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Chamisa Vows To Keep ZANU PF Guessing

Chamisa Vows To Keep ZANU PF Guessing

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to keep the party’s detractors in the dark about the party’s plans.

Posting on Twitter on Friday morning, Chamisa said that the CCC’s enemies (presumably the State and ruling ZANU PF party), infiltrate, manipulate and capture the opposition, thus making it incapable of challenging the status quo.

Chamisa claimed CCC’s enemies use opposition party structures, its internal processes, manipulation of the judiciary and power-hungry members to weaken the opposition. Said Chamisa:

KEEP THEM GUESSING & TOSSING, STEWING & ROASTING! THROW THEM OFF BALANCE…Remember they infiltrate, manipulate and capture using 4 things..1.Structures 2. internal Processes 3. Law-fare 4. Ambitious/hungry characters. Be so unpredictable so they can do nothing but assume.

CCC has accused ZANU PF of planning to infiltrate its elective congress to capture the opposition movement and its structures.

Last month CCC interim deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba said the party will have a people’s convention, and not a congress. Said Siziba:

Our roadmap and path to power have no congress in it, not just in form and character or practice.

We are not holding a congress, the nomenclature of a congress does not exist (in our vocabulary).

What if we are going to have a national people’s convention or an assembly, we are not going to have a congress that belongs to ZANU PF, MDC Alliance and other political formations. It does not exist in the CCC.

It is the headquarters of ZANU PF and the CIO who in their imagination think we are going to have a congress so they deploy their people.

We know there are people planning, there is no vacancy in the alternative, and there is no programme for political power.

We have no political programme around what people might term a congress.

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CCC 1 month ago

Hey CCC, beat them at their game. Send your spies in their camp too

GVT 1 month ago

"We are not holding a congress, the nomenclature of a congress does not exist (in our vocabulary).
What if we are going to have a national people’s convention or an assembly, we are not going to have a congress that belongs to ZANU PF"

That's true because a convention and a congress carry the same meaning. It's just a matter of vocabulary only.

We actually had wondered what new thing you were going to do in politics without a congress. It's just the same thing ZANU PF and MDC have been doing, no new thing. If come to that convention and see pple gathered; then it's a congress.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

They say silence is golden. Yes, Zanu PF is sinister & malicious, but it is not Zanu PF Infiltrators or CIOs Chamisa should worry about. He should worry about the people surrounding him. In politics, your closest friends & allies can be bought behind the scenes to divulge information. Ordinary people have no access to information & are harmless. Whereas the insiders & close associates who worked with Zanu PF in the GNU can be easily bribed. Chamisa should be careful not to discourage new potential CCC supporters. It seems new people are not wanted in the CCC because Chamisa thinks everyone is a CIO operative. In the history of the opposition in Zimbabw, the leaders fight amongst themselves, betratly each other & split the opposition. Ordinary party supporters are always innocent & harmless.

Da Truth 1 month ago

Vachauya vana tsika mutanda Gore rino kkkkkkk ndopika ini 🤞🤞🤞🌋🆘🇿🇼

dispenser 1 month ago

I am disheartened by e fact that Zanu have sound policies. If so cld it be that to remove Mugabe violently. Apart from that making rules and laws which rundown e country. purporting to have sound policies is like trying to push CCC to release documents in regard to how it intend to run the country such that they copy . After all to proclaim they are e idea behind e motive. I am asking CCC to sell them a Dummy.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Whether paitwa congress or not, isu tikungonovhotera CCC next year


Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Advocate NELSON CHAMISA IS now talking politics. In politics you do not lay all your cards on the ttable. Eeach party holds its cards to itself or else it is spied upon and gets hit where it matters.


VaGwede 1 month ago

True this country is ours all Zimbabweans so we have got every right to challenge every vacancy all post. Yes it is true our forefathers caught for this country to where it is . My question is did the freedom fighters desire what Zimbabwe has come to be ? l proudly say no theirfore here is my advice to VaChamisa let's hope you will make it cause our constitution states that if one becomes 40 years he is eligible to contest for presidential candidate. Same to ZANU PF contest the issue so let's play it well guys remember God sees deep down the intention of heart judgement day awaits

cde bhonzo 1 month ago

patriot shamwari mafuta akakwira urikuzviziva here? maybe une zvauri ku benefitta hako ku musangano. no problem.

STALIN 1 month ago

Siyanai na chamisa

aturo hemano 1 month ago

apa mai vako vaku kwereta hupfu kumusha

Patriot 1 month ago

Zero plan zero threat CCC is a non event VOTE ZANU PF

Muchembere 1 month ago

unoziva hre kuti muzvipatara hamuna mishoka

Tang. Ku 1 month ago

We're watching , detecting and analysing Zanupf 's uncouth behavior of trying to destroy our party through infiltration we very capable of that mwonzora had completely failed so as zanupf and it's perpetrators famba Chamisa famba gore rinouya you will be at the appex

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