were not "vicious dogs", therefore they were useless dogs.

The biggest Professor's letdown is washing dirty linen in public. This is why he crossed paths with ZANU PF when he was lecturing at the University Of Zimbabwe before he retired to Kenya.

The second problem with Professor Jonathan Moyo is that he advances the principle which says, "A politician has no permanent home and friends."

Thirdly, Professor Jonathan Moyo is good at "setting one dog against the other", just like he and his G40 cabal had done by setting the former First Lady, Grace Mugabe upon the present His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa. He enjoys seeing people hammering each other while he cunningly smiles.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

air fryer 2 months ago

kkkkk usaruze hope ccc inokunda musarudzo pachena

2 months ago

Mupei Ice cream skala iyeye , ..🍦

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